Random Vice Questions/Tips

Since I’m the only Vice player I’ve ever seen (sad :() I’m wondering what she’s got that I don’t know about… kick down a little tip or trick for your fellow Vice players.

A few little things I do know about:
d.strong can go under high FBs
hcb+rh and her dash can do over low Fbs
shoulder charge seems to have mad priority once it actually gets going
she can dash over bodies when they’re down
kick super it real good at any level
punch super is crap unless you can really anticipate something
j.short is crossup and hits lots of stuff
mash d.jab, fierce shoulder charge into long arm is braindead easy combo
d.jab, d.fierce, fierce shoulder charge is better combo
short-fwd-RH each make the long arm moves have different distance
s.strong does as much as her s.fierce

  1. What are the blade kicks for outside of CC? I throw them out every now and then, but they do no damage… decent guard damage I guess, but that’s it. The air bladekicks seem iffy to me too. Hits a lot, but not all… and that delay irks me. Can they reversal super me or something if they block it? Sometimes I’ll throw out the RH one against down opponents for chip… but I think I’d rather go for meaty s.strong or something. Even If I RC the RH version they can still hit me before they come out I think. When they’re blocked I usually (and stupidly) just sweep afterward. Am I missing something?

  2. Any good block strings? Sometimes I can crossup all day, but I don’t really know how to mix it up when they block besides going for RC nailbomb/CC.

  3. How can I tell if the shoulder charge is going to fly THROUGH the opponent, or stop short?? This pisses me off way more than it should… :slight_smile:

  1. u can combo the blade kicks in the air from a j.lp or j.mp. if u do the blade kicks coming down on your opponent u get frame advantage and the opportunity for a counter hit or qcb+p.

  2. best block string - crossup lk, c.lk, c.lpx2, s.mp, s.mk. if the character is short substitute the s.mp for and extra c.lp. When u do this block string u will usually get a counter hit when u do the s.mk since after doing the s.mp people usually think u r done and try to retaliate.

  3. don’t do random shoulder charges. Vice should be played very techinically and patiently. Wut i see is that when she is about to die people usually try to do shoulder charges or try to waste a super.

extra - her qcfx2+p super is a lot better than people think. u can use it as a way of making your opponent jump so that u can hit them with a shoulder ram or use it as a surprise move. There are many setups to landing the super, but i will not give them away :D. the best thing to do is to take your time when u use her and land combos whenever possible.

  1. So I cancel my jump jabs into blade kicks and I get frame advantage? I’ll have to try that… I can’t see it with the delay and all, but whatever.

How does this set up for counter hit, or qcb+P? I’m asssume I can combo after a connected j.jab x air qcb+rh?

  1. d.lk, d.jab x3… will that even work?? I’ll will try it though.

  2. no offense, but you didn’t really address my question at all… :slight_smile: Usually a random shoulder charge is the LAST thing I go for when I’m low on life. I’m gonna learn that range where they’re kinda safe if blocked though. :slight_smile:

  1. u don’t get frame advantage for cancelling the j.lp into qcb+k, for some reason u get it just becuase u did it in the air. if your opp. blocks it, vice looks like she’s vulnerable but u get a slight frame advantage. Your opp. will try to hit u after a blocked qcb+k but then u do a qcb+p or s.mk and get a counter hit. And u can’t combo after j.lpxxqcb+k, i was saying that u can combo it.

  2. That’s a block string to use. after a crossup. best to use if your opp. character is small and can duck s.mp.

  3. i don’t know wut u mean by go through your opponent with the qcb+p. I’m assuming u mean stop right in front of them. basically u just gotta know the distances, kinda like rocks qcb+p move.

Ok… so after hitting with/making them block the air blade kicks, you get a slight frame advantage when you land… So that means they can’t reversal super you. Cool.

About the shoulder check… When you use it in a combo (d.lp, d.hp, qcb+hp) it ALWAYS stops short, as soon as it hits. However, if you hit them outside of combo (anti-air, against a poke) sometimes it will rush past them and NOT stop. Meaing you actually keep going, switch sides even and can’t follow up with the long arm.

