Random School Shenanigans Thread

So yeah since some of us are in school we might as well put it all in one thread… Plus it gives me a reason to make this awesome announcement that no one cares about :stuck_out_tongue:

Wooo I passed my ETA Digital Electronics certification today.

I am now DC Circuit and Digital Electronics certified,

Taking AC Circuits and Analog Electronics Friday.

Hopefully i’ll have 4 outta 5 completed and passed by then.

I was an fc in the navy. Worked on a missile system.

Anyway. Good stuff man. Go make that money.


Sorry man I was in the army. I dunno them navy acronyms

thanks tho!

Unemployment rulez.

Congrats, I still have lets see

1.5 year of regular college
2 years of university
4-5 years of medical school
2-3 years of nuerology school
3-5 years of learning the job


^Shieeeet. What keeps you motivated? I couldn’t be arsed to even do 6 more months after finishing our high school equivalent, but you keep going for like 15 more years. Respect.

yeah respect but no envy… especially when he sees the quarter to half mil in debt that he has in school loans

the love of learning. Like seriously, last year I got so fed up with this bullshit that I wanted to quit and do something much easier and it would earn about third of what I would have been doing. I seriously hated it, especially math and this game wasn’t helping one bit what so ever. but then I asked myself. Sure SF is fun, my personal down time with friends is fun, getting shit faced on things that I shouldn’t be doing is fun, and I could do something that only requires a fraction of the work, but id still be making 90,000+ plus dollars a year. But would I be happy? Would i seriously enjoy what im going to do? Mind you I was planning on getting a masters, perhaps even a doctorates in chemical engineering/bioengineering and go into the world of developing super viruses/chemical weapons for the military or working for pharmaceuticals to develop vaccines/drugs for diseases, or getting a masters in physics/engineering and work for defense contractors and develop some of the crazy idea’s ideas i have on my down time.

But then I have always had a fascination with the Human brain, well brains in general. My love and interest for how the brain works is beyond nerd-om.

the sub-fields in nuerology extend everywhere, and there are many things that influence in nuerology which influence fields like,

quantum physics, particularly quantum electrodynamics
mechanical engineering
quantum computers

So what motivates me right now, is the idea that doing all of this work im doing right now, will give me the privilege to work in such a specialized and groundbreaking field. And that has re-sparked my love for learning. Just coming to that conclusion alone has made school so much more enjoyable.

Im doing so much school stuff, that it has become a full time job with heavy overtime.

I do wish I could play MvC3 more, but for some weird reasons, physics seems more interesting at this point.


there is this loophole in the whole debt thing. If I keep up what im doing for the years that im in college university, I will raise my 2.5 into a 3.7 by the time im done.

the military will eat that shit up so fast. and pay for my school. sure I have to work for them, but no debt. fair trade off? fuck man that’s a lot of money…

don’t mind the 2.5 the first 3 years of school, i spent being a dumbfuck.

Hear, hear.
Pedo’s got a brain on him, dude, can’t you tell from his posts? I just try to avoid any intellectual bouts with the man lol.

Umm… why’s this in the Vega section again…?

because me and vegaman took about half a page on the general discussion thread for Vega talking about physics and calculus.

BTW, Vegaman, the shit, in the thread’s title can get you an infraction or thread deleted.


any one can be as smart, if not as intelligent as anybody imo. The whole idea of he is a genious is irrevelant to me, becasue I started looking at my level of intellegence from an eastern perspective.

I am either, or I am not. which of the two, is determined by my actions as an individual alone.

Labels like genious, natural, etc, are a cop out excuses for those who didn’t work as hard as their counterparts in the field and feel like they have to come up with a whole cop out excuse.

for example, that one kid that is already doing advanced calculus and deriving equations like Einsteins theory of relativity. He is there because he took the time to learn and work hard.

Hard work only wins when genius slacks off is a fallacy.
Hard work lost to harder work.

Well, maybe the whole Shotokan philosophy has gotten into my head.

there are exception, like people who have mental degenerative diseases like down syndrome, and that is out of their control. but to normal people, like me and you. Its all about who is willing to work harder, and who is willing to be more creative.

