Random poster hates crossover counters [locked]

Someone here has connections with capcom right,

They need to fix the “Counter-Crossover” system,

they brought that feature in for a reason, for people to defend against rushers (wolverine, dante, etc)

but its completely useless, thats why no one uses it and if they fixed it then more people would and it would make this game wayy more technical and let people second thought about spamming until they get a hit on.

now I REPEAT, this feature is already in the game, its useless, they need to FIX it, it was brought in for a reason.

they need to:

Keep the 1 bar depletion and add ARMOR damage absorbtion to it (hulk, sentinel, I dont know what its callled)

that way you can add COMBOS or even ultras to a successful counter crossover.

the way it is right now, 1 BAR is TOO MUCH to gamble for the counter to not even connect, id prefer if they added the 2 hit armor absorb to it.

now someone send this message off, thank you

Nope. Pretty sure if someone here had power to change things about the game X-Factor would be long gone. Go post this on Unity.

Before anyone responds seriously to this topic:

If anyone seriously doesn’t know about Crossover Counters, some have invincibility and lead to full combos (Gustaff Fire, Somersault, Ryuenjin etc), meaning that it’s a viable reversal in the middle of a blockstring in some cases.

Also, lol at taking out the 1 bar cost. Guess characters like Zero should be able to do 950k+ free just because you made their point character block a move. :smiley:

No thanks, please don’t give me another thread to lock

some do but ALL characters need the invincibility, or should I choose characters based on how good they are instead of the ones I like, and I’m not asking them to take out the 1 bar cost, I want them to keep it but give every character the invisibility, keep trying, keep trying mad kid

Crossover counters are amazing. They are extremely underused.


How do you confuse “invincible” with “Invisible” anyway?

I dont understand why “give every character invisibilty on a crossover counter” is a big deal, SPIDERMAN (my main) gets completely WRECKED on a crossover counter.
you guys are acting like its going to completely change the game but its not because it COSTS 1 BAR!!! it will only happen 2 or 3 times a match and will have rushers think TWICE before rushing non stop, you dont want to make the game more technical?

Like I said in Gfaqs

ITT: People argue with a dumbass poster and MVC Player.
ITP: I probably get modded but don’t give a damn.