Rank the Family

The Tekken family.

  1. Jinpachi
  2. Jin
  3. Kazuya
  4. Heihachi

Based on their nobility, personality, success, fighting styles, power, etc. I mean come on. You are at least 105 years old and don’t seem a day older than 55.

the fuck is this shit

old bitches in tekken.

I thought jin wasnt part of the mishima family…I WAS LIED TO! T-T

Lee Chaolan allllllllmost counts as part of the family.

Jin above all others, based pretty much entirely on his ending in the PSX Tekken 3. That was so fucking awesome, and plus he has the coolest hair (runner up: Heihachi).

Kazuya >>>>>> all.

cuz hes a pimp especially with that purple suit and just refuses to die

^ But he gets pwned for free…:confused:

:rofl: I find threads like these to be fun.