Random tech help topic, PS3 giving black screen (no sound no picture)

Hi all, I recently bought a PS3 and I’m having problems with my TV, and I know it has to be the TV. It would show a black screen on my HDMI input with no sound and no picture. Nothing at all. The HDMI cable have worked on my friends TV, but not on this one. So I was wondering if it was the HDMI cable, so I bought a new one and it still didn’t work. I tried the hold the power button 6 sec thing numerous times and it didn’t do nothing. Basically its getting a signal, but it doesn’t seem to have no sound and no picture. I tried unplugging the power plug from the outlet on the tv and ps3, it would work sometimes but then it would go bad again. So its like it would give the PS3 a chance of working with HDMI cables like 10 percent or something. (with pulling the plug from out let for hour). My composite cables still work, but of course it looks ugly.

Can anyone help me? Oddly when I first tried my PS3 on this tv, it worked fine for 2 days, now it would give this problem. I was thinking if it was something on the remote control I accidentally pressed? Oh and I did turn off the BD/DVD 1080p 24hz setting thing on the PS3. I have searched everything on the internet for solutions, and I think its time for me to write this up.


You didn’t do the power trick right.

what TV is this happening on? Make and model.

Samsung LN-S4692D

I already know about the “power trick” to factory settings, and saying that as a reply is a joke to me now.

It’s not the cable. You said it yourself, it worked on your friends TV. And if your composite cables work, it means that you didn’t do the reset right. If you did the reset right, with just the HDMI cable in, then it would show the PS3 input at the lowest 480 setting. Asking if that is the input that you want to use.