Random thoughts or questions on magneto thread

aww sliding is easier for me so i use that…wen i GB capcom is it best into unmashable, infinite, or resets
?.. i used to go into grab resets but everyone techs now…so wuts should i do?

Magz w/ Sent projectile…can’t reliably connect the assist off c.lk c.lk…something I’m doing wrong? I’m sure there is.

If you mix them up you’re set, also doing dif set-ups for your grab resets is mad good, people expect the sj lk,airdash lk, then land and instant grab, so go for the re-jump fk throw one instead,

A really good reset(credit goes out to XANDER that lil niggle pimp)

in corner, launch, fp, dash df d.lk, slight delay d.lk so this hits as an overhead then c.lk launch you can get ugly with this one people hehe

aite coo i’ll try those shit…thx man

Here’s a lil weird infinite setup wid sent-g wen urnotin tha corner do conet ha triple fierce sit cuz i can catch ht shit like 1/3 times wen m not in tha corner…
anywhere in tha screen

launch+sent fk dash forward d+lk lk fp fk drones otg em c.fk infinte…does a lil more than triple fierce and looks type cool…:lame:

oh heres a cool reset too

c.hp sj.fk dash d/f lk lk infinite a few reps sj.lk dash down fp(whiff) call sent-g rh grab s.hk shockwave…or just grab in tha corner w/o sent…prettynice i think…

another reset to add for ya.

Mag/sent-g unmashable

LAunch sj fp, airdash df lk,lk, dash behind call drones, s.fkXXhypergrabXXtempest. drones hit, unmashable:D

Easy to block but still cool.

Thats a cool combo with mag/sent-g u posted btw.:cool:

thanks…i came up wid that shit yesterday…ya shit is hott too…i started to play mag/storm/cyc seriously for like 2 weeks now…that shit is crazy and more fun than msp…thats a hott team u cameup wid:cool:

since we goin reset crazy heres anotha…mag/sent-g unmashable i dunno if its old tho…i just came up wid it
Launch sj fk, airdash df lk,lk, dash behind c.rh trijump rh,c.rh+ drones wait a lil bit till drones are near TKtempest…shit fucking hurts

O i did some stupid shit wid mag /IM AAA but i only caught it 1 outta 5 times…see if u can figure it ot…

c.fk, trijump fk, c.fk+IM sj.fk dash back land IM juggles them sj.lk dash forward hp grab blah blah…i only caught it twice tho cuz sometimes IM doesnt juggle em high enuff…maybe it’s timing???


Mixup is the definitive answer to magneto. That nigga keeps it real. He know so much. Thnx Mixup for making this thread. Mixup 2.1 is so much better than Mixup ver. 1.0

DO any of you guys know any guardbreak combos with magneto using the sentinel assist or using the cyclops aaa assist.

Are you asking if you can use the assist’s to break guard and then combo after?

Or do you mean combo INTO the assist after you guard break with just magneto?

Mag-a is the best assist in the game:) :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue: :slight_smile: ~!!!

fuck damn shit, i had made some decent posts:mad:

you’d think by now they would’ve started backing shit up

Hey Mike you know what’s too goods? The unmashable/ unrollable infinite set up you showed me. OMG its THE combo, 100% on anyone when you frame kill the infinite into hailstorm.

also, will you list some good guard breaks with magz by himself. Right now all I’m doing is just doing the infinite in the corner and their guard breaks on the air dash down. Do you have any others? Because that one fux up when people trade hits with the lk.

That sounds dope, care to share it?

Oh btw Mixup, thanks man! Flying sents are still a prob but not as huge as it was before. I’m able to get in and pull him into the infi anytime he stomps. Too good.

for flying sentinels you want to dash on the ground(since they are high up you can move freely if they are too high) and iirc you used tron, drop tron when you are fairly close to counter there capcom, you wait to stay about 1/4 of the screen away from sent like this so he can’t fly away and just mash on his capcom. neutral lk, sj up with it and hit that, after dropping your tron at the correct range you’ll out prioritize him and you can start with the infinite.

remy martin: do the guardbreak RIGHT as their sprite is about to touch the screen(like their shoulder is about to come in, with their legs ect, just half the body), they won’t be able to hit any buttons so you don’t get out prioritized. you are just doing it late.

: )

any topics besides infinites i will try to discuss here.

on a similar note, i don’t understand why people are so obsessed with learning the infinite, having good control with your magneto and knowing when to attack and how to go high-low in the right situations is what makes a bomb magneto. knowing all of your options is better than one fuddy infinite or a million resets.

Get your shit straight first and then infinite whore…i went about it backwards as well…

It’s mixups combo so it’s up to him if he wants to come off of it or not.

thanks mike, so I guess that guard break is the only one I really need huh?

yeah man it’s real cheap.:smiley:

You can always learn the one where you sj airdash forward lk,lk,hypergrabXXtempest. Thats the best for msp, if they pushblock you get two tempests:lol: ! They’ll fall into your tempest and then do the unmashable with psy:p

Oh remy, post that combo, i forgot what it was:o :slight_smile:

Alright man:cool: You do the normal dash down combo into the umashable with psy, which is launch, RH dash d/f lk, lk rejump lk+psy lk tempest. But after the last lk you dash straight down and immediately do tempest. You land before they do and if you do c.short, RH it juggles them and they cannot roll. It helps if you keep them high while you dash down with the lk’s. They have to be in the top part of the tempest for you to be able to juggle them afterwards. You sacrifice some tempest damage but the ability to keep comboing them makes up for that. Go to training mode and put the computer on safe fall, keep doing it until you prevent him from rolling consistently.

I play MSP so after I juggle from the tempest I do the infinite for a while and then frame kill into hailstorm, I know its 100% on mag storm and cable but I’m not sure about sent but I think it is. Of course you can do anything after the juggle but I’ll go for the guaranteed damage as opposed to a reset… but it really depends on who you are playing and if your opponent blocks resets more than he gets hit with them. otherwise reset that shit down.

props to mixup for this one.

Hey, that’s pretty sick. must try that sometime

Mixup, I alternate between Mag/Cable/Tron and Team Row. In your opinion, which is a better team to play? I know they have diff play styles, but I’d like your opinion.

And can someone tell me what OCV means? I never figured it out. :frowning:

Dasrik is actually the one to come up with that combo, i just distributed the knowledge:D

As for team row vs mag/cable/tron

While i think mag/tron is really really good, cable/tron is just poo if somone doesn’t want to come close to you, can’t have that shit man:bluu:

Which is exactly the problem row(nearly) solves, bring in your sentinel via tag in or dhc. Stomp stomp stomp.

So i would play mag/cable/tron but it can’t catch runaway like row can:D they both have trouble :frowning:

OCV - ONE CHARACTER VICTORY aka whooping ass without switching characters! (rushdown town f00)