Random war machine ish

hey guys i know this might be out of character specific but i just wanted people to see that war machine has pretty much the same infinites that IM has even the air to grounds. Its a bit different seeing as how there really arent any mvc2 war machine videos up and this is only like a minute long so just take a look and tell me what ya think. if you guys like maybe ill put up some more. thank you


I love playing war machine against annoying Ice man users. As almost all WM’s projectiles cause chip damage.

WM is also underrated to an extent. His missile assist works well when paired with other low-tiers like Charlie.

Why is Iron Man better than War Machine? I know the beam differences and such, but why is Iron Man high tier and War Machine so lame?


Cool I learned my second infinite from watching this video. Although I can’t figure out how War Machine pulls it off on his own without an assist.

Using Psylocke assist to launch them, I can do both with Iron Man and WM. Since I’m a newbie to the infinite the most I can get is three reps(PS2 Ver).

That’s such a common statement, a lot of people seem to start off the same way. It just takes a bit of practice, I’m stuck on the hp x PC…

i like WM, i think he really is underated, i forgot if he is in the high-mids at all.

I think WM is cool and want to learn him better, to later add to my low-tier team. I still can’t figure out how the video guy is able to make him jump to follow the character after the first two crouching Jabs.

There is input lag after the two punches and the game just won’t let me jump up quickly afterwards, to start the infinite. This is PS2 ver. I’m using for the record.

i super jump cancel the second crouching jab. in order to cancel it you must do a super jump during the second jab and than you do the jab in the air to follow up.

After playing both for a little while, Iron Man has:

1.Superior Proton Cannon Beam, Supurb for punishing assists and does a lot MORE damage than WM’s missile super.
2.Slightly better timing for stringing together stuff.
3.More ways to combo into stuff like the Super Cannon
4.Uni-beam is almost the equivalent of an Icebeam, with good chip damage.
5.Better Anti-air assist.

Only better points to War Machine than IM is:
1.Proton cannon missiles usually do more chip damage, especially to pesky Iceman users.
2.Smart bombs are a little better.
3.WM is considered low-tier and makes a good addition to my low-tier lineup. Challenging and fun to use him.
4.Slick black/grey color scheme.

War Machine= Fun but just a downgraded version of Iron Man in the end. That does not mean he is not worth playing sometimes.

I’m not so sure IM’s AAA does more damage than WM’s, since WM’s does like 25% damage by itself if you can get all hits to connect. IM’s has much bigger range, though.

IM has a much better DHC, and a better standing Roundhosue. People don’t want to risk jumping at IM or coming down on top of him after a super jump, since they don’t wanna get launched. And while both IM/WM can launch into a nice air combo or go into the infinite, IM has the better launcher.

Also, while WM’s infinite obviously does a lot of damage, he’s less likely to be able to kill someone without a DHC. To end the infinite, WM can cancel either a standing Roundhouse or a Jab Repulsor Blast (hcb+P anti-air move) to the War Destroyer super (Repulsor Blast is a bit harder to time, but usually better for DHCs). But, since IM’s Proton Cannon is like 40 hits, it’s the better super after the infinite, because of damage scaling.

Also, there are a few differences in the speed of their moves, so IM ends up having the easier guard breaks.

IM can combo to Proton Cannon off of a crouching Strong, but if you can land that you can cancel it to the infinite anyway, and since both of them can do that, it’s sorta moot. WM can combo to War Destoryer for the same damgae BTW (c.SP xx JP Repulsor Blast xx War Destroyer).

WM’s Smart Bombs are a little faster (air combo to Smart Bombs actually connects with WM for example, and not with IM), and his movement is a little faster, though some of his normals are a little slower.

About WM’s Proton Cannon not comboing correctly, it actually does, it’s just a lot harder to combo. You can cancel to Jab Repulsor Blast into Proton Cannon, though the timing is tight. Also, PC causes knockdown, so even if you don’t hit for full damage, they fly up and come back down, they don’t recover out of it. Maybe the writer meant after the hit where the cannon first appears…?

J360- Great combos, that first combo was waaaay too buff. Does that one work on everybody, or just Sent?

but what does WM says when he releases his Proton Cannon??? Anybody knows?? And how about War Destroyer?? :slight_smile:

WM says “Here’s my Sunday’s best” after he executes Proton Cannon, and I think when he executes the War Destroyer, he says “Geronimo!”…


Thats what I always thought he said but that really doesn’t make any sense so I thought he had to be saying something else

I guess the “Here’s my Sunday’s best” kind of refers to a “Here’s all I’ve got” or a “TAKE THIS, MY ULTIMATE ATTACK!” kind of phrase.

As for “Geronimo!”…:confused:

Geronimo is WMs favorite movie thats why! :rofl:

I got War Machine’s infinite down. For a long time i had trouble with timing but now have it, i don’t know any other sure way to start it without Psylocke’s AA assist though. Sometimes I get lucky when doing a switch that knocks the other char in the air, if i’m quick enough i can jump up and start it. I’ll end it with Launcher+War Destroyer as soon as I reach the corner.

Makes me want to learn War Machine, so not only can my Charlie destroy my friends Guile, BUT now my War Machine can wreck on his Iron Man. He is in trouble :slight_smile:

I prefer WM’s projectile assist, his AA comes and goes way too fast. The only good point is that he is not on the screen long enough to be punished much. With projectile, the missiles don’t do much damage but they fly fast and provide a good distraction in heated battles.

I’m not sure who’s Smartbombs are better anymore. IM’s are slower and stay in the air longer which is good, and WM’s deploy and fall faster which is also good. Being a charlie player i know the value of slow projectiles so i’d have to lean towards IM slightly on that one.

I guess I’ve been overlooking War Machine also; it happens, especially when you got everything for Iron Man down.

The two really aren’t all that different, and it would be good to have a second character that can go into the same infinite easily. Like that jackson team(i think its IM/WM/Doom).