Random select

I was watching DSP’s random play videos and I noticed something. When he selects random, the game selects the character but then allows him to change taunts/costumes/what have you. I’ve tried every button, but the only one that does anything is A, which just shows the ? until the match starts.

He claims to be playing on the 360, as am I. How does he do it?

I don’t watch DSP videos because i can’t stand the idiot, but i’m betting that you’re watching very old videos. When SFIV was released on consoles the random select didn’t actually select a character, it just moved your cursor to a random character. If you didn’t like that character you could move the cursor back to the question mark and press it again, it would then go to another random character, but you’d still be able to choose someone else. This also gave you the benefit of letting you choose the color and taunt. The Championship Mode patch changed it so that random select actually selected a char for you.

Hmm, I see. Personally I’d rather have it the old way, because there are some costume/color combos I prefer. Not to mention in SSF4 if they kept it that way you could have selected the ultra too. Oh well. Thanks for the update.

I kinda get what you mean, but on the other hand, it’s not called random for nothing…i suppose they could have made it that when you select question mark your cursor would go to the char selected for you, and you would not be able to change char but could still pick color/taunt (and ultra in super) but hey, don’t pick random if you don’t like how it works i guess =)