Random input drops online

I’ve noticed in my online matches that sometimes inputs seem to randomly not happen.

I always thought I was just being late on the input, but today I had a long endless session where I tested blocking another player on their wakeup repeatedly, and to my surprise I got hit a few times while simply holding down back. It seems to happen against certain players more than others, even if the match doesn’t feel laggy.

Is this just the nature of online or maybe a connection problem? I play on PC BTW.

Are you playing on a controller or keyboard perhaps?

I fyou are playing on a keyboard it might be that the keyboard can’t recognize multiple inputs at once. A controller might have you not holding downback properly enough where the inputs switch between down and down-back. The fact that it happens during seemingly non laggy matches might indicate there is something more going on, have you tried rewatching your replays and turning on input display?

This is NOT the nature of online, and if it is a connection problem, it is a very serious one. The only times i’ve actually had my inputs dropped the match was unplayable anyway, complete teleportation of characters, literally waiting a few seconds before i could do anything wiht my character. But like i said, you seem to have this problem also during matches where lag isn’t a factor to such an extent.

Haven’t tried watching the replays actually, I’ll try that next time I notice this.

I think it’s possible I’m making a false connection between two independent issues; general input mistakes and an actual problem with the stick mechanism or stick connection. It’s weird though because I haven’t noticed it offline. I’ll need to check the replay next time, but the problem is very sporadic unfortunately. I played for an hour yesterday and didn’t see it at all.

I’ve had this problem on pc as well. Fairly annoying as there is no easy diagnosis for what it could truly be.

this can happen when your opponent has a really shitty connection.