Random mag shit

mainly for mag/psy… or any other juggle-friendly assist. just bored in training mode, i never really realized it until today that mag is fucking deep as hell… anyways, here’s a couple mixups…

anything that leads to ROM, [sj ad/d d+lk lk] x2…

from here you can…
1 - nj. ad/d hk…
2 - nj. ad/d hp (whiff), c.lk +psy c.lk…
3 - nj. ad/d hp (whiff), throw
4 - square jump + assist
yeah… i’m sure a lot of you knew this but i just thought i’d post it anyways. it looks cool too…

hella basic reset that’ll proly work with storm tron or sent
c.lk c.hp sj.hk ad/df nuetral lk lk (land on the other side), call assist c.lk xx tempest… i dunno if it’ll work but it’s kinda ambiguious

those are basic, you should try some glitchy resets or ones that deal with FSD to ensure no mashing of lp’s or lk’s

after rom:
sj.lk, lk, add, lk, hp… any high/low/crossup mixup
sj.lk, lk, add, lk, hp, hk… forces a roll, if you think they’ll jump just c.lk,clk, or you can high/low/crossup mixup
sj.lk, lk, add, lk, hp, hk / c.hk… ends up just like the end of a 5 fierce
sj UB, lk, lk, hk, any mixup
(x) c.hk xx sjc, add hk, dash cancel twice. c.lk+assist,c.lk this one you gotta time right. fuck around and you’ll see how crazy it is.
launch, delay UP as late as possible, HP throw, em disruptor xx MT xx hailstorm or HSF

for fancyness you can do a s.hk sjc (1 hit) and do a lot of those resets plus more. if they’re not used to seeing s,hk cancels they’ll get confused for a second. just long enough for a reset. theres sooooooo much mag can do.

one i’ve been screwing around with just for fun is during the rom, dash over, c.hk sj ad/d hk land c.hk into rom, and just doing that over and over to people who can’t think fast enough to roll.