Random Strategy and Obscure Moves

Yea… I just wanted to bring back another rolento thread for random strats and usage of his lesser seen moves. So i’ll start it off with a random strategy.

Random strategy:

In my opinion Rolento’s best run away move is his wall move (qcb+kick). This isnt because you can fly across the whole screen, although this is part of it, it’s the ability to basically fall anywhere you want and also descend at varying speeds. This allows for a lot of uncertainty.

One mixup you can do is jump off the wall when they are about 1/4-1/3 the screen away from the corner, then as you go over their heads, press down-back and Forward kick. This will leave you on the same side that you jumped from and can often be pretty confusing. Its kind of like a double crossup.

Now, at the same place instead of pressing down-back and Forward, if you just press Back and forward you will cross them up, it looks like you pass them, then you go back towards them, and end up on the opposite end that you jumped from.

This mixup allows you to decide which side of the opponent you want to attack on, and you can decide at the last moment - allowing you to see if the opponent is reacting/has time to react to your jump. If they have thrown a fireball for example they wont be able to do much about this but block.

Of course, all this happens when you could possibly going back into the corner or flying across the screen with j.Roundhouse. If you do this at the wrong time it is the same as trying to get to the other side of the screen and can be punished by basically the same stuff.

The main thing with this move is too watch your opponent and choose the safest course of action. If they jump straight up/back with sagat/blanka you may lose a lot of life from a j.Fierce.

Anyway… post up your random strats and usage of obscure moves.

RC scouter jump jab. use it to escape shit and beat stuff air to air

Here’s some that may be old news

-Throw with hp, dash in, lunge (kkk) - is a free cross up. I think its unblockable high but they can get out of it by ducking. Its also safe to wake up reversals if you don’t hit anything when you cross em up.

-Throw with hk and lunge (kkk), soon as you land hit s.mp. This will hit meaty and you can set up some strings off of it if they block. If you see the counter hit sign then landing the s.lp or c.mk is pretty easy

-When you knock somebody out of the air with lunge jab you land first. Soon as you land hit s.mp. It’ll hit meaty. React accordingly

Quick note on RC scouter jump

Today I found a very easy method of doing RC scouter jump. I had stopped RCing for a while but today I just felt like it.

But anyway… the method I found is using the following inputs:

jab+short, roundhouse

I use roundhouse because its the easiest button for me to press but you could use forward too. What happens is the negative edge of the short comes out at the same time i press roundhouse. I just do it like I would do any RC using roundhouse (roll my hand from roll to roundhouse… letting go of roll while i press roundhouse) without the motion and the scouter jump seems to come out quite easily. I think there is some leeway on the negative edge. Anyway, try it out and let me know if its easy for you too.

gimme some uses for d.MP. I hardly EVER use that move, but I don’t really know why.

c.strong can take a good chunk of guard meter. Its a fairly good anti parry move (s.jab, c.strong) since it hits more than once when someone might be expecting a one hitting move.

Also, it will work as an anti air (well, trip guard) if you do it against moves like kyos jumping down fierce. For some reason kyo will have lots of trouble hitting you with a down fierce and you’re c.mp will just hit him as he lands. So its good if they are just abusing jumping down fierce.

I dont use it too much, but it can be good to mix things up. Usually when you can use that you can use c.fierce, s.forward, c.forward, or go for a counter hit jab setup.

i think rolentos knife, when used in block chains, is the nastiest. d.mkxxknife–>walk up repeat…it really fucks with their head since so much of what rolento can do is variable.

I like cross up, close s.fierce xx knife, walk up d.forard xx knife.

The problem with poke strings like this are characters with dragons… Im not sure about every character, but I know for sure cammy can dragon in between the s.fierce/c.forward and the knife. She fucking kicks the knife and then counter hits you out of the air :mad:

I whipped my dragon out in front of some little kids and they started to cry.

After knockdown, I usually do a knife or I set up for a scouter jump.

Also, when I do the knife, and they’re far away, I usually do a light version of the knife in case they try to get in and attack, The only time I’d prolly do RH knife is at full screen or if opponent has jumped, I’m still learning Rolento, so if what I said is totally wrong, please tell me.

