Random Thoughts/Notes on Theory fighting/Strategies


What’s up forum peeps. I read a passage on daigos book saying how he kept notes on the game and on players mannerisms so lately I’ve been jotting down random thoughts and notes on my phone just to keep track. I look at it every now and then just to keep em fresh in my head, not to mention with EVO on the way. These notes also have thoughts for the characters I use (wesker, mags, akuma, spencer, sentinel, blah blah blah)

Side switch on incoming characters (Dash under character while they jump in) is one of the Bread and butter mix ups you should consider doing.

Double side switching on a character is a more trickier mix up if your opponent is used to the single side switch. (keep in mind this isn’t only for incoming character but for whenever your opponent jumps/super jumps over you).

Spencer can only use bionic bomber(close) to a character. Using it twice will cause the character the stand up immediately. However there are times when people use bionic bomber from a distance and the blast causes the opponent to pop up. This is only concerning being close to the character though.

Akumas tatsumaki assist causes quick block stun recovery when blocked. You can follow up with a normal grab or command grab when they recover. Practice this and I swear it makes you look godlike ;]

Block high on character coming in from above and low on floor characters. Watch out with characters with instant overheads.

When you only have 2 character left you Can Team Arial exchange twice to bring in the original character

Wesker can air M,H,S incoming blocking characters and because opponent blocking in air have quicker block stun recover you can command grab them right away when they touch the floor.

Keep in mind that opponent cannot push block your assist so create a set up from there or grab them when out of stun.

When you have your opponent in the corner and they are about to die. Anticipate the hard tag. When you do just jump straight up and block because air block recovers faster and you can punish. Blocking low will result in overhead and you will lose that opportunity. dash forward or back to block and you may be hit during the animation. Hard tags are very fast.

Magneto’s gravity pull Light on dead characters can cause opponent new character to jump in from other side of the screen. This can cause confusing mix ups.

Good counter for Air dependent characters like Doom and Zero is Strider’s vajra assist. Also causes hard knockdown.

When playing spencer, do not always depend on spencer zip line to always close in on your opponent.

CRITICAL MOMENT* Do not constantly use your assist when fighting your opponents last character. This gives them the chance of a happy birthday and changing momentum greatly. I’m not saying don’t use your assist but be very careful in this situation.

Always block opposite of point character. Easier said than done. This clears things when the confusion of mix ups comes into play.

Advanced players will usually overhead when you land on jump or they side switch you.

With wesker use gunshot to teleport back for zoning.

Always tech grab when expected. Recognize the situations where you would air grab your opponent. Teching throws is a vital strategy to advanced gameplay

Always bait out hyper armor characters and punish them for even thinking they can hit you with it. Example- Your playing hulk so you poke him a bit with dash in light. Than you would dash in and expect maybe an H and when they do dash back and during the last frames of the move dash in with a quick Light medium. because light medium comes out faster than Medium High.

For spencers midscreen zipline loop dont forget the Medium after the first zipline diagonal up/forward.

Never push block assist

Bait your assist so that your opponent will attack it. When he has him in a block string than punish while he is still in animation. This tactic is depending on characters.
SCENARIO** lets say I’m playing against wesker and i call my magneto assist. Most players always just do medium high launch and if i have a character like wesker than it would be hard for me to punish him in the air. But if i have someone like magneto than I can shockwave him out of the air.

When using wesker and you High teleport to falling S but you notice your opponent is far away. Just use medium straight to cobra strike because crouching medium high to cobra strike will whiff. The high will push your opponent to a distance where they will be too far for the cobra strike to catch. Keep the distance in mind.

Any combo is better than no combo. For example you catch your opponent with an S but they are at an awkward height. If you know you can’t connect the usual M,M,H,S. Than go with Medium, S. Dropped combos are missed opportunities.

Knockdown causes mix up/set up opportunities.

X-factor cancel wolverines dive kick. The fact is that most people use this move to open you up. It works like a charm ;] and if they x factor cancel it too than at least you know you don’t have to worry about them x factoring later on the game.

