Random shit

Is it better to sj then do chicken for a “tigerknee” type overhead chicken move, or is jumping and doing it early as fast as sj and doing it.

Also, can you guys hit confirm s.mp (1-hit) into chicken?

Sorry for the slow answer.

If a “tiger knee” chicken is blocked, you’re screwed whether it’s a superjump or a normal jump. The superjump moves you farther away from the opponent, but all that means is that Ken will have to dash once before landing a free Shippu combo on you.

As for confirming a 1-hit launch to chicken, I can’t do it. I try to find openings where I’m reasonably sure it will hit, like dashing under a jumper or after a parry. Otherwise, confirming 2-hit launches is far easier and give you almost as much of a reward.

How unsafe are you after your cl. mp (2 hit) is blocked? I find that I’m better of trying to mix it up with cl. mp (1 hit) x lk chicken or cross-up mk chicken than just letting it finish. Even if I do land the cl. mp and cancel to the lk chicken and whiff it, it sure beats getting a shippu to the face.

i always thought in general except for ken’s shippu it was safe. but if you’re worried or just want to mix it up you can always cancel it into a superjump

Oh, good idea. Completely forgot about sj-ing out of it.