Random Stuff

a character i’ve been drawing since middle school
my latest drawing of him


an old chun-li sketch from last year


another one of my characters
her name is based off my fav super modle =D
yumi chisato


Damn, man. Some solid designs you got there.

I’m eager to see something colored from you, though. But if you can’t get that through, I don’t mind.


the chun li pose =]

a demon i drew 2-3 years ago?


i’m trying to get a bunch of character concepts ready for a story type thing.


he looks like sol, doesn’t he? =p


I am really enjoying your style of drawing. Keep it up, how do you get everything so clean like that? You must have some very good steady hands.


Cool drawing how about one of alex or better yet simon from american idol. Mad props guy.

looking good as usual. If this is your style then just ignore me but on your females, the hip area should be wider. It should be about the same width as the shoulder for an averagely gifted girl.

hawt :slight_smile:

i have an old alex sketch in my other thread…i think

i can totally see where you’re coming from. but i’ve been told by a lot of people[…em…girls] that i draw hips too wide and boobs too big =/ so i really do’nt know what the hell i should do. haha
i guess i can go both ways

phunny bunny-


i need a name for this adidas whore


Looking good, man. MORE!

Adidwhore. =o

That demon is sexy. Show them that akuma you drew me =O.

^Pics look awesome, I enjoyed viewing every single one. Good job!

another old drawing i’m somewhat proud of
dr. mangele-


uhhhh =D
i really hated my bio teacher last year


I laughed hard at that bio teacher one.

Keep this going, these pics are excellent and well done!!

BUNNY WITH A SWORD, that…is…badass. That Doc Mangele is lookin awesome too.
As for the bio teacher one…I feel that…everyday.
Stick up more! Encore!

S Long…?

other than ryu’s win quote in sf2, shen long’s not really canon =[
when i get through most of the cast, i’ll get to him

here’s A.C. Cloud-


I know he’s not canon, but he has a cool design. anyway, thanks a lot, man. :rolleyes:

Good job on A.C Cloud - Very good stuff…

mr. bomber man
phat boi-


reverend oni-