When playing vergil avoid assist that pin you down because that is his main set up oppportunity. Assist like frank west’s shopping cart or hawkeyes arrows can give him opportunity to teleport rapid slash etc. I mention this because I get fucked over by vergil all the time LOL

Expect the hit, react to the block. Thoughts on hit confirms

Watch out for deadpools gunshot low to teleport. This tactic is DEADLY. because the fact his gunshot will pin you down they have the chance to hit you low if your blocking high and they can overhead you if your blocking low. AVOID BAD SITUATIONS

With spencer if you start your combo with armor piercer you can continue with Light medium High.

Opponent can air grab you if you whiff and air attack due to the fact you are still recovering

Attacking as soon as your opponent is done attacking you is too obvious.
SCENARIO TIME*** let’s say your opponent kills your character and your new character is going to jump in. Most likely your reaction is to attack on the jump in but since most high level players know this than they can respond with a special counter or a side switch. Sometimes doing nothing can create a moment where your opponent expects something but doesn’t happen. This resets the situation.

Frame trape opponent with Light

Always try to run out your opponents X-factor. Sure you can fight them head on but will you risk them catching you in a combo which results to you dying in one fxcking combo??? Running away causes them to chase you down, desperate to get the most out of their meter. Buuuuut sometimes they get careless resulting in a opportunity for you to open them up. Think about it…

Team ariel exchange up Gives your incoming character a little more damage, and hit stun still says the same.

Team ariel exchange down builds bar and ignores all hit stun until you touch the floor.

with spencer it’s a good strategy to jump in with a punch. Usually H. and when blocked you can zipline in. Creates more pressure.

Avoid being in the corner. This is like being checkmated in chess. Make sure to Keep your opponent in the corner. BUT watch the back throw. Common bait .

Keep in mind if your opponent has x-factor for the reason they can X-factor cancel you. Play it safe

When a new round starts remember your resources are new again.

Always watch out for your opponents assist because it only takes one hit confim for them to kill your character

When your opponent air recovers or floor recovers. They tend to call assist right away. If you have a character with a beam special like akuma or nova. You ca punish this situation.

When your opponents next character jumps in the screen. If they have a double jump or air dash and they use it coming in. You can air grab them out of it.

Make sure your unblockables are fast and crisp. I have an unblockable with magneto where i do crouching light medium. call wesker gunshot assist and cancel into flight and drop down into S. It’s an unblockable but there is a tiny gap where the opponent is out of blockstun. Characters with instant special like Spencer’s bionic arm can punish this.

With magneto if you knock down a character into the corner you can keep in the corner by using magnetic repulsion Medium if they try to roll behind you. This combined with an assist can cause a deadly lockdown game.

On incoming characters if you hit them and they push block right away. you can dash in which ignores the push block and you can air throw them when they are out of block stun. Marlinpie does this all the time with C. Viper. He calls ammy assist to lock the opponent down and when the character jumps in he usually presses light. The opponent push blocks in fear and he air dashes forward resulting in an air throw. Sneaky right?

Opponent psychology- If you catch your opponent in a combo and finish it they are more likely to drop theirs. If they catch you in a combo than you are more likely to drop your combos later on. Keep the momentum on your side.

WIth spencer after an air throw you can hyper jump cancel bionic bomber so you can combo while still having the wall bounce option.

Main offense/defense philosophy
Look for opportunities to open up opponent/Rushdown
Wait for your opponent to make mistakes and punish.
SCENARIO** I use to always rush down an opponent. Trying to counter their attacks with my attacks. But just know patient defense is just as good as relentless rush down. Maybe after successfully blocking the numerous moves they throw at you, they might throw out something that is not safe. And THAT is what you are looking for. Develop a fluid game stye. Like master Bruce said. Be water my friend…

Learn how to change momentum fast

Make your opponent play YOUR game

Learn how to move well with your character. Good mobility is just as good as good combos.