It pisses me off because it ruins my CC all the time. I can’t just qcb+hp over and over because usually after one or 2 shoulder charges she rushes through them, and switches sides and flubs up the CC.

Try it out… sometimes she stops, sometimes she doesn’t. I can’t figure out why.

I understand now. An easy way to fix the problem with the cc is to switch from qcb+hp to qcb+mp or lp, u just have to use your judgement. And when using shoulder charge as an anti air, u won’t always be able to use the sleeve afterwards, hell sometimes u can’t use the sleeve afterwards when u hit your oppoenent on the ground. All i can say is about 95% of the time the sleeve will connect afterwards. So always go for the sleeve after qcb+p.

when i play vice i don’t go for damaging cc’s. i usually go for her qcb+pxxdp+k CC, it’s just too much fun, and makes your opponent look stupid

Yeah… I usually just do mp checks. not perfect, but at least it’s WAAAY more reliable that using hp shoulder checks. but Dammit! I want HP checks!!

I realized i can make her stop, by whiffing a normal as soon as it connects… but I’m trying to find easy CCs, not make life harder for myself. :slight_smile:

The pull-down slam xN is indeed badass… I can’t get it as fast as I’ve seen in combo vids though. :-/

any tricks with vice against top characters? I don’t really know what works well, especially poke-wise. I just s.mk, and sweep… waitaminute, that’s what I do against everybody.

Another Question: why would I use jump jab XX air blade kicks if I can’t combo afterwards? I mean, what’s the point? To try and get them to attack (and I counter) after they block it?

Just some more random stuff…

d.lk, d.lp x3, s.mp - is a 5hit combo against crouching sagat. :slight_smile:

both long arm moves leave your opponent with their heads towards you so you can switch sides if they’re cornered and you’re 2p

close s.hp, d.mp is a combo

meaty s.hp, d.rh is a combo

meaty s.mp, d.fierce, hcf+k or qcb+p is a combo

If your opponent techs your throw and you reversal special, the following glitches will happen:
qcb+p - the move is cancelled (basically, it doesn’t come out)
qcb+k - the move is cancelled
hcf+k - the move is cancelled, your opponent teleports directly behind you
dp+k - the move is cancelled, your opponent teleports directly behind you
hcb,f+p - the move is cancelled, your opponent teleports directly behind you
hcf+p - the move is cancelled, your opponent teleports directly behind you
kick super - the move is cancelled (but you did do it, so you lose meter)
punch super - the move is cancelled (lose meter), opponent teleports directly in front of you

Sadly, no instant win glitch. :frowning:

Against the top tiers play the same way u do against everyone else, except RC grap and RC Sleeve a lot more.

okay, when your opp. jumps and u jump u use the j.lpxxxqcb+k to add extra damage if it connects. the good thing is that if they air block it, you are left in a better position when u land than if u just used jumping lp,mp,hp,lk etc. Plus when u do the j.lpxxxqcb+k and they air block u add the much needed guard damage.

Caliagent, when you say RC sleeve do you mean the HCF+K sleeve or DP+K sleeve?

I have a really hard time RC’ing the HCF sleeve; the nail bomb always comes out. Any tips would be appreciated.

U should RC both the sleeves. Epecailly the dp+k one against blanka. When i RC i do it the hard way, and it only works about 30% of the time. I press roll first then do the motion for the grab really fast. That’s with all characters. With some people it’s just easier to RC with (kim and yuri), all i can say is practice it.

PS: And yes, JOGA is top tier pwnge of my stereo. ANd so is Hyperballad, possibly maybe , It’s in our hands (relatively new song), and 5 years.

PSS: Marvelscrub, try to find the video for “alarm call” The song kinda sucks but the video is like “omg!!!” you’ll see wut i mean when u see it;)

air-to-air j.lp x blade kick! Oooh. Gotcha. :slight_smile: I don’t see much usefullness as a jump in, but air to air definitely seem like a good idea… I will try that out.

