Random Games for exhibition matches

For all those non evo related games that people play. I like Soz’s girl vs. the world in Super Puzzle fighter 2 turbo.

Yo I like me over anybody at evo in Beatmania IIDX, Pokemon Puzzle league (a.k.a. tetris attack/panel de pon:looney: ). Anybody wanna money match on those games, I give 3 -1 odds. Who want it?
Evolution is my money match time. None before none after.

If theres a piano there like there was last time, I like me vs. anybody there for personal composition (3 - 1 odds) We’ll select 5 random people for a panel of judges.

How much will you be willing to bet that Soz’s girl can beat me in Super Puzzle Fighter 2 Turbo?

I like myself over anybody in puzzle fighter and I like triforce over you in pokemon puzzle league and tetris DS.


i like me over anyone in virtua tennis 1 for dreamcast. get at me.

What’s the hardest song you can pass? There’s no use lying, I might not even be there, just curious because you seem so confident.

In puzzle fighter, bet it. How much?

For beatmania db, i’ll bring my homie Ferrari aka BEST IN THE NATION AT BEATMANIA!

I like myself in IIDX how about for 100$ 11th style

so yeah that means you put up 300$ right?

i got $20 on neiman

2nded, i like triforce over anyone in pokemon puzzle league/tetris ds for a billion dollars.
Yo triiiiiiiiiiiiiforceeeeeeeeeeeee!

Justin you need to hit up Apoc, from what he says the best puzzle fighter players are from NV lol

Umm the only song I can’t pass on CS is Mei[a], The hardest song I’ve AAA’d would prolly be 1st samurai[a].


Scoring wise thats still one of my better accomps (1st ranked in US).

PPL battle sounds the business. I guess I’ll be bringing my N64.
How much you guys wanna put down?

Chunk: Soz’s girl will bet her own money. That can prolly be done pre-evo, cuz you’ll be at ffa at least once before then. They have it there on a showcase cab.

How much you guys wanna put down for ppl?
I’ll even make it challenging and do IIDX 1 handed if you guys want.

I’m definitely down. What songs on red you wanna play. We can do random select. All mods accepted - auto scratch. Heck you make it 200 bucks, and if you win, I’ll pay 600 give you my controller, an original 11th style, and a burn of 3-12th. Plus all the OST’s.

Edit: Chunk bring ferrari. We aren’t battling on a laggy arcade machine, so he prolly needs to practice on cs for a while cuz he will get ate otherwise. The only time I played w/ ferrari on iidx in an arcade machine I beat him on almost every song. As far as best in the nation that goes to ryry, and his obvious second would be CSTA. Ferrari doesn’t even play seriously anymore :(.

me > anyone in tecmo NBA basketball for NES…$50 bet who’s down?

fight night round 3(x-box) $20…get at me

Pokemon puzzle league? Who want it?

eyeshield 21 amefoot no yarouze for the PS2

I’ll go as high as 75$

no devil bats, no deimon stadium, difficulty at medium(line play is non-existant on hard)

anything lower than ithat is double return. you put up 5$ I’ll put up 10$

PM if interested. If i get a pm, ill bring two tvs and a rv splitter, otherwise It will just be on one tv.

AIN’T NOBODY SEEING ME IN RAT FIGHTERS 87’. Bring your ataris, and come get fed

aint nobody seein me in the food competition. Who can go the longest with no food? Straight marvel only…


I like anyone on team fucking three winning that competition.

i wanna start puzzle bobble 4 (dc) Money matches

i aint too good so i like me for a $1

first to 5 for $20?