Random Life Questions

Sup guys. Just have random questions I wanted to ask and see if anyone knew.

~What happens if you put a Cigar in the Microwave?

~If you break an Escalator, doesn’t it just become a good set of stairs?

~If cigarettes cause Cancer, does Cancer cure smoking?

So yeah. I’ll have more questions later, but feel free to stick responses and opinions in here.

What happens when you make threads that would even embarrass Beguiled?


The microwave gets cancer, the really good stairs have lots of redundant no-longer-moving parts, and by this logic cancer cures everything, even itself, because if my cancer ever returns and kills me, it dies. Cancer is a scrub.

If a tornado doesn’t destroy a town, is it still a natural disaster?

An Alarm Clock wakes you up, does a Calm Clock put you to sleep?

Why is it that women get mad at you when you look at the intricate tattoos above their ass?


I get shy to sly smiles, with the occasional wink and convo initiation, myself.

Sucks to be you?

Guess you aren’t good looking enough Shinku

{Fuck your questions, I got some legitimate questions that need to be answered right now:

-Should I purchase a 4GB 360 Slim when I get my tax return in April?

It’s $199.99 in my area, and I can get a 10% discount out of it. I also learned how to modify the new HD’s to use any SATA HD too.

I’d go for it if you know how to get a bigger HD for it.

Ye, I got a couple of 150GB SATA HD’s lying around the house. I can format that shit and mod it, I still wish the process was about as easy as swapping hard drives in a PS3.

I also wish Microsoft still included the wired controllers too. Those were the bomb when they offered it with the Core system.

Sucks man. Also, Fuck your question Shoemaker, my Questions are legit.

what good is a life vest when commercial planes are crashing down? shouldn’t they be giving parachutes instead?

homeboy just heard of mitch hedberg apparently

real men walk to next escelator that is working.

If you kill your future self, is it murder or suicide?
What if the light that flashes before your eyes is really you travelling through a new birth canal into your next life?
If you clone yourself and fuck it, is it sex or masturbation?
If you want to be above the influence, how high do you have to be?
If rap artists always brag about how they used to be criminals, they why do they think it’s wrong for us to torrent their music?
If you store a Pokémon in a PC, does that make it a Digimon?
If the pen is mightier than the sword, then how come actions speak louder than words?
If the world ends on December 21st, does that mean I can stop using condoms by April?
Is a well rounded argument pointless?

Some pretty deep questions being asked in this thread. As far as escalators go, I’ve walked up a broken set so yes, they do become stairs.

If you take female growth hormones and grow a giant rack would you lose sexual interest in other women’s breasts?
If catgirls were real and you had sex with one would it count at bestiality?
If God is a perfect being who kills people and puts his children inside married women does that mean murder and infidelity are not sins?

In all seriousness, I would love this. :smiley:

In space do women wear bras?

This one I want to do some research on