Randomness + Arcade game antics

On the wiki, there was a good link to a page explaining the varying degrees of randomness in the SF2 series. Clearly, ST has quite a bit of it (even with damage). What I’ve been thinking about is, has the testing been done in relation to different stages of the game? What I mean by that is what round, how many times an opponent has won, etc. Since the game is an arcade game, meant for people to dump quarters into it, I was curious if let’s say you are ahead one round and the opponent is on the verge of losing, does the game give the losing player subtle boosts to make the game continue to a 3rd round so as a result, people will be willing to put more money into the game. Obviously, the superior player will win in this game, no doubt. However, in close matches does the known randomness kick in more often if it is close and said player is close to losing (like a throw sometimes doing significantly less damage). I know that the more damage you take, the higher your defense, but it is something I’ve been thinking about. Lots of arcade games already do this, for example NBA Jam (I don’t think anyone would be to shocked at that). If you go into the service mode, there is a dip switch to purposely have the computer keep the game close so you can’t get ahead with a big lead.

I’ve tested throw priority and while I can’t say anything for certain (not having acquired an adequate sample size), that really does seem 50/50 random regardless of damage. The only known handicap in ST is that the loser of Round 1 gets slightly more damaging throws in Round 2. Even that damage bonus is random to a degree but it was evident enough that T.Akiba noticed it while compiling his data.

Ganelon, does that apply to command throws as well?

Yes, with the exception of fierce SPD. But know the fierce version does more damage anyway.

LOL! FAB does more, but HP SPD doesn’t… wtf

I knew Chun’s Strong throw was more damaging than her Fierce, but that was also applicable to SSF2 as well and not the incarnations before? Either a strange oversight or some weird intended quirk.