Random UP inputs on PS360+

I got an old stick out out of storage and some seeing issues. Using nulldc bear to setup the input2key mappings.

The stick uses a PS360+ PCB. Whenever I am holding “down + right” or “up + left” I am getting random UP inputs. The FW was way out of date (v1.2) and I updated to 1.67, but the issue doesn’t seem to go away.

It’s really weird because the “down + right” input is definitely not hitting the up actuator, so I don’t know how it’s trigger an up input. But if I open up a notepad and look at the keyboard strokes that are getting input, I definitely see the up input periodically toggle when holding down + right.

is there any picture that you can provide? there may be 2 reasons
1.- your joystick pcb (Sanwa JLF TP-MA) might have issues… try checking that out first
2.- if your ps360+ pcb is faulty, maybe you need to add a 10k pull-up resistor between vcc and up direction… but maybe try getting some pics of the joystick wiring first!

Thanks for your reply! Seems like it works fine if I hold 2P + 2K when connecting to the PC to boot into X360 mode. I only seem to see the problem when the stick is detected as P360+ (no buttons held during connection).

can you test those 2 modes inside joystick configuration?

if you use windows searchbar and type “joy.cpl” you can test the controllers themselves

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