Random Glitch (IE not really useful)

I was trying to come up with some cool customs, and was messing with blanka and found that if you blanka ball through someone when they are knocked down, and then blanka ball back the other way, if you hit the character at the exact time the shadow hits, blanka just flys through the character as they get hit by the shadow. Not really useful but it looks funny, it probably works with other things too. Anyway I just figured I’d point this out I didn’t know if it was well known yet or not but there you go.

Only way I found this to be useful is for his corner VC:

VC2: [c.SK, c.JP, c.JP, c.FP, b-f+FP]xN

The ball passes through the opponent and “hits” the corner (therefor immediately grounding Blanka) because your shadows are hitting at the same time, which allows you to continue the string repeatedly.

Oh cool, i’m gonna try that. That’s awesome. Also, you should do Birdie next for your videos, cause V-birdie is awesome!