Rank the scrubbiest grooves from most to least

I don’t usually post shit like this because these theoretical “my groove is scrubbier than your groove” arguments are usually gay but I’m having an argument with cheese_master and would like others to weigh in with their opinions. He seems to think P-groove is one of the scrubbiest grooves in the game right behind A I think P is one of the least scrubbiest grooves.

What do you think?

In order of scrubbyness, in my opinion…

A(to an extent… like… scrubby Ken and Joe users… sort of like me!)
Real A groovers


I voted K because its my opinion
Oh and by the way, tell “cheese_master” to get his head out of his ass and smell the coffee instead of his…ass…anyways…cuz P-groove is arguably one of the hardest groove ( my opinion may or may not be stated here ) to play.

And A-groove is so Hard to use( not looking at the A scruby ken and joe but at the real A grovers) that even the CPU of CVS2 cant even do any CC’s. So now imagin how an 8 star P-groove shin Akuma can parry EVERY one of your moves but cant CC and pull 2 lp’s in a row??? FUCK!

This pisses me OFF to see a Dickless FUCK LIKE "chee. im not even going to type his entire name, im not even going to finish his name with a " like i started it!im gonna finish it with a period, and that’s all he gets from me!!


uh ok. i guess P groove CBS is very hard to play. I simply said, P groove allows players to have weaker ground game and mind game still get by. You have an easy mode antiair (parry) and jump in with less regard. You can jump in all you want against some chars with alot higher reward than risk. As I said, in other grooves, you have to be more careful on when and where to jump in… P groove… allows to be shitty enough do a jump at a bad time… and just hit forward to still reward you with a combo. So if I said scrubby, I was not talking about… oh shit… in P groove you need to parry a tigeruppercut 4 times… it takes skill to do that… thats bullshit, thats a simple execution thing someone can get down playing in training mode some. I was talking about how easy it makes your ground game. Is it really that hard to hit forward before each FP you hit with sagat? Nope… but at the range you use his FP… most character only mid/high parry moves. So you hit forward and happen to get a parry… you can simply just do FP into super. All that and If you watch any match vs a good P groove player… it is arguably one of the most boring things ever.

And having a dickless prick roll everytime your character twitch takes all the skill in the world? That whole post was BS, CM. Overall, its hard to parry against advanced players because they don’t attack during the what I call scrub zone. Its the distance/jump height where most ppl always DP. P-groove takes more skill than you think. If its so easy, you’d be playing it.

A/C/N groove weakens your ground game more than any groove out there. if you got a roll, you got a “get out of defending, get in range for your super/throw for free” card. P-groove brings mind games BACK to the game, IMO. Parrying is anticipating your opponents attacks. You mistime a parry, you can get hit, thrown, swept, etc. You roll at the wrong time…you can get hit-…wait, you can get supered-, wait, they can sweep your fee-…they can throw you…Risk versus reward? no contest. Roll grooves are way more scrub friendly.

And Hoaxe: CM doesn’t need your period. He has his own every 28 days.

Yes… it takes alot of skill playing P groove… your right… because hitting forward and hoping to get a parry if they do a move… and if they don’t you just execute your move is good. As I said P groove doesn’t take much mind games to use. You can say what you want… but to tell me P groove Sagat is harder to use than say, C groove Sagat is stupid as hell. I don’t give a shit if P groove Zangief is hard to use or not… I am talking about the best characters in respective grooves. As I said more often than not, a bad player will get punished for rolling (and loses because of it). More often than not… a bad player still get rewarded by parrying. Parrying still nullifies most character’s antiairs. P groove is also one of the easier grooves to stop roll canceling with. The only thing that makes P groove hard to play is A groove Sakura. Cuz against her… the P groove player has to stop her before she gets meter. Outside of her. P groove may only have problems with Sagat and Guile. And Hollow, you talk a big talk, like about periods and crap, but you sure don’t show shit when you play. If you ever play me, try C groove and see what you do better in P or C… I guarantee it will be P.

EDIT: Oh, and I guess I would be playing K groove as well huh? Cuz it is so easy according to these forums. I just play what works for me. And about jumping with P groove… your telling me that it is not possible to parry a DP? Correct me if I am wrong but you can be comboed into a super if you roll at the wrong time? You don’t want to get hit by roll super… uh simply block. Don’t want to get hit by roll DP? uh simply block. This is all assuming you don’t trust your ability to cr FWD super them out of the roll. If rolling destroys the ground game so much, how come every C groove matchs, people hit buttons? But if you watch a P groove match, no one is pressing shit. Plus Why am I supposed to care what you say Hollow? You don’t even play the game by your admission.

You MUST be joking. I’ve played many skilled A-Saks against my P-Groove team and I STILL get torn up if they get me to the corner and they keep doing RC Fireballs, I’m basically fucked. And as far as grooves go, P doesn’t have much going for it. Even S-Groove has Counter Attack. It’s fucking hard if you’re playing with an at least semi-intellegent A-Sak player. Throw out a random parry and you’ll be eating combos all day long. And P-Groove is NOT one of the easiest to punish RCs with. Theory fighter does not work in most P-Groove situations, trust me I’ve lost to many great players because of this.

And btw, P-Sagat is ten times hard to use than C-Sagat. If you played him against someone good, you would know. Most people would zone you out and don’t even let get a chance to get in. And his dash is crappy so he has a hard time getting in. If he gets up close, then that’s a different story, but for the most part getting in with P-Sagat is a great task.

As far as parrying DPs go, I DOUBT most people can parry Sagat’s fierce DP easily. I still can’t even do it consistently on reaction even though I’ve been working on it for the longest time.

