Random Videos

Thought I’d share some of these. If there are any questions, ask away and I’ll explain what I did and how it’s interesting.

http://media.putfile.com/ShippuJuggle (this one is anti-Oro)
http://media.putfile.com/AfterFlashParry (this one is for all characters)



me likey. :slight_smile:

Dude really likes Oro.

Hi thx for the vids they are cool and original! :tup:
But I have 2 questions:
How do I download them to my hd? ( there is no richt click save as function)
And why do you end all the ex tengu juggles in those videos with s.forward?

I think it’s assumed that he would do more… it’s the setupa that are the REAL point.

Makoto: Why make the videos longer than necessary with the same old chicken combo finisher? I like to just finish off by cancelling into a taunt (which I messed up in OroSpaz). None of these are “serious” combos anyway, except for the bread 'n butter unblockable setup on Makoto.

As for how to download them, I dunno. Try viewing the source code of the page.

SlimX: Yes, yes I do. Someone has to pick up Streak’s slack, hehe.

Omg Did I Heard That ???

Kara-oniyanma !!

I have a question about Oro demon. How is it possible that during the first time Oro managed to counter with EX move, but during the second time he did not?

It turns out that Oro has two or three more invincibility frames in his EX uppercut than Akuma does in his demon. The first EX uppercut was done as late as possible; notice how the meter drains during Akuma’s super freeze while Oro’s just standing there.

There is only one frame in the EX uppercut where Oro can be thrown. Akuma’s invincibility outlasts Oro’s in the second half and grabs him. the Karakusa video also shows her grabbing Oro on that one frame.

“Invincibility” for non-super moves is relative, of course. Genei Jin can stuff the EX uppercut easily.

does that whiff grab tengu only work on q cause he a fatty or does it work on every one? also, does that otg only work on dudley?

cool vids though, you shoulda showed that inoue combo on hugo, that combo is sick. also, i’ve been messin around with chicken combo, but ending it with 1 hit mp into ex disk 2 hits on chun, alex etc etc, cause they’re in the air for so long, but i havn’t really found any use for it. and wtf jinrai, i saw streak at evo but not you. =(

I couldn’t make it to Evo because my summer job wouldn’t let me take the days off. And quitting was not an option.

As for those other combos, I’ll get around to capping them when I have time. I was just fooling around with a new Chun glitch… you can see it in the general 3s forum in a few minutes.

Okay, new videos.

http://media.putfile.com/EXFBCombo1 (thanks ThyAllMighty)

EXFBCombo2 will be this:
(on Urien, starting from the Round 1 Fight position)
Dash, launch xx Forward Chicken, early Launch xx EX fireball, dash, late Fierce uppercut.

If the launch connects as early as possible, the two EX fireball hits are separated. A little later (like in EXFBCombo1), and they hit close together. Any later, and you get a horizontal EX FB (wtf, Urien’s in the air) which whiffs. The hard part, and the reason I haven’t recorded it yet, is that I have to wait before starting to charge partition the uppercut, unlike other partition combos I’ve done. It’s a bitch, let me tell you.

another tidbit for oro is if you’re in their face when you do, l.short, s.short block string, if you partition that and uoh, you can combo ex drill off of uoh. also, l.short, l.forward blocked string into kara uoh, ex drill works also. if you’re scared that they’re going to block the uoh into ex drill, you can combo into either low short or low forward, and you can probably do, uoh, low short, ex drill too. this is old news, but i’m just stating the blocked strings as good measurement for the uoh’s

Right, that’s similar to the far forward karathrow setups.

EDIT: The command grab Tengu works on all characters as long as the rightmost two rocks are boulders. The smaller objects like bricks and dinosaurs don’t juggle properly. But on Q you have more leeway.

How do you make the ex fireball go up? Also in some match vids it looks like the ex fireball is bigger. Did they put more hits into it or am I just imagining things?

The EX fireball aims upward if the opponent is in the air when you fire it. It has longer startup, but it gives you the ability to shoot another normal or EX fireball right while it’s still on the screen.

There’s an exception though. If you cancel a launch into an EX fireball mid-chicken combo, the EX fireball will launch horizontally as if the opponent was on the ground… unless you connect the launch early, like I did in the EXFBCombo1 vid.

What’s the point of chickensafe? You can just jump that…?

No, you can’t. Not from that range.

Good stuff, I especially liked the Hugo juggle with the fireballs. That last Urien combo with the fireballs thrown in seems like it would deal less damage than the normal chicken combo though.