Random Things For Sale:(SE parts,PS3,Wii,GC,360,Blu-Rays)


I need money to pay for the bills so I decided to get rid of some things.
Prices do not include shipping unless mentioned.
Note: I do live in Canada and shipping can cost more than usual. If there is no shipping included in the price, expect $3-4 more depending on what the item is.

-Dual Modded HRAP3 *Found…Pending

[Arcade Parts]
12 SE madcatz buttons -$12
SE madcatz joystick W/ Ball top- $8

Blazblue- $23 Shipped
Square Enix Registration Code (Came with FFXIII for PS3) - Will send via PM - $3 paypal gift

Dead Rising: Chop till you drop- $15 shipped
Wii Play (Game only) - $15 shipped
Castle of Shikigami III - $12 shipped
FIFA Soccer 09- $12 shipped

Tales Of Symphonia (Got this off goozex, someones name is written on the discs, but does not affect game play of course.) -$25 shipped
Baten Kaitos- $13 Shipped

-Left 4 Dead- $15
-Black Wireless MS Controller- $23

-District 9 (No DC) - $15 shipped
-Spiderman 3- $10
-The Spirit- $10
-American Psycho- $10


-Casio Men’s G-Shock G-Lide (Had this for 2 months now. Worn less than 5 times for special occasions. Bought at the states for $110 with tax) Still looks new, comes with metal case, and price tag still in case. - $85 + half of actual shipping
Same model here: http://www.amazon.com/Casio-G-Shock-G-Lide-Surfing-GLX5600-4/dp/B001A67HDG/ref=sr_1_6?ie=UTF8&s=watches&qid=1270108261&sr=8-6

I’ll take pics once I get my camera back from my brother.

-LG Bluetooth Headset HBM-210 (Good condition)- $15

Items below have been sold.
-Uncharted 2
-Battlefield Bad Company 2
-Transporter 3- $10
-SSBB + Super Mario Galaxy- $50 shipped !
-Super Mario Galaxy- $26 Shipped
-Super Smash Bros. Brawl- $26 Shipped

I know I have no feedback here, but I’m a trusted trader. I have many feedback at other forums.
Here is some of my feedback.


i’ll take Uncharted 2. pm me your Paypal info =)


Hey what system is your SE for (I’m interested in all the guts, connectors, pcb and wires)…considering the PCB still works fine.


BUMP. Some items sold.

UC2 sold to Kasprfoto :slight_smile:
Thank you.

I’m not selling my SE stick, just the stock joystick and buttons. I do have an extra button PCB. (I’m not sure if thats what its called) It’s the thing that the buttons/QDC’s connect to.


added new items.


added tales of symphonia.


added new items and wants


price drops on some items


added new items.


new items added and some price drops


some price drops again.


I have a ps3 TE stick, the artwork is changed though, let me know if you’re interested:



Sent you a PM.


price drops again & still looking for a TE


New item added- SSBB


hey dude just FYI, you can get a brand new TE stick for 100 from bestbuy… just givin you a heads up :slight_smile:


Im in Canada, and the TE’s here are still overpriced lol. I think we have Round 2’s selling for 189.99 ! That’s a little way too much imo.
Damn Canada…


damn didnt see that part, that sucks dude :frowning:


Yeah man, sucks for all of us Canadians :frowning:
I just wish Madcatz would ship to Canada one day lol.


Transporter 3 sold locally…added new items + bump