Random note on benimaru drill kick



umm since there is no genral thread i guess i will just post a topic for like a genral comment.

using that 2p cross up glitch is really good with benimarus drill kick. It just so much easier to try and abuse then other forms of this. Of course it only works if you are on the 2p side and your opponent is well on the first player.

The easiest way to set it up is just after a dp+lk. Watch them hit the floor then jump foward and drill kick. Its pretty nasty if you get it down. Not much damage but it should defintly help you keep pressure on your opponent. And its pretty easy.

One strange note though im not sure if this is how it is for all of the cross up glitchs but for whatever reason you can not try and record this in training mode. Benimaru will go straight through the opponent every single time if you try and record. Thought that was kinda werid.


You can cross-up Sagat with it no matter what.