Good shit. I had always pictured myself becoming a chemical engineer or something along those lines. I thought I had my future all lined up for me, when I suddenly couldn’t see myself as such. I just totally lost motivation and I still haven’t got a fucking clue as to what I really want to get out of life. It sucks, basically.

On a side note, brain research really frightens me. Don’t go creating no Thought Police any time soon, please.


Just agreeing with ya dude. May have misunderstood me.
“hear,hear”= “i agree”, “i second that”

That’s all, no beef.

O, I won’t, my main concern regarding the brain is degenerative diseases and quantum electrodynamics. If you find a way to create neuro regeneration, you have cured a lot of human diseases, and have made life a much longer proposition. If you unlock how the brain stores information, and I think its through the storage of information in the space between atoms, as shown by quantum electrodynamics (space itself stores information), you have created some of the most advanced computers ever.

The philosophy of it all is really interesting.

holographic universe,there is another one that eludes me, but it deals with how we are all connected to one source, and throught that one source we affect the outcome of the universe only in positive ways.

for example,

can you look past the boundries of the unvierse? or when you look at what should have been the boudries, do you create more universe?

ive extended that idea into how electrons work in their subshells. its been proven that the more you know about an electron, for example its momentum, the less you know about its position. the less you know about its momentum the more you know about its position.

does the mere act of looking at an electron influence its movement?

Yep, I’ve met so many people that go “I wish I was as smart as you” when all I really did was read, ask questions and do experiements. There really isnt anything in this world that is so hard to understand that any specific rational, sane person could learn. It doesnt matter if it’s Nuclear Physics, Poetry or Cooking.

Then that just breaks down into whether or not you are interested… and that in turn is determined by whether or not you actually want to learn it. Which… is a conscious decision. It doesn’t make you wrong for not knowing something, or even not wanting to know something. But at the same time, who else can you blame if you don’t know something?

My wife pulls the same shit all the time blaming her school teachers for not teaching her well in school 10-20 years ago and that’s why she doesnt know a lot. No. It’s because she hates to read. It’s because she doesnt take the time to go and learn things that she “wants” to know. It’s because she just doesnt care to learn it. And when i bring that up to her she blames it on some bad childhood experiences, her not being able to speak english till she was like 10, and her parents being strict. It’s just excuses. And bad ones at that. She jsut simply doesnt want to put in the effort to learn some advanced things unless it’s a requirement. And that’s fine. Does that mean you can teach yourself anything that this universe has to learn about? No, sometimes people need a lil bit of help to grasp the concepts. And that’s what classes are for.

Never said anything about a genius lol.
But seriously, def dont agree with your first sentence. Some people’s intellectual compacity simply cannot be matched by others, no matter how much “work” or “study” one dedicates himself to. I could never match the intellect, wit or knowledge of Confucis even if I overdosed on studying everything relevant to philosophy, I simply dont have the hardware he had. Or rather, I am incapable of using that said hardware to the degree he was able to.

EVERYBODY can learn more than they know presently and advance their “knowledge”, but saying, across the board, everyone can match another said person’s intellect through hard work/study is totally false imo. We are not all created equal.

my advice… find something that you’d be willing to do for free, just because it’s fun. If you don’t know then go try out some new things. Once you find it. Shoot for doing that.

For me it was always about electronic technology.
I liked learning about it, using it, taking it apart, breaking it, trying to fix it…

so i went into computer and electronic engineering. So that i can eventually just make my own “technology” if i wanted. And i’m getting there.

look at it this way.

Confucius was a product of the world that was plunged in constant chaos (thanks to asshole Chinese Emperors), grew up surrounded by poor vargants who stole and looted (which accounted for 99% of the Chinese population at the time), the constand cycle of death and natural disasters (the Silk river (china’s sorrow) constantly killed people).

so Confucius was surrounded by death and misery, rape and murder, exploitation and destruction. He developed this idea that people where inheretly evil. I don’t blame him, overindulgent kings when his people had nothing to show, corruption at the high courts thanks to the constant charade palyed by the intellectual elite and the kings concubines and their bid for power. Poor people not helping each other etc.

