Rango is a 3D CGI animated movie from Dreamworks that was recently released.
I had read (very little) about the movie online, but didn’t know what it’s about exactly, heck I didn’t even read it’s synopsis from wikipedia or watched a trailer, which was a good thing I feel.

This IMO is one of THE BEST CGI animated movies I’ve seen to date; everything about is great; the soundtrack, graphics, humor & voice casting. The story while predictable does not detract from the movie’s enjoyment.

If you’re interested in watching the movie I would recommend doing so without knowing much about it like I did, might make the movie even more entertaining.

Oh and [spoiler=]Clint Eastwood does not voice the Man with no name at the end, the character is voiced by Timothy Olyphant. Reading up on the guy made me ease up on this but…I’ll always hear him speaking in Clint’s voice[/spoiler]


this movie was hard to keep up with mainly cause i was trying to catch all these crazy movie references it had.


I Didn’t have a problem with that, mainly because I only caught a few references, I read up on the rest on TVtropes.


me and my gf saw this

we really enjoyed it


In it’s own right it’s a decent movie, but all the references to legendary movies like Good Bad, Ugly and Once Upon a Time in the West just kind of made me compare it, and obviously it just pales in that blinding light.