Randomly restarting modem/ router. Help!

My modem occasionally attempts to restart itself. Why does it do this? All it does is screw up my connection and basically kick me off of my online homework or ggpo. I read that some modems do this when receiving a “low quality signal”, although that is not the case with me since mine works for a good part of the day and has a 54 megabyte connection, which is pretty fast. What’s going on here?!

If I recall correctly, this happens when there is too much load on the router or it can’t handle all the traffic. I could be wrong though.

Dpspam is correct. That typically is the tell-tale sign of a router under too much load. Also of one that is of inferior quality, IMO. I would consider upgrading if you are serious into online play. I am sure your opponents would appreciate it as well.

What manufacturer and model is it?

Touchstone Telephony modem.
The router is also what can be used as a modem. Motorola B5 101 surfboard cable “modem”. which is kinda wierd imo. Dad keeps gettin em from TW cable.

This happens to me all the time, basically its just your router/modem cant handle what your doing

The Motorola is a bit dated but still very much capable of connecting and maintaining good speeds with more than enough horsepower for general online gaming. Though, I would go with a dedicated wireless N or mimo G enabled router with a decent processor to manage your gateway and not some hybrid modem/router combination. NetGear and Belkin offer some of the best low-cost performance options while providing the most overall features, IMO.

54 meg is the theoretical maximum speed of any wireless-G signal. This is something you’ll likely not ever acheive since (as someone else here in another thread pointed out) you would have to be in an open, flat field with no obstructions or obstacles between you and the access point. But we live in a world of “walls” and rooms and back-to-back competing wireless signals - so good luck with that. If you were just experiencing a weak signal, I might suggest upgrading the router’s antenna or configuring the device internally to boost the signal power/strength to not drop your connection. But since your issue is one of the device itself continuously re-booting, then my guess is that the device has too many connections made to it (how many devices connected) and/or the router having not enough onboard RAM and weak processor. In which case, there is nothing you can do save for appealing to your father to let you upgrade the equipment.