Random Select FTW

If you like playing Random Select…you’re awesome. Basically, I usually host a room on SFIV and pick random select and have a blast with it. It’s always more fun when your opponent also picks random. Thing is, just picking random doesn’t mean you’re going to be scrubby. Some guys have actually ragequit just before losing after thinking they were actually playing a Ranked match. It’s not that at all.

Random Select

Have fun. You even get the perk of re-picking the character you may have ‘randomly’ lost with if you want to try and learn more about them and how their match-ups tend to play out. :lol:

Whose down? Send invite to DaBatCave (sharing a friend’s account til I take leave for Army) and/or maybe even take it up with your friends. I could even create a Random Select PSN Chat and it could pretty much stay up for whenever someone wanted to just freestyle if this gets rolling. It would grow via invite of course and you could always just log in and out while still keeping the chat available on your pstriple. I’ll start it if at least one person is game to run some. I wish MvC2 had random select :slight_smile:

This is my main method to learn/play more characters. I don’t do this online, but when it’s a local fest, it’s pretty much random vs. random.

I only go with Random when playing player matches. Online is horrible as it is, so randoms makes it more fun. It doesnt frustrate you at all when online input delay screws you over using a random character. Especially when it gives you characters you have no clue how to play.

So far most people have been really cool about it and either use it as practice mode or they go random with me. Last night I was doing randoms and this person with a really nasty Chun came in the room and after 3 fights of me picking random (getting murdered), he/she finally went random and it got Chun 3x in a row lol.

I highly suggest more random select for everyone.

You learn more about the game, about the matchups and about the strengths of your own character.

i.e. when I use Guile, I am reminded how much I rely on the speed and mobility of my main (Chun) and how I need to learn how to play around that when I use slower characters.

What I don’t like, is when people online send you stupid fucking messages like “What…scared to go randoms with me???”.

To those people who issue the “scared to go random?” threat: Get over yourself please. Sometimes your opponent is going to feel like randoms, sometimes not. Let them play how they want.

I do randoms a LOT when I’m just messing around online…which is very rare these days since I realized it (online) teaches you awful habits.

when i go random i always get characters i never use and totaly suck with lol…the game hates me!

random is awesome until you get El Feurte 4 times in a row :frowning:

I would love to play some random sessions :smiley:

That is the point!


i had this with both player getting fuerte, 4 times in a row. (the 5th time both player got abel…fuck random select lol)

exactly. Sometimes I only have time for a handful of games, so of course I am going to probably use my main (or sometimes i just really wanted to use my main all day, then get home and WHAM).

If you really want me to go random:

b) put your cursor over random and either wait there a bit, or keep moving back and forth over it, until I get the hint.

if i don’t wanna go random, then tough shit for you.

fyi I think that the create a lobby should have had an option for RANDOM ONLY.

Random is the best way to play for drinks.

good post, but i think this is like way down on the list of things you should be able to set as lobby creator. imo they need to give you the option of setting maximum ping so that you don’t have to sit there kicking 75% of the people that join your lobby.

r u srs?

The one time I was asked to do random select I got C.Viper. :lol: The game already knew.

When my friend and I fight, we’re both almost exclusively random. It’s a billion times more fun than basically playing the same fight over and over.

its a smart way to get good with characters and learn there weaknesses imo.

i have to respectfully disagree with this, i mean sure if your just learning the basics it’s great. but you will pick up bad habbits galore from this because you might percieve things as weaknesses just because you don’t know how to counter it, like for all you know your character has a PERFECT counter for what they are doing that you just don’t know enough to use.

for instance i play a bit of honda and learned that he can stuff sim’s AA with differing jump-in attacks depending on the angle, spacing and attack used by sim… i would have NEVER known this until it was explained to me because till then i thought it was a completly lost cause and i just had to get lucky in the match-up. a lot of things wont be readily apparent and you will really get punished by someone who actually knows those match-ups.

I use random select not only because it’s fun, but when I want to F around with characters I don’t normally use (i.e. Abel), I find that a lot of douches online tend to counter-pick (i.e. Gief), even in player match. F them, random > *

I always go random in player match. I start off with my main, and if the guy can’t keep up I just go random.

Only thing, I would go above 3 rounds. Some characters rely on 3 rounds to be effective such as anyone who stocks up a super meter for round 2 (dhalsim, seth, ryu in certain matchups etc.) Plus tourneys are never 5 rounds, at least the tourneys I go to. Anyways, yes I agree with you.

80% of my online matches are random.
Its fun.

Im always surprised how many times i get “scared to use your main?” messages.
And when i win its always “you must not have a life to be good with so many people.”

XBL is full of angry people.