Rank 1 ken boosting lol


Mustard Ken terrible an shameful bro I mean come on man used think this guy was good…


EXPOSED. so sad that nerdgin is willing to pay for ONLINE ranking LOLOLOL)L


wow. dude is actually an ok player. respect lost tho.


Did you at least help him boost? Losing a few points for $25 is a good deal, although to be fair there’s not much worth buying on xbox.


Take the deal! Cool ass picture of an owl on that website too and some exciting plants!


I woulda taken the $25 Xbox credit… Can do a lot more with that than my rank. Woulda had to redeem it first though. I find it hard to believe someone would pay for that.




Played him before. That’s a shame.


Somebody update Ken Flowchart

[Offer money to win]
[he accepted?] > [Yes] > [WIN!]


thus dumb shit has been going on for a while. not surprised


This is another thing that proves that SF4’s ranking system is worthless. If it was any good, a top ranked Ken wouldn’t get a significant increase in ranking from beating random people repeatedly.


He is laggy to me, he is decent but he is a troll


how should it work? im not familiar with how other FGs leaderboards work

the one thing that i do think is wrong is that the current system discourages you from taking on all challengers. people begin to cherry pick opponents for fear of heavy losses vs a lower ranked player

maybe make all wins worth a closer value instead of ranging from 1-128 and make losses take away a consistent amount?


whats boosting?`oh wait only below avg scrubs do this
fuck those ppl

@ 4:43


can anyone even tell me who i sent this to i mean theres no way for me to even defend myself in this account but i got hacked lol i even showed everyone my ranked battle log and was against all different players but it doesnt matter now


Yeah you got hacked and the hacker wanted to pay people to boost your points. That’s rough. Devious hackers.


Bruh, you could have at least blamed it on a sibling.


im not gona blame it on a sibling at all cause i dont think they would do anything like that at all lol i doubt they even know how to work xbox they play ps3 but hey like i said i expect no one to believe me at all why would you the proof is there


Personally it’s my habit to take people at their word, especially about things that don’t actually matter. So I believe ya, dawg.


I don’t even care, online is fraudulent.