Random thoughts or questions on magneto thread

T.E.K magneto thread…no infinite talk thx

magneto’s standing lp is way underused vs sentinel, everyone should stick that guy in the chest with these each game.

any other posts?

I think it is too. Especially at the beginning of the game.

Also, here’s another weird ass infinite setup:

hk throw, c. lk, c. hk, Hypergrav, call Psy, s. hk(both hits), auto superjump straight up, immediately Hypergrav XX Tempest, air dash down to forward, lk, lk, land, infinite

I was wondering if the hyper grav XX magnetic tempest combo is still legimante? I know you can escape from it, but I’m wondering if they still use it on the tourney level?

Not everyone can mash each time so if you meet them air to air at sj height, go for it:D

Plus that shit hurts really fuggin bad so at least test them foo’s.

any more random magneto comments?

Hi potts u little bastard:p

aite guys couple of questionz…mixup your help will be greatly appreciated here…

my msp vs. anotha msp

My msp rushes alot though…but tha otha msp turtles wit psy’s assist…i would dash in trijump get hit by psy then comboed…i try dashing in and calling my psy after he calls his psy but i rarely think of doin it cuz i usually just rush…i kno u have to be patient wid mag but i can’t…any good advice on how to be this guy and be patient???

anotha topic

my msp or mss vs santrax

this is one tough fight for me…i’m playing mike d’s santrax which he usually beats me like 5 outta 7 times:mad: :frowning:
I try get in on his sent to snap capcom but i usually get smacked or fly comboed, my mag loses to his sent alot but if i land a hit i usually infinite and try reset him and kill him but i kno thats wut i’m doin wrong…i should snap capcom but i dont think bout it…i just need help catching that one hit cuz i usually eat capcom assist of a fly combo etc…any advice on getting in??:cool:

You answered most of your own questions already!:lol:

Msp vs Msp be more patient and don’t rush in stupidly, if you can get the other person to do that then you win for free with just the psy button:p if that person see’s you will tri jump in recklessly then they know you will eat psy. Bait the psy out, counter assist, do some basic rush when it’s SAFE from psy(or safe from magneto interupting with a sj lk ect) throw em disruptors if you can get a safe shot off and try to read the magneto. Also snap in psy if you’d like to or unmashableXXhail to get rid of that crucial piece of magneto that’s always left.

Vs santhrax
Snap in commando lol, it’s the easiest way to win. Dash around s.lp’s to poke, let him jump, wait for commando, counter assist and move, depending on where he moves you can get a set-up to infinite for free. sj airdash forward fp,roundhouse is really really good if you can bait out commando and then go for it(because you can delay it or do it right away, the delay gets a hit on the other side. Spend most of the time blocking in this fight and playing it safe, trying to get safe shit in and most sentinels break down, make a mistake or fuck up with their flight command and you get to win. Just some small tips, lemme know what works for you. Also magneto’s lights beat all his moves, use them carefully, it’s a shitty trade.

Random magneto comments

Josh wigfall’s magneto jump kicks you over and over whether you block or not…until you don’t wanna block anymore:wasted:

Erik AkA DBS, his magneto is dirty, stupid one hit kill set-ups all day and too good execution, mad cheap set-ups so you can’t block all of them(if you don’t get out of a set-up, get ready to block 5 tri-jumps):bluu:

Yea man josh is a fuqin beast…wen i play him he goes trijump i block , lk i block lk+ sent, rh grab hk shockwave owns me for freeeeeeeeee:(

Vs santrax wen i snap capcom most tha time he go corridor xx sword dhc…i hate this team:mad: :lol:

I’ll try all that shit u told me to do against mike next time i see him…prolly friday

Oh here’s anotha question…i’m playin against team santrax sent has like 70%…i land a hit, should i snap capcom or infinite sent to corner and kill him with a dhc??? If i do kill sent that trouble is out tha way but storm/capcom is hard to fight…whats tha best option???:confused:

I heard DBS mag is nastie…and chris greecy from ATL i think…man Fl peepz play mag all day…my kinda state:D

I’m starting to love Mags more and more everyday :smiley: . He’s definetely a crutial character in MvC2’s chain of chars/matchups.

