Random stick art (56k death)

edit: added new stuff

some templates I’ve made for friends, myself, and fun.

Redid the artwork for my HRAP3 and added artwork to my TE, my friend changed his HRAP3 as well. We’re both using Arthong’s sexy plexiglass covers.






Friends and mine (bottom left)

another friend


Random ones made for fun
These are free for anyone, just pm me. Any donations would be greatly welcomed lol, reps are nice too




















Not really taking requests right now (school and stuff) so I can never really sit down sometimes and work when I want to, these were made before school got hectic or whenever I had free time.

Yo awesome pic wonderin if i may be able to use your ichigo one but ya just pm me thanks

These are all very nice, especially the HRAP 3 arts, but this one is probably my favorite, even though I have no clue who or what that is from.

sent pm Aint

thank you, I also don’t know where that is from, but looked cool enough to make a stick out of

How did you go about making the background for that picture? Was it like that originally, and you erased using custom brushes, or did you use some form of a custom brush AND the clone stamp tool?

I like the effect that came about it.

Clipping mask option in PS, really handy.

Ah. Thank you for the reply.

That Casshern template is gdlk. :rock:

Not a fan of a lot of stick art because I think people mess up on placement and composition on them a lot.

But I really like some of those you have.

In the first picture the one you have on the bottom left is great.

I love the patterns and color that you use as well.

Thx, thats what my friend was going to use originally but it got messed up during the print so he went with the Bloody Akuma one instead.

no problem

I like it too, I actually have new version of that going onto my TE. I’ll have pics of it and my new HRAP3 art once I get my plexiglass from Arthong.

Fucking awesome FLCL art, PM sent.

sick stuff

rly nice templates…

added some new stuff~

These are sick! Props

Those are some great pieces man. Nice work.

Great work man. I’m loving the Jam and Heihachi art. All of these are really nice.

Only the Mitsurugi one is a little bit weird because the character is standing right between the buttons and stick. Still very nice though.

You got skills there brasa

All of these sticks are really nice looking good job

Stick art


Hey guys this is the artwork i got from some_asian(thanks) the plexi I ordered from arthobbies. I still haven’t recieved my buttons from lizardlick yet but ill be replacing the balltop and the start/select buttons and putting the screws back(got a couple in to hold it down for now) in basically i just sanded the old screws down and repainted them with some black metal paint and painted some washers red and placed them under turned out alright.