Random questions...

So I just found out recently about S.MP -> S.LK and I was wondering how useful it was or how often you use it.

Also, where I play, I have a lot of issues with people spamming blockstrings to play keep away. Anyone who doesn’t play like that usually just ends up blocking low into the corner getting thrown 4x or overheads to death. (Anyone being me)

Does makoto have any block strings? How do you fight people who abuse these or just play overly defensive? (I know about red parrying but I mean more general terms)

The way I usually play is I try not to do anything offensively that leaves me at frame disadvantage. On defense, if I see something I know to be unsafe or punishable I do that. Otherwise I just block low and wait. Many times though I just never stop blocking and end up dying (from overheads/throws).

Sometimes I feel like throwing my hands up in the air, saying “what did I do wrong?”. I’m not throwing out random hayates and supers and dashing like crazy, so why can’t I find an opening? This sort of leads into my issue with block strings/keep away. When I get put on defense I can’t figure out how to get people off me short of ex fukiage/option select parry.

I try to punish random whiffed normals with hayates and not dash/jump-in too much, but many players at my arcade will wake-up parry then throw or shoryu. Also at shoto c.mk range I feel like makoto is just powerless, sometimes. Due to the fact that c.fp leaves you at a bad recovery I try not to use it often, but c.lk is small a range to do anything. Anything else hits high and I worry about getting parried. Long story short, I can’t mixup worth shit.

Anyhow this is just random whining, but if anyone has any advice I’d appreciate it.

1.) it’s a tuff combo i don’t use it much mainly for meaty situations.

2.) i get in that situation alot against geesemaster or other really really good ken players but really what you have to do is to stop being affraid, don’t worry if you mess up or take a few hits it’ll happen. just try to get in like a jab then maybe karakusa after it. you’ll see openings =D

3.) s.lk>s.mk it’s awesome, safe on block use it alot if possible

4.) makoto is really a highrisk/highreward character in my opinion take that risk sometimes especially early on in the match, before they have meter that was your high risk isn’t so bad… just be patient =D look for openings =DD

5.) i know me too c.c; IF you don’t SEE openings try to force them out with makoto’s sexy psycho powers hayate cancels alot of players will try to punish hayate’s or parry them or block them, just becareful not to spam them out just try to keep on your feet, i use alot of neutral jump tsurugi’s because there really awkward people don’t generally try to parry them so there pretty safe.

6.) dash up throw! karakusa’s will come when they are needed don’t forget that makoto has a hella good neutral throw with incredible invincebility frames and her angle throw is pretty dope too good damage. another thing kara karakusa unless your fighting a shoto, i think if you time it right you’ll beat a parry+throw setup in terms of the throw frames, but really try a meaty c.lk they can’t jump at the right distance you can punish a hp shoryu realize makoto is the best player in the game (says me =D) so don’t ever be affraid of fighting any character reguardless of tier rank or skill, because the second your affraid they’ve already won! and don’t let them win =D anyway give me a call when you get to portland so we can get some casual’s man!

I’ll be at tilt friday and saturday.

s.mp - s.lk xx jab hayate is easily confirmable, if the standing strong hits you can combo s.lk and jab hayate. i use it a lot quite a lot, probably 3 out of 4 times i use standing strong as a meaty and it hits. as far as block strings go for makoto… not really. it’s mostly post hayate mixups and some tsurugi mixups. if you’re having a hard time getting in to do some damage, try letting them come to you. be wary of dashup throws, practice teching them out of certain setups because i used to get my shit wrecked from throws and tick setups. random hayates are extremely risky, i don’t do them at all. random supers… occasionally. when you’re on the defense, block low, react to overheads and throws. if you can, c.lk xx ex oroshi to score a knockdown and dash away. if they try to jump and do a crossup or whatever, you almost always wanna dash under them. ex fukiage is a good option also, it beats some random shit on wakeup, kinda risky but i use it sometimes.

if people you’re playing like to wakeup parry, karakusa them over and over so they won’t random guess parry anymore. i hate those people. when you’re playing someone, watch how they play, maybe even watch what they do on wakeup a few times, rather that doing something, dash back and study them, and act accordingly the next few times. there’s a lot of options that are safer than others, for example:

c.lk xx hayate… if blocked, they get a free combo.
c.lk xx ex oroshi… if blocked, they get nothing.

tick mixups are also good to play with their minds, tick into karakusa and if they start to jump away, mix it up with an ex oroshi to force a knockdown and force them to second guess. jump in tsurugis are awesome in my opinion, if they block it, it’s another mixup game. you can dashup throw, or c.fp from a good distance, or s.lk xx ex oroshi, there’s just a lot of possibilities.

s.mp ->c.lk xx jab hayate : This is a great combo, but there is one main situation you should use it in. Its not really about connection s.mp -> c.lk though in a major situation. You should use it on the enemies wake-up and mix it up with s.mp ---- Karakusa. Even if the opponent blocks the s.mp, they may think you will grab, but than you are able to hit them with the c.lk xx jab hayate if they try to escape in many ways. It works quite well but…seeing as your not as much as a risk taker as some Makoto players, you might not like taking the risk of getting it all blocked.