Learn hit confirm combos out of any position. Ground/normal jump/super jump/out of an air throw/crouching/ hit confirm from an assist.

Tri jumps are deadly as fxck. Magneto,doom,storm,trish, your mom

With akuma jump to demon flip kick is a good cross up move. Works good with assist like sentinel drones. The trick to do it at a height where it’s DIRECTLY above your opponents head. This well result in a 50/50 chance of blocking left or right.

When using characters with command grabs. Use light to heavy but kara cancel the heavy into command throw. Opponents will pop out of hit stun when the Heavy whiffs and you can follow up with the kara canceled-command throw.
For those who don’t know kara canceling is doing a move like Sentinel’s heavy but canceling into a command throw.
Becaaaaaaaause sentinels command throw has only a short range. His Heavy which is his spit beam causes him to move forward a little bit. Canceling this move into a throw causes the range of the throw to be extended. And trust me there’s nothing worst than having your command grab BARELY reach your opponent.

When opponent x-factor cancels you you can try to mash a throw out of it. Because Most likely they will be pressing Light or medium to start a combo. A throw has shorter frames to activate than a light. The chances are slim but you gotta beat the odds.

Try to bait out your opponents assist and put some damage on them
SCENARIO** No better example to use than The great player FANATIQ himself. Let’s say he has magneto out on point. Most of the time he will wait for you to call your assist and than special into shockwave. From there he immediately DHC into storms hailstorm because the transition is so fxcking fast!! this is a forsure way to catch your opponent into a happy birtday.

Learn how to find the agenda of you opponents team. Knowing this will greatly improve your gameplay and how to play against your opponent.
SCENARIO** okaaay so let’s say your opponent picks Vergil (Rapid slash) Frank West (shopping cart) and Wesker (Gunshot). So let’s recognize the agenda of this team. We know vergil is a good point character and with the range of his sword he can confirm combos pretty easy. With the use of wesker’s gunshot assist we can tell he is going for extended combos. But what’s this? Frank west on 2nd? oh you know damn well this guy is going to Team arial exchange into him so he can level this guy up. Trust me, you do NOT want to fight a level 4 frank west. Level 3 is even a problem at times. Okay so let’s say he does team arial into frank west. and he does his camera shot (LEVEL UP!!) to his juice box super. It’s done right!? WRONG!! Did you forget that Vergil has a power up super??? after frank west is done with his special he will dhc into vergil’s devil state, hard tag out which will cause you to Spiral knockdown in the air. This gives your opponent time to hard tag out to frank west again resulting into ANOTHER camera shot. Can you say Level 4?? It’s okay you manage to take Frank west out and barely kill Vergil. But wait… Is Wesker his anchor? and does he have…X-factor? you my friend are just as screwed as a school boy in a jail cell filled with hungry inmates. After all that work you now have to deal with dark wesker.
See what I mean? knowing the placement of your opponents characters and the assist they have reveal their agenda.
SCENARIO** So what would we do against this team? Okay this is my personal strategy. First thing I would is to snap in wesker. Because there would be no more dark wesker and you would eliminate his assist thus resulting in no more extended combos for vergil. Let’s say you don’t kill him though. Most player’s hard tag their opponent out but usually with Their assist 1. IF they do this than they just screwed up their team order. Assist are now different and unless they are a good player they will have a hard time knowing which character is on which assist making their combos a little shakey.
So let’s say you couldn’t snap in wesker and vergil catches you in a combo. you BETTER be mashing either up/down S resulting to counter the exchange. The reason why most people go up is because damage output is slightly increased and Arial exchange down results in 1 bar build up. Resulting to a DHC into vergil again. This is barely scratching the surface the agenda of this team but you get the idea right?

These are the notes in my phone and I try to think of more situations everyday. Hopefully you guys get into the habit of theory fighting! Hope you guys can use these tips.

ATTENTION** I have a youtube channel where me and my friend do online gameplay and commentary and videos of us running sets. It would be greatly appreciated if you guys could check it out, maybe subscribe or drop a comment. Thanks for your time

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