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plz NO S\D COUNTERS or anit s\d strats. Lets not make s\d weaker. Its bad enough that he’s not top tier exactly and that you have to play 100% perfectly even against above average opponents. The last thing any s\d player wants is an opponent who can counter you w\ ease. Those types of players already exists but if anyone starts posting up counter strats, there will be more of them. IMO, the main reason why s\d still wins is because how little is known about figthing it.

short hops:

short hop: SJ, immediate double jump in any direction.

The immediate DJ causes the SJ to cancel out.

This creates a different type of angle for strider but you get sj properties during this. Its much lower to the ground. Its a SJ but it only goes a little higher than NJ height. Not quite as high as DJ height so its in between DJ and NJ height. Striders worse case scenario is being SJ height and coming down.

If your opponent is reading into DJ patterns, call your assist and short hop. Its ok to use but its not striders best angle. Not to mention that your sj-ing so any assist call you do must be before you SJ. Its really good though when your opponent expects a DJ pattern.

s\d teams:

  1. ssd
  2. s\cable\doom
  3. s\cyke\doom
  4. s\d\capcom
  5. im or wm s\d - orbs hit with strider, tag into IM\wm, infinite and get dat bar!!

everything else

bh\strider\doom - dont like bh but I heard this team is ok.
mag\s\d - ok I guess. One touch kill magnus would really work on this team.
storm\s\d - again ok. Can’t really burn that bar because strider needs it but you can run away and get some nice 50\50 patterns behind doom.

i got a few questions in mind.

  1. from ouroborous to AC , what is his most damaging combo, execution-wise? regarding the balance of it’s difficulty and damage.

  2. do you ever use the kick versions of his teleport? at what situations most likely?

  3. and oh, i know this one is kinda lame, but what really is the best assist for strider in ssd (i use ssd)? beta or gamma?..


hmm, this really is going to vary on what you’re looking for. A good easy comb is to launch + drones, time your air combo to cause FS into drones, launch and combo again. The combo on cable is different than the combo on storm to get this to work but its double FS so it’ll probably send the opponent +50% screen. You’ll be able to work your opponent into the corner where strider has some solid options from.

if you don’t like to vary the air combo depending on character, you can always do, orbs hit, wait till the meter reaches time and call drones, ground magic series, drones hit, launch and finish off.

after a certain point combos with strider aren’t attemptable anymore. Your either going to have to settle for a reset or a re-trap pattern. One of my favorites is the clockw0rk throw reset combo. You tube clockwork (yes with the letter “o” not zero) and watch the clock vs takayuki fight. That throw reset is 70-80% life one meter. Its pretty beefy. The throw can be teched but you can always fake the throw, and call doom and they will more than likely land on him. But you have to make sure that your of the range for their throw so you don’t get thrown back yourself when your trying to bait out that tech throw. The problem with resets is that after a few of them, any smart opponent will not get hit by them anymore.

I call it the clockw0rk reset combo because he was the first person I saw do it. Thats how I name things for the most part. I don’t really know if he was the first one to do it because i’ve seen eddie lee do the same thing.

I’ve found out that after a hit orbs, the options are endless for a combo. Use your creativitiy and see what you come up with.

yea kick teleport is good during orbs. If you activate, kick teleport and immdediately mash punch for orbs, the very first second strider appears he’ll throw a ring way up high which will catch a flying sent. Watch out though because they could always call their assist and pop you out of the way.

I mainly just use it to get a nice position if an assist is on the screen when I got orbs going. If you know the angles, you can easily get the assist to your back w\ it.

kick teleport solo is crap. Bad recovery time. All though there is a setup with doom that lets strider xup with that kick. Its rather risky if you opponent expects it.

most people dont know this about kick teleport but kick telport rh goes further than kick teleport lk. Yea its wack…

i’ve never really fucked w\ it. Well, not as much as fuck around with the other stuff strider has. I just never thought it was a good move since you can’t cancel orbs and the bad recovery time.

neither. Both of those assist types suck ass. His best one is ground but your better off not calling him in the first place. Call him wrong one time and bam 50% in one combo. The ninja must live to fight mid game. He’s so damn important that calling him out there is just flat out risky\stupid.

you just have to work with sent\doom and give strider the best possible chance to win which is a shit load of meter and relatively healthy doom. Drones are always a plus but sometimes sentinel dies. Can’t do much about those 1 hit kills sometimes other than just to stay away from those situations entirely.

only problem about kick teleport is that it lags on landing, im not saying dont use it but just dont whore it, it can end with a dead strider if mistimed and orbs end while teleporting.

heres another confirm about kick teleport.

Can’t wait till FRX. I’m getting hyped just thinking about it.:rofl:

I may actually dig down in my bag of tricks and debut some things.