He simply sat down, and thought about this. That is all he did. he thought about it and came to what he thought where logical conclusions.

im sure you know a few of them like

people are inherently evil, but can be redemmed and thought to be better,
and only the top 2% intellectuals have the right and ability to lead the rest (the whole Chinese school systems runs on this idea which explains why they pump out so many, what we would call geniuses. In fact the whole Chinese system is designed to give the most advantages possible to those willing to work so hard.)

All that wasn’t due because he had some pre determined condition, no. It was the product of his creativity, and how one could and should handle these issues.

The same can be said about Buddha.

you know the story right?

old sage tells king your son is going to be best king ever or a monk.
dad does everything to ensure he is sheltered fromt he outside world.
one day he is taken out of the palace by his caretaker and sees on the first day
starving man then on 2nd day
old man then on 3rd day
sick man, then on 4th day
he sees a corpse. (order may be off)

the corpse forever changes him and he comes to terms that he will get sick, he will get old, he will feel starvation, and he will die. all the material things in the world won’t change this. so he leaves and sets of on a journey of truth. And in that journey he achieves nirvana through the sheer will power endowed to every man. It wasn’t genius that allowed him to develop the ideas that he saw as truths. It was his hard work and his willingness to go out work and sacrifice.

trust me, try it.

sit down, look at the problems at hand and try and come up with innovative solutions. Its hard at first, but then it comes naturally. Its all about how willingly you allow yourself to be creative. I used to think that science and math where not creative subjects. but they are. The sheer creativity you need to solve certain problems is just wow.

you cant “look” past the boundary of the universe because because of 2 reasons.

#1 the universe is expanding faster than the speed of light. That means that if you were at the edge of the universe and shined a flashlight at the “edge” you would never see the reflection again because that light would never reach the edge to “reflect”

#2 (this is gonna be a bit hard to picture but…) Our universe isnt confined to only 4 dimentions (length width height and time). There’s probably at least 10. Imagine the earth was a balloon. You walk around like normal. The ground is still down, the sky is still up and the earth still looks flat. But the balloon is blowing up. So you can see that the space between you and your neighbor is getting bigger, but strangely every time you measure it it’s the same distance because the tape measure is expanding too.

You actually have a similar effect for the universe. Technically if you had a powerful enough telescope (this isnt possible because the expansion is so fast, but just suppose it wasnt) and you looked an ANY direction out into space, you would see the back of your head. (you wouldnt because light isnt instant but you get the point). That’s how the universe is. It’s not a “sphere” in the sense that we see it as a “sphere.” in the same sense that we see the “sphere” what we see is really the equivalent of a circle. It’s what’s called a Hyper Sphere. A circle is 2d, A Sphere is 3d, and a hyper sphere is 4d. Hard to imagine. But yeah… you can travel in any direction in a straight line and you will always eventually end up where you started. Just like if you were to start driving in any direction around the earth in a straight line you’ll end up in the same place eventually.

It’s going to be a bit hard to comprehend because it’s like explaining to stick people on a piece of paper that can only move in up, down, left and right motions how to move forward and back. If they are staring right at you and you move forward and back in that third dimention they wont see you moving at all. You just get bigger and smaller and they’ll think you’re magicially doing it.

but i get your philosophical point

@ pedo

Makes sense, but a couple things:

We are all, STILL, surronded by rape, murder, desrtuction and hopelessness etc. Certaintly not to the degree he was, but nonetheless, it’s all still here. I feel like you shot out in a different direction, saying enviorment affects thought and philosophy etc, and your right, but what I was trying to convey is that the root of it all, someone’s bare intellect, unbiased and untainted by their own life and expereience, is specific to that individual only.

In other words, person A can learn “more” than person B because of person’s A greater intellect,if you will, even if they grew up together. Siblings do not have the same level of intellect, even if we assume they had the same opportunities and the same will to learn. Enviorment doesn’t effect how intelligent someone is, it effects more their outlook on life and what they do with their said intelligence.

Someone cant get up and be Barry Bonds just because they dedicate themselves to baseball and train every second, and likewise, I think a paralel can be made to the intellect argument. Sometimes it boils down to a gift.

Being slightly more talented or smarter than someone naturally is the key. Hard work and will/drive can only push you to your own intellectual limit, but to someone else your limit might be impossible or laughibly easy to reach.

Good shit, though. Shakes up the cells up in there.