Random (Mostly) Useless Trivia

Figured i’d start a thread to gather obscure knowledge. Since this is just for fun, there probably won’t be much in terms of frame data or engine analysis. This is more about random things that you notice while playing.

I’ll start with something i’ve been noticing lately. Everyone knows that if you’re crouching and you get hit by a special move, it forces you into standing hit stun. The minor exceptions are the non-knockdown flame projectiles - Ryu’s red FB and Dhalsim’s LP FB. I think there’s only one attack in the game that can force a standing opponent into crouching hitstun and that’s the first hit of Ken’s fierce DP. You can try it out against one of Dhalsim’s limbs if you want.

However, the weirdest thing is that hitting Honda or Blanka twice in a row while they are crouching forces them into standing hitstun. Anytime you do a combo against them, the first hit puts them into crouching hitstun and the second hit takes them into standing hitstun. In fact it doesn’t even have to be a combo. As long as you do two hits in quick succession, the second hit will make them stand up even if it doesn’t combo. I tested out all the characters and this only seems to apply to Honda and Blanka. I’m pretty sure this goes all the way back to the CPS1 games.

actually ya now that i think of it I always remembered blanka in all versions going into stand stun after consecutive hits

More random stuff.

The guy in the background on the Chun Li stage who is “choking his chicken” is actually Chun’s pimp.

Also, the guy on the boat on the Ken stage looks just like a guy I used to go to high school with.

In Street Fighter II’ Rainbow Edition, E.Honda prefers to transform into Guile and if he’s really low on health he’ll turn into Balrog (boxer) and try to spam his rushing punches at you.

Is it true that in SF2 (all games), hitting an opponent while they are crouched or in the air deals more damage than hitting an opponent while standing?

I know that hitting people while crouching produces much longer hit reels than while Standing. Not sure about damage, though.

Against Zangief and T.Hawk only, Cammy’s cr.Jab and cr.Strong hit low.

Not true.

Dhalsim’s drills can be blocked low from the right distance, and IIRC can also hit low. (As in you have to block them low - not 100% sure on that second one)

Blanka’s parabolic ball attack can hit 3 times.

Uber random and pointless: During one of the frames of Akuma’s blocking animation, a part of his hair disappears. :stuck_out_tongue: The graphics for the missing bit of hair actually ARE in the graphics data, the programmers just neglected to include it with the rest of the tiles in the animation data.

His “fiery” animation plays in the incorrect order, too. I’m sure you’ve noticed how odd and jerky it looks compared to the Alpha games. All the same frames as the Alpha version are there in the graphics data, they just play in the wrong order. Guess the coders got a little sloppy. :stuck_out_tongue:

Not exactly ST, but still SF2-related: You’ve probably noticed that Ryu and Ken’s “arm raised” victory pose got redrawn in CE (and I can understand why… the WW one looks pretty ridiculous), but their knockdown animation got redrawn as well, although I’m not sure why.

HOLY SHIT! U went to high school with Q?!:wow:

I’m 99% sure that HP Sonic Boom does a pixel more damage than MP Sonic Boom which does a pixel more damage than LP Sonic Boom. Of course there is a random factor to damage so any move can suddenly do way more damage than it’s supposed to.

Maj - Yeah, the random damage makes it really hard to tell. I was working on a small project (ST randomness vid), and I have a clip of the exact same combo in the exact same situation doing two totally different amounts of damage.

Maybe I should actually finish that project…? :sad:

I made this game a long time ago but thought it was fitting for this thread. :wink: Enjoy.

SF Trivia Game

Remember, you are Akuma not Ryu. You are trying to kill ryu.

  • Alex

P.S. I can change the Questions from an external file. So if you guys have some good trivia questions, let me know. lol.

Hey, Alex. Was messing with the trivia thing a bit. Spoiler for one question, but I’m trying to figure out how Alpha 1 was the first game with Guard Damage? Are you counting the Easy Mode Guard Blocking counter thing? They don’t seem to be quite the same thing to me.

Lol, glad you checked it out. Yea, probably a mistake :lovin: But if you see anymore let me know. :slight_smile:


Nice trivia game, A_Wolfe! You might want to see about eliminating questions from the pool after they’ve been asked, though. On my first play, I got the same question twice in a row on two occasions. On my second play through, I got a question that had no text whatsoever, just blank spaces for the question and all 3 answers. O_o

And I’d definitely like to see that randomness video should you decide to finish it, NKI. Your videos are always great. You mentioned you were also considering doing a video displaying the ways the AI breaks the engine rules at one point, right?

maybe I’m wrong but, it asks when SF2 was released in america, isn’t it 1992? I had to put 89 to get the answer correct.

Yeah, I made this trivia game like 3 yrs ago, and I’m certain some of them are wrong. If anyone wants to make me some real questions, I would be more than happy to put them in. I need 20 to make it complete. :lovin:

  • Alex

Cool idea. How do you activate Akuma’s super after you win? I tried clicking on the super bar but that did nothing.

OK, I guess I’ll finish that one then. It will probably only be about a minute long, though.

And yeah, I was thinking about doing a vid that shows all the impossible stuff the computer does, but I dunno…I think it would waste too much time to just sit around waiting for the computer to do what I want. :confused: