Random Portrait Art







And a series on Kurt Russell:


old drawing of Rob Zombie:


Note: I don’t accept “constructive criticism” or “advice.” So Thanks in advance for biting your tongue. :bgrin: I just want to share some of my work with you all.

You might not accept that but I think Quiche is going to rape your soul.

P.S. I don’t draw but I think you got something here.

This type of art belongs in the fanart forum, and under one thread guy.

Just sayin~

Image Mishmash:
“A general image repository. Post any images that you like, from personal photos to Street Fighter artwork. Just keep it clean.”

and how are drawings of people I know fan art?
or portraits of celebrities for that matter? haha

It’s ok MC, he thinks cause he has premo it’s ok. I feel for him though I mean 25 bucks a year… Yeah I might be able to be a rude prick… Wait I’m on Srk nevermind. :rofl:

Actually someone else on this board paid for a month of premium for me.
I already PM’d Quiche, asked him to either move my posts or delete them if they’re in the wrong section. No biggie.

I’m not trying to be rude. I was just saying that no where in this forum does it specify that artwork should be posted in the “fan art section.” chill dude.

Here at SRK we like to yell at new members for breaking unwritten rules as well :wink:

Nice stuff though.

Thanks Arcas.

Someone should do a written “unwritten” rules thread somewhere and sticky it? haha

Well there really isn’t any other fanart in this section, but there’s an entire other one full of it.

I mean I’m not mad or lambasting you for it, but don’t go quoting the forum description like I’m trying to slap your wrists for doing it.


Awesome art.

naw its cool dude, sorry if I came off as assy.

*me earlier

Don’t worry about it.

Just sayin~

Nice art man :tup:. I like the style.


Oh and…what in the hell happened to your AV?