Random questions

In my fairly recent “play around with different characters” craze, the one I picked up most recently was Necro. After some ugly first matches, not knowing the normals and trying to airdash (since I’m also learing Twelve recently, lol), I started to understand a bit of Necro gameplay (which I couldn’t grasp before).

Necro is fun. Complex, not easy, can be scary, rewarding. A nice character, It was a pity I underlooked him 'til now.

  • Is there a trick to make performing multiple db+HP juggles in the corner less hard? Everytime I rewatch the Sugiyama vs Ushi match (one of the best beatdowns ever imho :rofl:), I either praise Sugi as a god for making 6*db+HP seems so easy, or feel dumb for not being able to do it.
    I know that it can’t be done on most characters, I tried it on Urien.
    I actually found that double-tapping helps a bit (though it hurts - either the Hori SC2 stick isn’t that good for double tapping, or I’m doing the movement awkwardly) - I can get the second elbow to connect about 80% of the time, the problems comes after… I rarely connect the 3rd elbow, and I got to the 4th only once… a friend once managed to get 5 hits, but it was random (he didn’t understand the timing).
    Is that just lots of practice and great timing skills? On which characters does it work btw?

Also, in the corner after a comboed snake I usually juggle with jab denpa, elbow, and sometimes jab/strong reset (not consistent in doing it). I can do the juggle pretty consistently on the shotos, but I oftem miss the jab denpa on some characters (like Chun - I was like, wtf? wasn’t Chun one of the most jugglable characters? whatever…)

I didn’t experiment much, but: If when I’m cornered i sneak in a command throw (putting them in the corner and high), what are the best juggles? it happened like once, and I just did denpa, elbow - but I somehow felt I could do something better.

I don’t really understand the drill kicks - sometimes they seem to have nice priority, sometimes they suck. Need more experience.

For anti-air purposes, I use cMP only (it’s great, safe if parried, and beats even Ken’s EX tatsumaki). Is there any other anti-air options worth using? (Denpa just doesn’t look good)? Also, does Necro have some defence against crossups (besides blocking/parry I mean)?

On which characters does jab Hook, elbow work?

I saw that PinoAB7 uses SAI against Yun. I guess it’s to stop divekicks, and to have a handy reversal to go through Genei-jin pressure. I Use ES on anyone, should I use SAI agamnist some characters? which ones?

Is it me, or does his throw range suck? :sad:

Any real practical use to the qcb+K move? (I use it sparingly in wakeups since it has good priority -trades with uppercuts in my favour, but I think I can get along with it only against scrubs or people who don’t have any experience against Necro)

As now, one match that troubles me is against Gouki. Since Necro is slow, I have problems getting past fireballs/air fireballs/ divekicks and so on. Sometimes I dodge air fireballs with a late qcb+P, and grounded ones with HK drill, but I don’t really gain much ground. Sure, it’s great when I get him, short stun bar means one combo and he’s doomed (almost :P). It reminds me the Urien vs Gouki match in certain aspects. Hard to get him, but get one-two chances and you can win.
Ground HK tatsumaki gives me problems sometimes, though not as much as dealing with it as Urien.

well, thanks for reading… and thanks for your answers, if any come (I hope so)

i use SA1 against dudley, hugo, and yun. yun for obvious reasons. and dudley because he has a huge stun meter and it is harder to stun him. plus i tried various electric snake juggles on him and nothing decent works.

i think jab hook, db.fierce works on almost everyone? i know it works on urien and yun, so i would think it’s everyone…

I use SA3 against everyone except Makoto, in which case I use SA2 (easier to land and kills karakusa ticks). I have never bothered to learn any fancy corner combos or anything, I’ll probably be teaching myself some just for the Necro vid.

For anti-air, if they’re at the right range (as far away as possible) I use back+hp or jab denpa. Both have pretty good recovery (though not at all optimal), and you get great payoff.

I’d say with Akuma/Gouki, just wait for a chance to use ElSnake, hit him once after that and the round is yours. The easy ways to land it, like jumping roundhouse -> SA3 and low short xx SA3. You really only have to do it once.


I had already tried with j. roundhouse into sa3, but Necro’s jump is so slow they usually block/anti air me.
Low short into SA3 means getting close, and that’s my main problem (once I get in I usually take the upper hand).
SA3 alone won’t stun gouki, and then they’ll turtle until the stun gauge lowers.

You have to mix up dive kicks and jumping roundhouse. Don’t jump too much though, air parrying with necro is a bitch. If you can anticipate the akuma player jumping towards you and you’re at opposite ends of the screen, try to tag him with a standing roundhouse. Don’t rely on it too much though, it’s too slow, and they can duck under it and punish you.

Jab hook to elbow works on every character in the game but the spacing is pretty specifc for some so it’s not guaranteed everytime you land a hook in the corner. The Denpa to Elbow is the best thing to do after a nailed command grab in the corner.

As for Elbow x 6 it works on HUGO, URIEN, ALEX. That’s it. And the timing is the same for all of them as far as I can tell. I can’t do it consistently but it’s just a timing thing the timing stays the same through out the combo so you should be able to do it with a little practice. OH and on the above characters landing Elbow after the tornado hook is really easy and on them once you get the timing for the six elbows down you can actually do 3 elbows after the tornado hook. Plus on a hugo that’s a few steps out of midscreen you can do Lp. Hook and then do standing fierce. Which is
really cool. jab denpa is pretty good to through out randomly in my opinion it builds meter can cancel into SA1 or SA 3 plus as anti-air good easy follow up of Standing fierce.

SA 1 does work pretty well on dive kick happy yuns, but you’ll probably only hit them with it once and then they will just runaway and use standing strong until genei-jin activate and then… well I have stuff I use against random activate genei but it’s a secret.

