Random shit....is it still good?

by random shit I mean


empty short jump- throw

midscreen supers throw pokes

and other random shit thats only 50-50 to hit (and in most cases even lower)

I was thinking this cause for the longest time I had abandoned these strats and switched to more useful ways of dealing damage with super’s (comboing and punishing)

however a few days ago I was playing with a few people (good players) and I did a random roll super and it connected and then got bitched at for about 20 mins for being stupid and doing roll-move but I kept on doing it and it actually won me about 5-6 matches :eek:

my question is. is shit like this looked down upon by the majority of cvs players???

I think roll move is under rated

catches alot of people off guard if used in moderation and not just spamming fast rolls to uppercuts can be really effective in breaking someone’s momentum and is generally something that people look for but never expect IMO

Even Daigo got suckered into Roll -> super quite a couple of times, I can remember them clearly, in abosulotion prolly bout 3 times

Roll, super is kinda underrated, but if you got a good blocker you wont get through that easily

Your friends were stupid enough to get suckered into that not saying you were a n00b but if they bitch like that just flick em off and ask who was actually wrong in the end


No, wait, let’s try that again.

Ok, since poker is so popular now I’ll use a related analogy. You know when you’re playing poker, sometimes you have to bluff because otherwise whenever you bet, they know that you have a strong hand. It’s the same thing here. You have to, very occasionally, do these random things, because otherwise your actions become too readable.

Empty lowjump-throw, works alot once you have the other guy frozen.

choi and ricky do roll super/activate all the time.