Random Games. Updated Sept. 1st!

Edit: just keeping this thread for feedback.

x-men vs street fighter… i must have!

PM me if you want it. I prefer to have private messages so I have records of everything.


damned im looking for that game for so long and for that cheap price its a win buy.

Goddamn, games went out fast! Only Mega Man Anniversary Collection and Mega Man 8 left.

Damn, wish I’d seen this - could have gotten Garou and Cannon Spike with the rest of the games I bought from your previous thread.

Believe me, you’re not the first to tell me you wish you’d seen this sooner. I got so many PM’s I’m starting to think I should’ve sold these puppies for a lot more :rofl:

That was definately a steal price on the Cannon Spike. Ebay price is typically in the 40-50 range for a good copy.

dam i missed out on Xmen vs street fighter!!! if the transaction dont go right I will take it right away.

All games that say Sold next to them have been paid for, I’m shipping them in an hour so sorry but the transacton went right.

Added a bunch of new games.

this guy is for reals.

Bunch of games already gone but Megaman X’s not on hold anymore.

Thats a hell of a deal for Zombies Ate my Neighbors. I’d be all over that if I didn’t already own 2 copies of it…

Updated with what’s gone.

Price drops and bundle prices across the list.

You don’t happen to be hiding anymore DS games that you want to sell do you?

Sadly not, what’s left is either my brother’s or stuff I want to keep (Castlevanias and Phoenix Wrights).

I see. It’s a darn shame that shipping out of Canada is so much no matter how much you ship.