So you think it’s better to stick with SAIII against Yun?
What should I do against divekick-happy players?


Yun’s a pretty hard matchup, cause he can juggle Necro easily with Genei Jin. I exclusively use SAIII against everyone cause the meter’s so short and the damage is decent, but I can see the merits of using SAI. For example, as anti-air, as a strong wake-up move, against Genei pressure, etc. Also, if you can connect SAI if you catch’em in the air with a dive kick. :tup:

THe thing about the Divekick in my experience is that there are three things you can do against it but they all depend on what the YUN Player is going for. If they do it from to far away as to not hit you alot of times you can back and fierce them. If they do it to deep you should be able to throw them and if they do it at the angle that lets them combo off of it you should probably just block. You can also runaway from them if you see them divekick and you can jump and use LK divekick to run to the other side of the screen.

Does corner throw into db+FP work on everyone besides Urien?

I usually tag people with a standing strong after a throw, but I’m gonna start using db+FP then perhaps jab reset.

wait you mean corner regular throw or command throw???

Cause with command throw I am pretty sure it does. Regular throw I have no clue. It should I believe. I mean I am pretty sure youc an even do three elbows on alex or huge-o

I’m talking about the regular neutral/forward through.

I know you can juggle hugo and alex with 3 elbows. :slight_smile:

Question: How do I land a fierce tornado hook? The start up is sooooooo sloooooow, they can easily just block it, and it’s nearly impossible to catch stuff on recovery. WTF!? What are general setups and such for actually landing this attack that seems so key in a lot of his combos?

ONLY do FP hooks when they’re stunned or they miss something big (such as a FP shoryuken or a missed super).

You don’t combo into his fierce tornado hook, only do it after a dizzy.

qcb+kick move is really more of thing you use to catch people off gaurd. In fact, I never really use it.

edit: just watched AB7 and he uses it in his rush down game. i’m a scrub and SHOULD use it more, but don’t.

Ok, fair enough, next question: Say I’m using Slam Dance (I agree with everything Thongboy says on this, don’t bother trying to convince me of ElSnake), what are Necro’s best options for stun? I like the jab/medium tornado hooks, but I’m not sure how safe they are. What else works well to stun them outside of B’n’B ElSnake combos?

uh,well using his back and rh, to db fierce does a chunk of stun but that’s only for punishment. Normally do combos into light tornado hook, and then in the corner tag them with a db fierce during the juggle. than go for mixups into his throw which does extra damage and you can tag everyone after the nuetral throw with a mp and some with a db+fierce (this is really fucking hard).

Against Hugo, Alex, Urien. Go for the DB fierce X6 whenever you get the chance because that’s tons of damage and alot of stun as well.

ummmm yeah but basically with out ES you probably aren’t gonna stun anyone.

Some nice Necro stuff in this thread. Im a Necro amateur myself and i have some qs.

Where can I find that video: “Everytime I rewatch the Sugiyama vs Ushi match (one of the best beatdowns ever imho :rofl:)”

Can u describe in detail the double tapping technique to get the multiple shoulders combo?

Do u ppl use Necro’s chain into super? Consistently? Which are your tricks, if any?

Someone asked(bananatweed i think) if it was possible to land the shoulder after a normal throw in the corner on any character besides urien. I think that urien falls very fast after a throw, and i cant even land a Mp afterwards. Ive never tried a shoulder tho. Im sure u can use this technique on shotos.

Ive seen Sugiyama land consistently back +mp into ES. I find this extremely difficult in the DC version. Maybe in the arcade is different?

Also, which is the best juggle after a connected SAIII in the corner and the opponent is stun? I know u can jab denpa, then 4 or 5 jabs and then shoulder, but its crap.

In which degree is Necro safe after a blocked ES? Can Ken retaliate with SAIII easily?


First off, lol@bananatweed. Oh, and Necro hits’em with his elbow, not shoulder. :slight_smile:

Necro’s usually safe after a missed ES, but Ken’s SA3 is quick enough to reversal super you.

You can do multiple elbows on Urien, Alex, and Hugo when they’re in the corner. The timing’s really tight, and you need to hit db+FP as soon as the previous one is done recovering.

I sometimes use the b+LK xx MP chain to combo into ES when they’re waking up. Try not to do it right beside them, but instead hit them from the b+LK’s max range, so the MP has a chance to hit them, or force them to double-parry.

B+MP into ES is really easy to hit confirm. Just hit b+MP, buffer in the motion, if you see it hit, hit a punch button and bam! 4-hit combo. :wink:
Links, in general, are harder to do on DC. Timing’s much tighter.

You can also try hit-confirming off of Necro’s chain due to the leniency in time for hitting MP after the b+LK. You can either hit MP right after the b+LK, or wait a bit, then hit MP. If you do the chain a little slower, you have more time to react and combo into ES.

As for the stun combos, I just do whatever looks coolest. :cool:
On Chun/Q, after ES (stun), I’ll go for: b+mp, s.jp, d+fp, s.jp, d+fp, s.jp xx jp denpa

For chun, after she gets up (still stunned), if I wanna go for max damage I’ll use: FP tornado hook then FP denpa (5 hits) when her back’s turned. If there are people watching and I feel like being flashy, I’ll use: FP tornado hook, (chun’s back turned), FP denpa (3-hits) xx ES (1 hit juggle), then end it with a d+FK juggle. :tup:

As for the shotos, after the ES (stun), you can do b+MP x 4, then db+FP.

On makoto, I usually try and stun her with a neutral/forward throw in the corner, then juggle with db+fp, b+mp, repeat for 6 juggles. :tup:

Hope this helps.