Random Menu question

So I broke out my dreamcast again, since playing at a friends and getting him a few games has me somewhat interested again, and i’ve got the Capcom Fighting Collection disc (custom disc with lots of great fighting games on it).

My question however is about the menu’s. I’ve seen in places, where there is a separate screen for groove selection, and the character select screen is a setup on a bit of an angle, similar to how 3S’s is. Is there some way to get the menu’s to be like this? Or is it somehow region dependent?

Here is the menu I see:

And here is what the other version seems to look like .

I’ve looked though game options, but can’t seem to find any kind of option for this. It’s something that’s kind of got me a bit crazy. Maybe someone can shed some light on these differences.

The first Character Select menu screen you linked is used for Local Versus, Survival, and Training modes. It’s also used for Arcade mode if Quick Select is enabled in the Options menu.

The second Character Select menu screen you linked is only used in Arcade mode (if Quick Select is not enabled).

Oh ok. thanks.

I had also seen some screenshots of what looked like the arcade select screens (for groove and character) being used for 2 player games, but i see now that’s for when a player interrupts the arcade mode.

Seems kind of strange they would have 2 different layouts and use them both differently. I really rather prefer the arcade selection, and its not like it doesn’t have the room for the extra player (i also like how it displays what the different grooves do).