Randomized damage output?


In the history of fighting games, has there ever been any game(s) where attacks have randomize damage values based on a set of numbers? e.g. HK tatsu = 20~29 dmg, cr.mk = 3 ~ 14 dmg, etc etc,

I have been thinking about how SF4 is RAF (random as fuc):wasted:, and how would it effect the future of fightings game if they took note of ohno-san. I don’t think any fighting game running on a motorolla 68000 could do that because CPU power couldn’t accommodate it.

even if there are no fightrts with no random damage, what is your opinion on the matter?


lots of old school games (like super turbo) have random stun and damage values


Apparently this due to the “slow motion” pauses when taking in certain counter his and fireballs.
The damage value would go hay-wire, giving out random results. It makes me laugh to see people be at a stick of health, eat a fireball, and they are still alive.


This Fighting Street 2: Planet Warrior or something had it. It made an impact several years ago, or so I heard.


Street Fighter IV has random damage values?

Has the OP even played any version of SFII?

But then I guess randomized damage values doesn’t really matter when the damage is high enough that you lose the round after two combos.


kof95 anybody, the king of random damage


I think KoF had “random” damage all the way up to 98 if I’m not mistaken. Maybe even a couple games after that.


No, it’s purely intentional. Every attack has two random damage adjustment tables assigned to it, one for when your health is above a certain number, and another for when it’s below that. The latter tends to have a wider range, so you get more random fluctuation when you’re in danger. Also the low amount of damage you take when your health is low is due to the guts factor, something completely unrelated to the random damage adjustment.


Pretty much EVERY version of SF2 had random damage values. Seriously annoying when you think you’re gonna KO someone with something and they somehow live thru it.


For SF2:

The random damage even affects chip. (I don’t believe it’s a different method of randomization; when you block an attack, the game uses the normal damage randomization and then just scales it down to about 10%.)

It’s worth elaborating/clarifying that the damage “table” for an attack is effectively a list of possible damage values coupled with the “odds” that each damage amount will actually get picked when the attack hits. (This isn’t literally how it’s programmed into the game, but this is the practical result of what the game calculates.)

I wish I could find the original posts about this. I can’t remember who exactly uncovered it.



I think you mean Dammit: