Random Street Fighter III: Second Impact Combo Compilation

Here’s a small compilation combo video of some Second Impact combos. All combos are done on MAME CPS3 Arcade Japan with regular keyboard settings. Many of the combos are frame specific and most of them aren’t practical. But whatever, fun combos are fun combos. Enjoy. [media=youtube]nWChUK847TQ[/media]

good shit

Nice video dude. What program did you use to capture it?

Also what made you focus on 2nd Impact?

I used the AVI recording function in MAME. Seeing that there is already a good number of 3rd Strike combos video available, I thought hey why not let’s try 2nd Impact since there aren’t that many videos out there for it. There is one made by Skill Smith for Double Impact, but I find that some of the stuff didn’t work, probably because it’s the Dreamcast version and not the arcade version. So yeah, all that testing stuff plus boredom ended up forming this batch of combos. There’s probably more somewhere…some more frame specfics here and there…

That shit was too good. :smiley: i heart 2nd impact and how broken it is. Good job man.


Right on.

Got to love the bullshit combos.

So uh … Where did you come from? Usually people become SRK regulars before they decide to make a combo video.

Haha, I’m really from nowhere, just out of the blue. I always wanted to make a combo video of some sort. And I can’t really participate in any real casual matches or tournies because I’ve become really accustomed to the keyboard (literally a keyboard). shrugs

Cool. You know, it’s really not that hard switching from one control preference to another. I remember when i first tried to play SF2:CE at some liquor store, i was terrible at it. A year went by without me playing again cuz i was a little kid and i knew i couldn’t afford all the quarters it would cost me to learn. But i got the Sega Genesis version of SF2:SCE for my birthday and learned how to play on a standard three button pad. A couple of months later, the first time i tried to play on the arcade, i thought i would suck. But to my surprise it was like second nature. Most of it is a timing issue. Plus you don’t need to be doing one-frame links to win matches.

Do you have any other videos in the works?

Btw you should mention your video in this thread. The Video Gallery forum isn’t exactly popular.

i like that near 100% Ryu combo!

Yeah I know, I can alway change and learn how to play on an arcade stick. But, I’m so lazy because I’m always on the computer and it’s just right there in front of me. I used to play on the controller and the arcade stick for CVS2, but I haven’t played that in awhile. Once I began focusing on games like KOF’98 on my keyboard and combos for MVC, i just kind of dropped the whole controller arcade stick thing. Now with CPS3 emulated, more fun on the keyboard for me. Now if I can get a good stable CVS2 platform to play on the PC that would be even better, haha. But yeah about the one frame thing, I know it’s not important but I just like to find stuff like that just for fun and see how far one can go with it.

Other combo videos in works? As of now, maybe a little more Second Impact stuff since I did forgot about Akuma, Ibuki, and Oro. Other games, maybe I’ll do one if I come across a quirky and fun fighting game. And obviously, I won’t do one that as already abundant such as Third Strike, CVS2, and MVC2. shrugs Just whatever comes across my attention.

lol I think I had linked that vid in a thread recently unless this is a completely new one.

There were tiny bits of editing mistakes here and there, but thanks a bunch.


Only complaint I can find is too much taunt, which is barely nothing.


I liked the Hugo juggle that was very cool.

Any video that showcases Michael Jackson voice Alex = Fucking Win.

So do you plan on making another 2I combo vid or do you plan on making an NG combo vid?

Start button 4TL

Good vid. Almost makes me want to play SI again.


Which means never again.

I’ll make another Second Impact combo video. I’ve already churned up some interesting Akuma frame specific combos. New Generation, I don’t know. It is hard to say because Skillsmith’s video had a superb amount of New Generation combos, so that is going to be tough to make new ones.