My main suggestion to your strategy would to take way more risks (not like random hayate risky or anything like that), that in turn will really keep the enemy on their toes and make them play differently.

As you may have noticed I would suggest using c.lk instead of s.lk for the combo. Although it is easier to combo the s.lk, c.lk is much more practical for many reasons.

I’ve noticed that sometimes the c.lkxlp hayate doesn’t connect though, since it pushes them too far away.

Just like c. Mk xx Hadouken of Shotos… OR even Alex’ S.A. II : He can hit you but the throw can whiff (But i saw this 3 times… :S). Is a spacing + recovery “problem”. :wink:

I think you’re #1 problem is you are playing too turtle with a character generally meant to stay on the offensive. Makoto isn’t all too great at punishing whiffs aside from a hayate, and on rare occasions a karakusa. I don’t think you could win a match by “playing it safe” and just waiting for openings and punish opportunities. Also… what SA are you using? If you already don’t, Id suggest you play SAI more so than SAII, generally more conservative players play SAI since you can hit your opponent with it in any situation, unlike SAII, which usually requires a grab or a parry/s.fp to connect. If you’re looking for punishing opportunities, start with learning/using the hayate > SAI link, or c.mk > SAI.

Even through what I said just now, I 1000% believe you need to be more aggressive with makoto, all my opportunities come from creating them. Also, I’m not sure exactly how much, but there is a frame window where u can actually dash and parry low. Its kinda hard to get the timing down, but once you learn it and use it effectively, you can overcome people who like to spam low pokes to stop your dash game.

As for s.mp x s.lk x jab.hayate…
I use s.mp x s.lk quite often, actually, very often until they start parrying the s.mp… (playing as a makoto, like mackinzie said, she is a very high risk/high reward character, and without a doubt you will eat a few painful hits.)
s.mp is a great meaty, and its hit stun allows for easy hit confirms. also, on hit or on block, it sets you up for tons of mixups to stay on the offensive and keep pressure on your opponent until they screw up.
you can follow up s.mp with a karakusa, and unless your opponent has a good dragon punch, or unless they jump or backdash, on a block a karakusa is nearly guaranteed. thats what i usually start with until they start catching on.
on a hit s.mp you can also follow up with s.lk x jab.hayate, which sets you up for post hayate mixups. you can also s.lk x jab.hayate (cancel) to set your opponent up for all the mixups makoto has to offer. s.lk x s.mk is probably safest on block, besides an ex.oroshi. in some cases your opponent will be too far and are able to duck under the s.mk, and if it seems that is likely to happen, do the s.lk x hayate(cancel).

As for blocked strings, makoto doesnt have too much that allows her to stay on the offensive (frame advantage) on blocked attacks. don’t expect to be able to play her without taking risks.

as for defending against block strings… you’re gonna have to be more specific, at least for me ;p i can’t think if any strings where makoto wont have the opportunity to land a l.lk x hayate or a l.mp x hayate. but in really desperate situations where u are cornered, try using a kara-ex.oroshi. or a ex-tsurugi, or maybe even an ex.hayate. makoto’s ex-moves are very safe, and if blocked these moves will at least create some space between you and your opponent.

I feel like i have so much more to say… but im gonna cut it here… if you would like me to be more specific or elaborate on somethings, or if u got any more questions… just ask. ^^

I usually play SAII unless it’s chun/ibuki/oro, in which case I use SAI.

I used to play total offense and would dash into endless amounts of shit. I also got a little tired of getting parried all the time, hence my more defensive nature. Finally I used to parry way too much which was causing me to eat many attacks and also win through luck, which I hated.

sadly theres no “magneto” in sf3… theres no character which can play 1000% offense and come out on top… of course you need to know when to attack, and when to just block… pick your fights carefully…

when i play makoto, i try to stay on the offense maybe 70% of the time

Do you mind if I just pm you from now on if I need some general tips/advice?

go ahead =D