"Random Mode"

I hope someone here knows what I’m talking about and will be able to help me with this-

Once every 100 matches±, for one match only, I enter a state(?) which I started calling “Random Mode”.
I start going berserk-offensive and all my habits disappear and I’m playing like a totally different person.
I start doing things I usually never do and I just “go with the flow” instead of planning every attack. The opponent gets all WTF and gets raped for free.
After the KO sign it ends and the next battle I play like my usual self.

The problem is that I can’t enter Random Mode on command. It comes in rare and random times like an “enlightenment” for 1 match only.

Cocaine’s a helluva drug.

Nah, I love the cocaine and it don’t make me play like that. I thought that would be called “scrub mode”.

It actually makes some sort of logical sense to occasionally play against your grain against a familiar opponent. Against Joe Scrub it wont help you any, but against a player who knows your tendencies, and you know your tendencies, switching things around once in a while will wreck the yomi game.

cocaine is sure getting popular among gamers nowadays

yea sometimes i go berserk andAbsolutely Wild( Out Of Control )irl

yeah, every good player does this in a game called 3s

Exactly. No point in thinking about it, since there are only 3 outcomes for every situation.

Haha, I feel you man. That’s EXACTLY what I call it :rofl:

You suddenly start focusing and cease ALL your predictable patterns and just outplay your opponent with mad rage.

I hope you ARE talking about the same thing, but does it happen alot to you or just on rare occasions?

edit: now that you mention it, when he brought it up today my friend did say he remembers it happening after i got pissed…

Well I don’t necessarily mean rage as in angry, its just that by looking at the match others will think you were actually angry.

And it’s rare for me too.

Maybe that’s why my friend told me I was pissed while I don’t remember being angry at the time…(when I’m angry I lose badly)
I’m not sure myself, but since it temporarily ERASES all the patterns it’s a powerful tool (it always granted me a quick win) and I don’t like it being so rare… trying to find out what causes this and how I can get it when I want it (that’s why I opened this thread).
Good to see I’m not alone on this one…

Maybe you just got bored.

After a bunch of matches, my attention span usually goes out the window and I start trying ridiculous shit. And as someone pointed out earlier, after a bunch of matches of the same shit, pulling random moves out of your ass would probably get you at least one win.

For me, it’s kinda like how in FFVIII, Odin will suddenly appear during random encounters and 1-shot everything :smiley:

This is the same thing that happened to Michael Jordan when he hit an absurd amount of 3-pointers in a game (which, at the time, wasn’t something he did often) and couldn’t do anything but look over at the announcers’ table and shrug as he got back on defense.

It’s called…“the zone”. How do you get there? Play and don’t think about “the zone”…just play. Eventually, what you do will become instinctive and muscle memory will kick in. You can be in the zone doing anything (work, play, whatever)…but you can’t try to be in the zone. It’s just something that happens.

no that’s not it. when i’m doing it i’m 100% in the game. and i’m not talking about doing ridiculous shit that is totally foolish in theory. i mean more like doing new weird patterns you never do usually.

The Evo2k8 DVD will include a Gamers Gone Wild featurette. :smile:

it’s really funny you posted that because…
f*ck yeah i got an update!
i think this might be it my friends…(read the comments as it’s explained much better there than in the article itself)

mahvel baybee

^ That.

We need some psych postgrads to do a study on this. Seriously. Actually I’d be surprised if it hasn’t already been done by sports psychologists.