Random Rog Discussion

Wanted to start a thread for random Rog talk. Smth funny that happened to you, trends and traits you observed in matches against you, number of Rogs in your area, that sort of thing. Light and easy. No need to make a new topic every time (LOL @ irony). Leave the technical questions at the door (or in the other two threads, Matchups and S. Science).

I went 13-0 today at the local arcade against some pretty good Ryus (2 of em), then fell to a Fei (whom next to no one plays here), have been feeling myself for about 4 hours now :stuck_out_tongue:

I do notice one annoying fact, a LOT of shotos will run away and chuck plasma all day when running against me. This is sad. And pitiful. Especially once they see TAP. Get within an inch of them and they tatsu away. Rinse and repeat. I usually pummel these poor fools, but its just sad to see a keep away game from lesser players. You only learn if you’re brave enough to lose and come back for more.

My favourites are the jump-back fireball Akuma’s who do this all game assuming it’s safe, and never seem to learn when they get constantly AA’d by specials, or push themselves into the corner by themselves, then get thrown or swept when they try desperate teleports. Yes, people are this bad - I had one guy who did this so often, even after losing 10 games in a row to me and never learning - Hell I opened every single round with a Forward Dash TAP and landed first hit in 75% of the games.

Had one of those back-off fireball spam Ryu’s earlier today, only difference was he was erratic and liked mashing buttons when you got close, which could result in eating anything because it’s unpredictable - Eventually I just resorted to spewing L.DS for 50% of the games at a decent range - Guy never neutral jumped, focus baited or anything, just walk back slightly, see him buffering fireballs or SRK’s while walking backwards etc

So bad.

Jump back players are abt as annoying as stand-around and watch players. Those that stand around and watch all day but never play, no matter who is on the machine.

Another trend I noted is the walkaround guy. He never makes a beeline for the machine to challenge someone. He will walk back and forth, make some loopy route from one end of the machine (where he has stood for 20 minutes, watching) to the other end where lies the coin slot. I body these fools. Everytime.

Well I wouldn’t know anything about that… I haven’t been to an Arcade with an SF game in it in 20 years.

Y u no go arcade?

Rope’s in Ireland I believe (just red your sig), so yes, in Ireland. Dunno if there’s much of a physical scene out there.

read: http://shoryuken.com/2011/11/29/six-psychological-tips-to-help-you-level-up-your-game-faster-part-1/

It’s good.

Went on a 9 game win streak in Endless Battle with my Rog today. This one chick comes in and totally demolishes my Rog with her Viper. Shit made me real salty as I was one win away from an achievement.

ouch, i’d be mad salty myself. @ my last tournament I OCV’d a team of a Fei and two Vipers. I slid by with a reaction Ultra when the viper attempted to chip me out full screen with hp.seizmo. I had one of those moments like when you get hit with an unblockable and you look at your stick like it malfunctioned, but in reverse.

Sliver of life remaining.

Chip will kill me.

Chip will kill him.

Point blank hadoken.

“There’s no escape!”

For everything else, there’s Mastercard.

Happens to us all, man. :slight_smile:

3nig is right, I’m in Ireland. I’m sure there are Arcades here but likely in Dublin if anywhere (And I don’t live there).
There is a scene here albeit smallscale and typically created by folks over on www.Boards.ie in the Fighting Game forum - Capcom at one point even handed them out some small gifts to use as prizes for their tournies which was nice.

Nothing massive going on here but some of Irelands players did go to one of the previous Evo’s (Likely this years Evo as well) and one or two players got a positive reputation at one stage, namely Cobelcog (Which they dubbed as “Irish Cammy” during the matches / stream / commentaries).

This thread made me check up on some of the Irish Scene and noticed some nice Rog play from good ole Fake_Roogle here - Takes a while though to adapt to the Yun (Which, as we all know, is a relatively even yet absolutely bloody horrible matchup).


Shame about the sound issue (Makes listening to the commentary almost impossible) but it’s probably a good thing as the lads are always bias and having a laugh rather than trying to actually do it properly like, say, Seth Killian at Evo :stuck_out_tongue:

Thinking about the PR Rog vs. Tokido matchup, I realized a few days ago something that is common knowledge: You can punish EX Psycho Crusher with U1 on block when done at any distance where you wouldn’t be able to punish with normals even if you recover before, I came to that conclusion after understanding what the game registers when the opponent changes sides.

can you give a specific example or a video? yes, ex.pc is really unsafe, but it can be up to +7 on block when he hits with the tip. I’m almost 100% positive it’s not -8 on block at any distance.

Alright guys i have a question As i am preparing my balrog for future uprages in 13’th I want to prepare my balrog and im going to incorporate His Cr.MP say Cr.lp Cr.lp Cr.mp dashpunch anyways i dont find much balrogs doing this. is it because its a 1frame link because thats no problem to me? anyways i thought i could use your knowledge on this delima of mine guys

Thanks again

For online play, being a 1F link, can be disasterous on awkward connections or choppy frames.

In general, double jab into CMP is quite a lot of pushback on most of the cast and I wager at certain ranges it may not work at all (If you do this at a moderate distance - Deep it shouldn’t be too big a deal).

Don’t see how it’s a ‘dilemma’ or why you’d even really need to ask - Anyone who can perform consistant CJab to CMP as a leadup to BnB’s should use them primarily over CJab Short unless there’s some character specific or pushback specific reasons why not to.

Much appreciated guys.

Also, cr.lp, cr.lk is a much safer/better frame trap than cr.lp, cr.mp. not only do you have a low in your string and cr.lk is even on block so you can throw immediately afterwards if in range, but the frame gap is 0f versus 3f for cr.mp. And it’s a really hard link imo, even plinking it is difficult, since you have to plink AND cancel. Both are useful, damage/stun wise, cr.lp, cr.mp is ALWAYS better than cr.lp, cr.lk (that link should connect on the entire cast, esp after ex.ru). But it’s difficult, keep that in mind too.

I LOVE the OS sweep!! because i tend to face a lot of people who like to backdash as an option to get away from rog…but OS sweep makes sure that there’s no escape :P. Helps me out ALOT on certain characters that really like to spam fireballs…(shotos) because they backdash or jump away -_- or even vegas which is my #1 most hated matchup against them

Yes i agree it is hard but so far im getting the link down thanks to plinking . I spent a great deal of time linking guile’s Cr.Lp In to Cr.Mp on a xbox controller and i got it down about 70%of the time. So thanks to the new arcade stick im getting it to 95percent of the time(work in progress) after more training. The Cr.mp wont completly replace the Cr.lk but i beleve incorporating balrogs Mp more often is vital to improving your balrog game. Espically if you going for a headbut to ultra which is extra f damage and since the headbut damage is getting buffed in ae it will be even better. IM still going to tick throw and use frame advanate im not going to forget about the Cr.lk im going to be smart about useing the Cr.mp knowing when to use it and when not to use it will be the smartest way to raising up my balrog game.


JSMaster uses cr LP, cr MP to link into almost anything in AE. That’s what gave me the idea to use that instead of the usual jab-short approach. Been paying off so far. I suggest using this as the go-to set up against all cast members that this move is viable against. You won’t regret it.

PS - When I p-link, I get it down 100%. Not too difficult after some practice.

Aye thats i plan on doing. I recently got my stick the First of this month so i am still training in getting the timing down correctly. i can get it down pretty well as i said but its slowly becoming muscle memory which is vital for me untill i bring it in online gameplay.

Thanks for the tips :slight_smile: i shall Practice Practice Practice!!!