Random Strategy and Obscure Moves


You should start chicken blocking. Think of it as the mvc2 way of blocking attacks and that’s jumping backwards and blocking on the way up. In the second SBO the Japanese players were abusing this not just with C Rolentos but also with just about any character using C. It’s an advanced technique that American C groove players should start using.

Max range c.mk xx scouter jump sets up crossup on most characters (if not all)

Max range c.mk xx scouter jump BACKWARDS can get you away from people with a lot of room to spare as the start up animation of the forward jump is similar (if not the same) as the start up of the backward jump.

From the backwards scouter you can build meter, by hopping back a few times, or if they walk forward, hop forward and do j.fierce. (by hop I mean pogohop…)

At its max range the move is pretty safe because it is damn fast, and as far as i know safe if jd’d… also if parried it is possible they miss because of the quick cancel which puts him airborne (ie if they low parry and do c.mk of their own…) although it definately isnt completely safe against parry …

I like to walk back and forth lots with rolento… when im not jumping randomly :rolleyes:

Great strats Gwai Lo , can you list some good poking strings? Thanks

s.jab x 100.
s.jab x 99 c.mk
s.mp, s.jab, c.mk (combos if hits)
s.jab x 3, c. mk xx scounter jump j.mk (crossup) s.jab, c.mk (maybe close s.fierce… dont think its safe though) xx knife
s.jab x 3, c.mk xx scouter jump down+j.mk, throw/s.jab/activate
close s.fierce xx knife, c.mk xx knife
s.jab dash throw
c.mk, c/s.jab (counter hit), c.mk xx patriot circles/tripwire

lol, good stuff. but i distinctly remember some of those being in a shiro match first. hmmmmm…:slight_smile:

when rolento do his qcf P it has a terrible long recovery time does it better to finish the combo on the guard ?
how do you make the move on a jump when he put on his stick like yoshimitsu ? cause it changes trajectory for cross up fakes

You’re going to get demolished anyway for missing it so you can do two things:

1-Complete the motion and score some guard and chip damage from it
2-Finish the motion but put in a split second gap, try to counter hit the opponent’s attempt to punish the first qcf+p.

I forget the motion but I think that funny hop attack is done by hitting d+mk.

random thought:

rolentos meterless bnb combo fills up k-groove something 3/4+. no one should be punishing k-groove with this as it basically ensures a rage will happen very soon.

and most likely you’ll be in trouble since you just landed a meterless bnb, implying you dont have enough meter to defend yourself with and only doing like 2000ish damage???

so i would suggest punishing openings with :k: throw in this scenario.

you’ll get less damage, but they’ll get less rage also.

That basically depends on the range, and the level of opponent you’re facing.
Many people go stupid when they get rage, expecting it to be an auto win because they get more lvl 3’s per round, and some moves Rolento can only punish with patriots.