Strider’s best solo air combo coming from 2 hit -> launcher is…

sj xx lk, lp, lk xx qcf lp

Best used if you do a reset in the air with Strider

Why is storm\s\d only ok, when s\cable\doom isn’t?I remember clockwork saying storm\s\d can be a tourney worthy team.:confused:

those teams I mentioned were from my perspective. I have seen more done with s\cable\doom than I have with storm\s\d.

I think about it like this. How good is storm w\o meter? she needs hails to actual take control of the match w\o it, all she really has is a rush down. If you burn bar, strider won’t have any.

Not to mention that cable is an AA and storm doesn’t really have anything like that. If you use her expansion type, she hangs out next to the opponent for easy life if shes blocked or if she causes a hit. Ontop of that, cable\doom imo is a much better duo than storm\doom.

You even have a “functioning” team with s\cable\doom. An AA for bad situations\assist punish and ground control with doom and if you play smart, this team can actually build bar. Its also been proven as a tournament worthy team by eddie lee. He’s probably the best person w\ that squad since it takes crazy amount of patience and defense.

team listings could vary depending on the strider player, but s\cable\d has always been the 2nd best s\d team in my book.

Wrong, Storm has runaway that Cable doesn’t have

since you can’t understand basic concepts of team chemistry, explaining to you why storm\s\d doesn’t function right is a waste of time.

bascially what i’m trying to say is that your a fucking idiot.

You’re implying that she doesn’t have anything other than hailstorm and rushdown. They are two main aspects of her characters, but you’re missing another important aspect. She’s #1 in runaway in the game solo mode.
Only a few characters can even reach her when she’s running away out of the 56.

The hell, I may be wrong, but she can gain a meter just by super jumping, air dashing, and lightning striking away all in one super jump. If not that, she is damn well close to it.

Don’t underestimate Storm/Doom as a card trick, it’s still pretty solid when you know when to throw out Doom. In the hands of a Sentinel/Doom player, I’m sure Storm/Doom is the lesser of spam against Cable/Doom.

reading this is only further proof that you don’t know what your talking about.

bomb gltich

I posted this a while back but never knew why it worked till magnetro told me. Supposedly theres other characters in the game who have similiar exploits.

if you TK activate as your bomb hits the opponent, you will send the opponent\assist sj height. This works well on assist and allows extra time to make it to the other side before they come back down.

marvel bases position on inputs. If you bomb and sj as it hits, you’ll send the opponent sj height. Now when you TK activate as the bomb hits, marvel is recognizing the d+u and moving the opponent accordingly.

its good to know why things work. That way you can see what else can be used from it or new ideas\concepts arrise.

storm doom is actually good i agree with a4 that storm works very well when it comes to matchups you cant play right with cable, for instance the team chemistry works better against magnus, storm and cable teams just because storm herself is a direct character counter, im in no way putting down cable/strider/doom its scary itself becuase if you put a strider with meter in block stun you gotta watch out for counter-vipers and crap like that. its just my opinion tho i think storm/strider/doom works better from my experience of playing several strider doom players in new york.

yes storm\doom is good, i’m not saying its not. I’m saying storm\s\d is crap. She can’t burn bar and that one time she gets rushed down can be her last moments alive. The main reason why storm usually lives on thrax and matrix is because she can call her assist and dump bar and reposition to slow things down. If you constantly do that on storm\s\d, there will be no meter for strider. Not to mention that you have NO AA. She does nothing for this team except what she can do solo. Her runaway is handicapped and no you can’t run away forever A4. @ least not with storm\s\d and expect strider to have anything left.

the day I see any succesfull storm player beat someone with limited bar is the day i’ll be convinced that a storm\s\d is a good team. The team has bad dynamics because storm is only really scary when she can hail. 2 people that need bar to be effective don’t belong on the same time and the only reason why I put s\c\d ahead of the storm version is because cable provides an AA and the fact that cable\doom works better w\o meter than storm\doom Other than that storm\s\d has the same weaknesses as sent\s\d.

storm w\o hail just sucks. Its what opens up here entire gameplan.

the matchups cable\s\d can’t fight, sent\s\d is much better.

everyone is entitled to there opinion. Just looking @ way the team has to function suggests that its handicapped.

There is no reason to call someone a name over a simple disagreement,shoultzula.So let’s stop this arguing guys.It’s just shoultzula opinion on the matter.Just like it’s clockw0rks opinion on the matter(meaning:storm/s/d is a tourney worthy team).It’s up to you guys to decide who you think is right or wrong.

Here’s MY personal opinion on what are the top strider teams.

------------------------------Top strider teams-------------------------------------

Storm/Strider/Doom -Good against: Mag,cable teams.

Black Heart/Stider/Doom -Good against: runaway Storm.

Sent/Strider/Doom-well balanced team.Most will say it’s the best strider team.

Strider/Cyke/Doom- The best AAA strider team:A good over all team.But u NEED a good cyke and strider. Mastering cyke infinite well help alot.

strider/Iron Man-B/Doom/- A good team bcuz if u land a orbs super u can tag in Iron Man and infinite to death.

