Random funny match off Kaillera

Lol, I still dunno how I pulled this off after 4 losses. [media=youtube]WRxqEdbKuVo[/media]

nice, S ! nice juggles
that urien dont know how to block ? he cud have ex tiger kneed out of some of that aswell.

aside from the comment i left you on there…WHERE THE FUCK HAVE YOU BEEN!!!

excuse my french

damn blaq is like… hella good now.

Sorry my bad just been busy. I’ll hit up 3s sometime soon tho.

now you just insult my intelligence lol you say you’ll “hit up 3s sometime soon” and yet look at what you did to the poor urien player i swear i thought i was seein deja vu or something cuz it reminded me of this vid on a minor scale no offense


wow he only hit you once!

Lol damn I’m not THAT good xD. Sugi can actually make ppl do what he wants, I gotta guess/get lucky :3.

But here’s another one for fun [media=youtube]QoN9DWPypws[/media] (Stealin pages from ur book :D)

Somebody needs to learn to tech, lol.
Also, failure. Punish those tackles.

what do you use to record game play??