I too cannot RC the hcf sleeve well at all…

Mr. Sparkle: The nailbomb comes out because you press jab+short at DF. The motion for nailbomb is B,DB,D,DF+P, not HCF. The jab from the roll triggers that nailbomb.

You have to roll before you hit DF… I know this, and I STILL can’t RC the hcf sleeve well at all. :frowning: Hopefully you’ll have better luck with it.

Is Alarm Call that vid where she’s butt nekkid? :slight_smile:

Naw, alarm call is a video she did when she was younger. in the vid where she is naked she gained weight, because she was a few months pregnant at the time. But u need to see alarm call, she looks really good in that vid

I just found out that Vice can combo after meaty RH ground bladekicks… O_o Maybe they’re not as crappy as I thought.

Shame on you!!! her blade kicks are her best air to air move, and a really good anti air. but comboing off of deep blade kicks is pretty interesting, i gotta try that.

The only thing I can combo after grounded meaty RH bladekicks is d.jab into shoulder check. Even then, it’s only if I do it real early… if you get too many hits it pushes you back too far for the jab. It’s tight too… i dunno how practical it will be if your shoulder check ends up being blocked half the time.

Which brings me to another point, It doesn’t seem you’ll be able to do this very often outside of the corner… Almost all of Vice’s knockdown moves send the opponent across the screen and you can’t get close enough. Even if you connect with far sweep I don’t think you can get close enough in time without run.

Almost makes when want to sacrifice the upward sleeve after the shoulder check so I can stay close… almost. (dash, RH blade kicks seems to set it up perfectly after a shoulder check)

Speaking of shoulder checking… you know that “pass through/stop short” BS. I can’t get over how random that seems sometimes. It seems that it happens even more against certain characters… Rugal is really bad, Raiden, sometimes geese, etc.

Hmmm, i’m gonna experiment and try to compile a list of who she passes through/stops short of.

Hey, I’m assuming that you’re referring to characters beyond the likes of Sagat (Ryu, Guile, etc) when you are referring to ‘high fireballs’…but just to let you know…

The ducking strong doesn’t go under all fireballs if it’s done with the jab, including Guile’s Sonic Boom and Mai’s fan (two projectiles which ordinarily gives her more freedom to duck under). The slow speed still covers Vice’s sprite box upon recovery, thus getting her hit. Also note that while it can be done, it’s extremely hard to use ducking strong on Athena’s fierce and especially strong Psycho Ball since it’s intially under lower fireball speeds than other characters. So you may wanna watch out on that match up…I know there are more Athena players popping up lately.

I do find this method useful ( especially since I use it :slight_smile: ), but much like most techniques out there, your opponent is bound to trick you upon abuse and bust out a jab FB.

Good thread overall though. See ya.

Random bits ‘n’ pieces. ‘N’ questions.

Some time ago, I was able to buffer a lvl 2 withering force super off a connected crouching strong, but because of the hitstun, the throw super whiffed. I was not in the corner. (Kind of like when you buffer Yamazaki’s Guillotine off a crouch short when you’re not in the corner it whiffs…) Has anyone else tried buffering a lvl 2 withering force super off a crouch strong or crouching mk (blocked or connected)? Will it ever connect?

Oh yeah, you guys might already know this, but I also discovered that her sweep combos off one or two jabs. Sets up a nice hop or a follow up sweep if they safe fall.

You can never combo throws… NEVER!! wait, only in A-Groove during CC. :smiley: All tick throw attempts can be jumped out off too. Sucks.

That’s a cool combo… I suck at it though. :frowning: I always forget about using it. I really shouldn’t, I like to stay close.

How come I can’t do that Sai-rec combo where he does air bladekicks after a shoulder check???

How come I can’t say “Mr. Sparkle” without using a horrible Japanese accent?
“MMMmmee-stuh Spa-koh-la” Seriously, I can’t do it. :slight_smile:

thanks for the tricks guys