Here’s some advice from Viscant on storm/strider/doom.

On Storm:
You can play her one of 3 main ways or mix-n-match at your discretion.
Running: Easiest. Two main ways to go about that. Just SJ up mash fierce, airdash up, more fierce, lightning attack side,side,up, more fierce. Drift back down, more fierce. Maybe a vertical typhoon in there. The other way is “reverse rushdown”. Triangle jump backwards while mashing fierce (or rh for “stealth” since it doesn’t make the sound, but you want to annoy them as much as possible). This works particularly well with Sentinel or Doom since you can build meter, then force them to come in, then you drop assist and triangle jump forward for easy mode crossup.
Rush: Easiest strategically. Just triangle jump on them over and over. Don’t even need to think about it, just keep going. You probably already know this part since 9 out of 10 Storm players like this. One thing you might want to add to your triangle jumps is the float effect. When you do a low tri jump, you just hit short. Next time you try a low tri jump, hold up after you airdash down then hit rh. Float effect leaves you in the air. Nobody blocks this ever.
Poke: Kind of what I do. I don’t triangle jump that much and I don’t really run either. I kind of stand there with my Doom and just play Tekken with people. My plan is to make them hit a button, then counter hit them. Since I have Doom, if you do nothing, then the rocks hit you then I can MAYBE tri jump (since it’s safe now) and if you get hit, great. If not, my attack will use up time and I can call Doom again and stand around some more. This is the best way Storm plays against Blackheart actually. If you run away, he can damage you at all times. If you rush him, he might land a lucky Cyclops and infinite you. If you just stand there and look to counter hit him, there’s nothing he can really do.

For your team:
–Storm/Strider-Y or B have a throw into assist combo (use RH throw); timing is different depending on character weight and screen positioning but shouldn’t take more than a few minutes to figure out)
–Doom/Storm have the instant death DHC. Doom air photons are 1 frame startup (this means no startup; faster than Cable AHVB) and have unblock properties. Useful for killing assists. Since Doom is 3rd on your team, by the time he gets to fight, if Storm is still alive, all assists will likely be damaged. Nobody will be able to call assists on your Doom at that point, since if you see it, you can fry it. Save Storm at all costs, even if she only has 1 pixel of life, she makes the team soooo much better.
–Doom throw option is fun. RH throw then do one of a few things. Either walk under and throw again. Walk under and low fierce. SJ up and air combo. Walk under and SJ up and instant air photons. Stand there and roman candle. Stand there and d/f RH. If you’re in the corner you can SJ up, throw them into the corner with fierce and super. Since you have Storm, if they get hit you can DHC and at that point you have likely won the game. Since there are so many options, throwing with Doom becomes important since it’s so hard for them to guess right.
–Strider can tag out after Ouroboros connects. Most people don’t do this right. Combo after Ouroboros takes no damage, likewise dropping Doom after that doesn’t get much damage at all. If your other characters have big combos, tag into them. Fun things to do with that. Land Ouroboros, tag to Iron Man then infinite. Owned. If you’re in the corner hitting them, tag to Doom then dash over, launch and do his infinite (short,strong,rh xx fly. repeat 3 times. then short, rh xx fly for 10 or so times, then end on a fly, then air photons. DHC to hail. game over).
–Guard breaks for your team. Strider’s eagle (then launch). Storm has lightning attack wait as long as possible, then super (hard). Easier one for Storm is sj short (continue combo if they get hit). If they block, dash down, then lightning attack xx super. Doom has a few good ones. Normal jump jab. If they get hit, airdash and super. If they block, land and d/f RH and combo. In the corner he has turn on fly then fierce. Then photon super if the get hit, photon super about 1/4 second later if they block. His best one though is SJ up short, dash forward short, rh xx fly. Same timing if they get hit OR if they block. If you’re in the corner, you can link straight to infinite. If not, photon super (then hail).

I find Storm/Strider/Doom a hard team to play just because Strider has to be almost perfect in his execution. Storm will probably want to run away a LOT just so Strider can have full meter. Storm probably won’t want to call assists very much since Strider assist gets hurt easily and if Doom dies, your whole team falls apart. The main idea for this team is you have to be extremely careful. It’s a strong team, but you have to play cautiously. I can’t play a team like that because I make a lot of mistakes; this team doesn’t really let you make mistakes.
You’ll do VERY well on Magneto/Cable teams. You’ll have trouble with Sentinel/assist not named Commando though. Sentinel/Cyclops will probably do heavy damage to you. Doom without anti-air against Sentinel is in trouble. Strider dies to 1 and a half Sentinel combos. If you lose Storm to a Sentinel, game over probably.

Credit goes to:Viscant

i’m amazed that no one can see the difference in storm s\d and thrax\matrix.


I’m NOt going to argue with you man. IT’S YOUR personal opinion on the matter.Clockw0rk aka the BEST strider/doom PLAYER said, Storm/s/d is a tourney worthy team.Period.