Well, I dont think anyone will tell you if strategies are right or wrong as they are personal preferences, I could only tell you if something is wrong if it involves technical stuff…

RH knife is good knife IMO. It travels the farthest, and you can throw it right away as soon as you jump and it will still go farther than LK knife I think.

Like, if you do d.MK into knife… the short knife prolly won’t reach them unless you go up as high as you can. Which just gives the opponent more time to escape. (but don’t discount it altogether, because they might try to hit the RH knife)

Like you said, LK knife is good if they try to get beneath you during the knife jump. Or if you’re right on top of them.

After punch throw into the corner for example. If you wanna do meaty knife, MK or RH (throw it right away)is best best. But after patriot circles in the corner, LK knife (throw it right away) is perfect meaty (super and DPs will eat this up tho :))

It’s not very often I’ll use the LK knife if it’s not going to connect. And I usually don’t wanna travel up too high in the air during knife jump unless I wanna throw them really far, or wanna mix up my timing. But sometimes if my opponent is defensive after a knockdown (throw in the corner) and expects meaty knife i’ll do a quick LK knife instead (barely misses) and then throw them.

Just experiment with the ranges and when you throw the knife during your jump. The other strength knife throws are good.

I think you mean started to laugh.

How many frames are the links in s.jab - s.jab - c.forward? I was playing with that combo today and it feels tight as hell to pull off.

Also is there any use in c.forward xx scouter jump- j.strong? I got the full 4 hits a few times but it is sort of uncomfortable to pull off, does it lead to anything good if you actually train yourself to pull it off consistently?

Also if anyone that plays K-Rolento could give me some good tips it would be cool. I suppose I want to stop rushing away and go for a guard crush into trip wire when raged since he guard crushes pretty well even when he isn’t raged?

Well… enough scrubbing around from me for this post.

s.jab into low forward is 1 frame link.

I dont know about c.forward xx scouter j.mp…

I have done c.forward xx scouter jump and crossed up with j.forward though. Im not sure of the exact distance (or if the opponent has to walk back…) … but that would be very very scary if it was done consistently…

i’ve been experimenting with P rolento recently and heres a few things i’ve observed

-low jump hp is awesome. humongous reach and good priority

-jab chains sets up great parrying opportunities, not to mention the typical rolento shit

-wall jumps are great for baiting out tiger uppercuts and dps and hitting hp will beat out dps provided that only the pipe touches the dp.

I play with Rolento in A groove. The hardest thing with this is to find a gap where you can activate and nail a CC. Does anyone have any good Custom setups out there?

Don’t think this was brought up yet but Rolento players HAVE to learn how to look for, set up and react to counter hits. This is true for pretty much every character but more so for Rolento than usual.

i always hear about C-rolento > A-rolento because of stored super, airblock, and most importantly, alpha counters.

-stored super i can definitely see because rolento’s crossup is so good.
-airblock? how should i best implement this? i’ve messed around in training mode but haven’t come up with much. should it be used primarily against far jumping attacks (sagat’s far jumping rh or yama’s jumping mk) or anti-crossup or what? and should i do it early, late, jump into the opponent or away?
-with alpha counters, i know it puts rolento at a fat frame advantage, but should i look to setup a crossup pattern after that or just jab jab, kkk away to regain my guard bar and escape the opponent’s rushdown pattern?

and what are rolento’s worst matchups? i’ve thought cammy in general because she shuts rolento down in close, but anybody else?


I find K blanka/sagat to be some of rolentos worst matchups. Also p-blanka.

I dont know too much about c-rolento. To me he is really hard to play. Counter hit jab, low forward xx super is amazing though.

You should be able to react to counter hit jab just about every time. I practiced for a bit and when I am watching every jab I can pretty much get it every time. Sometime I get lazy and dont watch every jab though. Setting up counter hit jabs vs p-groove is very dangerous though :bluu:

As far as air block, I dont play c-groove much, so I cant tell you how it would be used.

And I find the above mentioned characters much much harder than cammy…