Random sh*tty arcade parts

prices dropped

Some prices include shipping, some don’t. Be sure to check.

16x concave happ pushbuttons w/ vertical cherry switches
These are concave with vertical switches. I know SOMEONE out there has the hots for these lol.
4x black
4x yellow
4x purple
asking 15 shipped

11x sanwa RGS
4x green
3x blue
4x red
Some of the RG switches have a slightly different consistency than others. Hardly noticeable unless you’re really trying. I know at least 2 of these are BRAND NEW. Don’t forget switches can be swapped if you want consistant colors. Don’t forget asking 40 shipped.

take both for 50.


free with purchase (pick one):
aluminum DS fat carrying case w/ screew protectors.
pink DS lite cloth carrying case w/ screen cleaner (this one is kinda nice).

pics available upon request.

how ugly is the REAL ugly? pics? XD

the pics aren’t any better than the descriptions :).

edit: here are pics of some of the buttons. Trust me, they are a lot more shitty than they look for this pic :stuck_out_tongue:

edit: the RGs you see in that picture are not included :wink:

Those buttons account for a bit more than half of what you’re getting.

shoot, if they work, i’ll take them. What’s the biggest problem? They’re just ugly?

switches are a bit stiff too and [strike]some[/strike] most of them. And they are like… VERY ugly lol. please take them begs

I want that wico stick!

PM me

mixah, PM not recieved. Also, the wico stick is gonna be expensive on its own.

Mmm, i’m interested but what do you mean by stiff? I got a friend who wants a stick but doesn’t want to pay very much, he’s not too picky so this could be a great solution.

Pm Sent. I’ll take all the uglies if they’re available.

wut? no wai :frowning: I totally got dibs. Just wanted to know if they were just ugly but functional.

i meant for you to PM me… and I thought you have it listed as $4?