I still think MSP doesn’t cut it against top competition though. :frowning:

And since this is a random thoughts thread I’ll continue…Storm is Mags biggest counter by far!!! not Sent. :wink:

if you get a hit off of sentinel and you snap in capcom he should never even touch the ground

guard break that foo n kill him!

and yes josh beasts all day

if you can kill sentinel then by all friggin means do it!

no matter how you look at that a dead sentinel is a good thing for later on in the fight

instead of infinite on sentinel you can always have capcom come in and like i said earlier guard break that foo and it will be easier for the rest of the fight to rush the team down

msp is mad good

magneto beasts on sentinel > : )

Blaziniflo is right. Commando should never hit the ground.

If I snap in Capcom, he gets guardbroken into one of my many B&B 100% combos.

If I kill Sent, the whole team is dead. Both Cable and Commando get guardbroken and killed off.

nothing is guaranteed tho, sure theory fighter sure is nice but there is almost ALWAYS a counter to the set-up and possible ways out, it’s just that we’re not machines and we can’t do it perfectly:o

So you are not exactly right there.

Guess master should be the name of mvc2

Well, I guess they don’t always completely die:p

But If I guardbreak someone, they’re losing atleast half of their life.

Sometimes when you’re on the way out about to be guard broken by magz you can punch him in the face if he mis times his guard breakz. POW~!

Guess master!2

Since i made this random thread i will make it interesting.

This is some stuff i came up with yesterday

mag/sent drones

c.lk,c.fk, sj airdash fk, LAUNCH, call drones, triple fierce combo

~now the fun part, the drones are as low as they can go before they disapear but they will still put them in guard stun on wake up, or if you dash to one side or the other they will hit if incorrectly blocked. Try this out and you’ll see it’s stupid good. there are many good set-ups/fakes you can pull out of your ass with this

It’s too bad you can just roll out in the beginning tho:o

Same set-up here but just mag/cyc

So you do the same combo and after launch you call cyc, sj fk tempest, does really good power too.

another funny lookin one.

Fk throw in corner, s.fk+cyc hypergrab, bullet pops hypergrab, you sj lk,lk airdash forward into fk grab, then on the way down lk,lk, re-jump fk+cycXXtempest.

Dumb combo’s!!!


Since you apparently know alot about magneto I wanted to ask you something.

I play magneto/Cyclops assist all the time I think it’s a awesome assist to use with magneto. But it’s alot different then using psy with magneto. When it comes to snapbacks I have a problem with it.

Ok, I’ll use the cyclops assist to hit someone or I’ll get c.lk +cyc, c.lk to come out and I’ll hit both characters. Now what I want to know is is it possible for me to dash up, SJ, RH, addf+lk,lk snapback with both characters there, making the other character come down and land in my c.fp all the time. I’ve tried this so many times but the characters come down at different speeds and I never can get both characters to get snapped out, it’s usually the point character who’s able to block. Now is this even possible to do or should I just try a combo instead of trying the snapback?

Also, I started a thread about mags combos, if you could could you put your 2 cents in there also. peace, thanks for help.

i’m not totally sure i understand your question, are you asking if i do a c.lk,c.lk + cyc on point AND assist is it possible to bring them back down into snap-out position? is so:cool: then yes, you just have to be able to infinite correctly and with a few reps of sj lp, one hit airdash down lk,lk, you should have them both in prime position.

Imma go look at that combo thread

post more in a while

Yea, that’s what I’m asking, after I hit them both with sj.rh they fall at different speeds. Ok, now I know i need to infinite them after. Now, I just need to learn the damn infinite I can’t seem to get down.

Which “method” slide/crab or however they say it is easier to use/learn and where is the thread that gave a indept post about using either method?

In your response you said with a “few reps of sj lp, one hit airdash down lk,lk,” Do you do the lp instead of the lk? or does it matter.

My problem is is I don’t know what to look for in order to decide do I do one lk, or 2 lk’s on the way up then dash

Snow crab that shit, when i slide i feel like i am mashing buttons like a scrub:lol:

So that means 2 fingers on both punches and thumb on lk? and once you push the dash you Immediately push lk,lk? If this is right i’ll just work on it until I got it.

Yup yup that’s it, takes some practice but after a while you’ll be cheaping with it like a beyotch:D

How can you rush the fuck out of storm with magneto?!?!

Thats what josh says to do but i don’t know how:bluu: