Random rolento A groove questions



these are not only A groove questions, but just other ones in general…

  1. what are some of the better ways to land his custom (besides the obvious ones that apply to all characters)?

  2. what are some ways to start his poke chains? i usually use scouter jump with mp if they’re on the ground, or lp if they’re jumping at me. what are some other ones?

  3. what are his anti-airs? standing mp doesn’t have very good priority IMO. i usually either jump straight up and lp, or scouter jump and lp.




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s.strong is a reknowned anti-air. Saying it hasn’t enough priority is like saying… nah, there is no equivalent.

On a more serious note, it has priority, but sometimes there’s a positioning issue involved.


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yea my bad, that’s what i meant. it just seems more difficult to use consistently. any other AA options?


another anti air is j.jab

  1. Most of my Rolento CC’s are connected in between poke strings. You could combo into it I guess, but that would take a little more finesse that I have about 40% of the time. Another one thats fun is on their wake up: Pogo Hop around -> Activate when theyre up and they try to swat you.

  2. Throw knives. A lot of knives.

  3. Rolento’s best anti air is running away. S.strong works, but you have to be at just the right distance for it to work. Lj. or J. jab works too but its a little too wimpy. If S.strong isnt an option, I say run and reset your offense. Roll back a bit and throw a knife at them so they have to block it and get aggressive again.


Combofiend A-Groove combo

Does anyone know how to do Combofiend’s A-Groove Rolento combo…?


Combofiend A-Groove combo

c.Forward. c.Fierce x3, c.RH, s.RH, kk -> RH, land, s.RH, kk -> Fierce -> Jab, land, s.Fierce, RH knife, land xx Grenade Super.


Anyone got any tips on landing that grenade super after the knife? I’m not even sure what elevation or whatever I need to land it cuz it always seems that I land it waaay too late.:bluu:


Do the motion fast…


Combofiend’s CC is the same as everyone who uses Rolento’s CC:
C.Forward, C.Fierce x3, C.Roundhouse, S.Roundhouse, kk->J.Fierce (land), S.Roundhouse, kk->J.Fierce->J.Jab (land), J.Strong->J.Short (land) x2, S.Fierce, QCB x2 + P
I am somewhat certain he didn’t make this up, btw. This is about the simplist version of the combo that there is. Some players add knives to the mix towards the end. If you are close enough to begin, you can start with another C.Fierce to begin the combo instead of C.Forward.


I’m going to only do the grounded version of the CC from now on. :slight_smile:

For AA roll back with jab then sweep/s.mk/d.hp/throw/dash/blah-dee-blah


that was his cc a while ago now its with the knifes


Can you not read?
Why don’t you try to make up your own, more damaging CC instead of copying one you watch on a video. :bluu:


The CC I use is

c.forward,c.fiercex3,c.roundhouse,s.roundhouse->2k,j.fierce,s.roundhouse->2k,j.fierce->j.jab(land),wait a bit then sj.strong(all 3 hits)x2,land,s.short,s.fierce,super