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as i alluded to earlier in some other random thread, i kinda sorta keep a notebook of random stuff i find in cvs2. since i’ll prolly never make an official faq out of it or anything, guess i might as well post bits and pieces here so the info doesnt get lost forever.

as always, dont expect me to update this thread often. :tup:

characters with short throw ranges:

Zangief (!?!?!?!)

there’s some mistakes with the throw data in the cvs2 guide, as all these characters seem to have a 44 pixel throw range similar to Hibiki.

how do i know they have 44 pixel throw range? well, i don’t. all i know for sure is that they definitely have a throw range shorter than the standard 52 pixels. it could be shorter than 44 for all i know.

every “52 pixel character” can hit an opponent with a weak move, then still be just barely in range to throw without having to move forward. all the characters above (plus hibiki) can’t do that.

anyway, it’s kinda interesting how most of the short throw characters are top tier, and all capcom chars besides athena.

sakura’s throw range? any one know what it is? seems to me shes not too far frm Riden.

The guide claims 52, but I’m sure it’s closer to 70.

Zangief’s jab spd is listed as 107 pixels. Who’s your daddy? gief is.

are cammy and sakuras throws really long? or is this an illusion because of their small sprites?

Are you really asking this question man? You should know better than that.

walking speed makes a huge difference…raidens is sooo rediculous…c.mp…wait… throw wwwoooowwww :sad:

Is there anything to compare distances? I really don’t know what 8 pixels look like. I know what they FEEL like (sakura’s grab vs hibiki’s grab, idiosyncratic tick setups, etc.), but in terms of visual reference, is there anything out there that could help me see the difference?

whoops, forgot to add balrog to the “short throw range” list above. edited now.

not really. just know that the distance you’re at after a point blank blocked jab is pretty much exactly 52 pixels. go from there.

about the sakura throw range, i guess i’ll test that sometime this week.

Here’s a little trick i’ve known for a while but never really mentioned to anyone.

Throws range can be figured out by how the limbs of certain characters cross.

For example…
If you take for example, I dunno, Cammy vs. Kyo…
When both the characters feet cross to make an X, thats the max range that Cammy can throw at. If you try it from the tip of the foot, Cammy won’t throw. I dunno if this is because it’s Cammy’s farthest limb sticking out when standing. I haven’t messed around too much with this.

Other characters it’s different.
Chun-Li’s throw works when her hand that sticks out when standing touches the opponents sprite, then tap forward and fierce and the throw comes out.

If you try it at different ranges like the very tip of the sprite, it won’t grab.


ok finally tested it. sakura’s grab range is exactly the same as any other character’s. the reason it looks so huge is because she basically teleports onto the character’s back, which is a pretty large distance from where she started. if you do all her throws with back+punch then it doesnt look so magical anymore

That would explain Cammy as well because she is suddenlty behind them doing a suplex or on their head.

Well, if the measuring point for throw-ranges stemmed from the central pixel of the character, wouldn’t it make sense that the range would look longer for the smaller characters than it would the shorter? And walking speed definately affects how large it seems.

I don’t think the center pixel is the one being grabbed. Take Zangief’s running grab for instance. If you stick out a limb(late) against it, you get grabbed from further away. At least it seems that he gains range.

Well, he is walking forward in between those frames, eh? And throwing out an attack might change the hitbox on your character, allowing them to be thrown earlier.

No, I think that throws work the same way that all normal attacks work were it makes it makes contact with your hitbox not your central pixel. What might be a contributing factor though is whether or not all characters are pushed the same distance when using a weak move, that might create the illusion of longer or shorter throw ranges especially if you are using that as a unit of measurement, which is unclear in buktooths original post as to whether he is using each individuals weak move or whether he is using one universal weak move.

i used each character’s weak move, but tried throwing with both characters. so for example, i picked sagat vs ryu and did a blocked sagat jab. sagat is unable to throw at that range and gets a fierce. ryu gets a throw after blocking that same sagat jab every time, however

Oh, no, I see you people misunderstood me. I meant that the throw range is the thing determined from the central pixel. Like Sagat has a range of 72-- so the hitbox for his throw is located between 0 and 72 pixels from that central point.

So the thicker characters (Like all the ones Buk listed) would appear to have shorter throw ranges because it takes so long for the character’s sprite to end and empty space of the throw box to begin, but the thinner characters have a lot of empty space since their sprites are smaller.

The test that Buk tried makes sense if this is true.

I don’t know if the central pixel is something that the game really uses a type of measurement, and if your idea did work the throw ranges would be so varied and it would be obviously dependant on character width. You might be right still and the throw ranges are varied but so slightly that its not noticable except in the extra fat characters, but athena is on the list of short throws as is hibiki who are both two of the thinner characters in the game and geese is about the same thickness as sagat and he’s not on the list either.

Perhaps a visual representation would help.

When two Yamazaki’s move toward each other, eventually they can’t move forward anymore. That “edge” created by the characters also appears to be the egde of the characters hittable box. The two Yamazaki’s in the picture on the left represent this.

On the right, we see two Yamazaki’s spaced apart the same distance they would be after a light attack, which as Buktooth pointed out, is the exact same range as a standard throw range. And as we see in the picture it’s also 52 pixels, the size of a standard throw range.

Thus – at least in Yamazaki’s case – the pixel value is the number of pixels that extend past the character’s hittable box.