Yea, I said, the thing that makes P groove hard is A Sakura. Take her out, and alot more people would be playing it. I play P Sagat sometimes, and I don’t know, I don’t have problems getting in. I have low jumps, jump RH, and a parry for anyone with the nerve to try and stick out anti airs (that don’t necessarily beat my j RH). I could just be playing shitty players. Now I totally agree that P groove gets owned by A sakura. K groove does too, worse IMO.

EDIT: Just to add, I simply said IMO, A groove is the easiest groove as far as mind games to play. I mean if you learn A groove Sakura, you’ve given yourself a huge 1 up on 2 of the 5 used grooves in the game. A groove also give a big one up on the ground game with a full CC, IMO. A groove gives you good anti air defense once you have meter. Then comes P groove. Then comes C groove and K groove. Its hard to say which is I’d go with C after K because JDing makes life alot easier for the poking game, but C groove has stored lvl3s and lvl2 cancels and roll cancels. Then I’d place N as the hardest groove to use. You can’t rush recklessly vs any groove. You don’t have any good air defense, like A groove, but at least A groove has one combo can kill characters. N groove really doesn’t except for a few like Hibiki and Geese. I don’t know what to say as far as S groove goes cuz I don’t use it, nor have seen anyone good use it.

Ok Cheese Master, you starting to live up to your name.

  1. You DON’T get free jumpins. I don’t know how long it’s been since I have parried while jumping in(maybe a year or more). People will jump up quick to hit you, wait and throw, deep DP, jabs jabs jabs,and early DP’s, everything but what your expecting.

  2. IT’s not about a strong ground game!!!???

“P_Groove is all about having a strong ground game, It has nothing to do with parrying ability”


  1. You can’t just hit forward then combo if someone jumps in dood. The reason is, if they did a move late enough, or a quickly recovering move, or didn’t do anything and you went anyways, then you have committed your self and your screwed. AA parries are the first thing I learned in japan that you should(Almost) never do.

I voted for “P-Groove” because almost everyone uses it the wrong way, AND has the wrong impression of it. “P” Stands for patience!!

If you wanna be a scrub, then play P-Groove…

I guess I might have the wrong impression of it. And I guess people I watch play it, play it the way I posted. And I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt that what all you said was true from your experiences in japan. On the contrary, in my experiences, this what I seem to feel. Maybe I am just not good enough or don’t have enough knowledge of the game. I will say this, of all grooves I play against, I have the most trouble with P groove. Maybe I am too predictable.

If I played myself, and the first me had C-Sagat, and the second had P-Sagat, C would win way more than P. C has too many exploitable benefits.

CM: haven’t you heard? I came out of retirement.

though scrubby is bad word, p is easier then c, however it is c that is stronger then p

All the grooves in the game CAN be played scrubby. If you’re going to compare them in any way, you have to look at what the grooves have to offer, and what the person has to learn in order to play it.

I put K as the most scrubbiest. This does NOT mean it is the worst groove. All it means is that the person playing K has to think about a lot less. The game/their opponent will do a LOT of the work for them. So a person not really knowing the game will still get a level 3 pretty easily, and then it’s just one lucky super. The “building your meter” aspect of the game is pretty much thrown out the window. GOOD players help themselves along by JDing and taking safe hits here and there. However, giving yourself extra damage and level 3s is a no-brainer in K, hence it is the most scrubby.

C is probably the next scrubby. Anyone familiar with the Alpha series can usually do well with only a few minor adjustments. After learning about lvl 2 cancels, they can easily get into the flow of things, as C didn’t gain much else to separate it from the Capcom Groove of CvS1 (and consequently Aism in A3/A2 without CCs). While there are some advanced things about C (late airblock, lvl 2 cancels that lead to meter instead of direct damage, etc.), it’s pretty straightforward.

P is next because the groove has very little to offer in the first place. It has parry, delayed get-up, dash, and low jump. A 3S player can usually adjust to the different parry timing fairly quickly, and they just have to learn how to use the other 3 options. They don’t have to care if a move is being RCd or not, as parry will take care of it either way. P may stand for patience, but it’s not really about learning different actions for different situations. It takes skill to WIN with it, but not skill to LEARN it.

For the same reasons as P, S is next. S is so limited to begin with, it’s pretty easy to learn what the groove can do. As with P, once you learn its options, then you have to add patience to the mix.

I think A and N are tied for least scrubby. As with all grooves, they can be played extremely scrubby (Roll CC for A and activate-immediate level 3/Roll Level 3 for N), but there are more things that are situation specific in A and N. In A you need to know Anti-Air and Ground CCs… then you need to learn how to do Combo into CC… and then there’s the setups for their poke so you can Counter CC… lots of little things that take time to learn how to implement correctly - and that’s saying nothing of learning the actual timing of certain CCs.

N just has so many options, it takes more time to understand it. It has run, low jump, AND RCs (the only groove with all 3). It also has counter roll to help cover up characters’ flaws (inability to counter blocked Blanka Ball, inability to AC things like Sakura’s CC, not being able to retaliate against certain combos, etc.). The solutions are there for N-Groove players… they just have to learn them. And learning all of them takes a lot longer than for most grooves.

Personally I think N is scrubbier than P and S and P are maybe about equally as scrubby.

In S some dodge attacks are very abusable(Ryu and Yamazaki, come to mind) and unlimited red zone supers can be very annoying against characters with semi-safe supers(Sagat, Ryu, etc.).

N has alot of options and mobility. IMO, run is universally more useful than dash. It of course has roll which can get you out of alot of shit and can be pretty gay if your name begins with an I.
Ac’s are obviously useful and can also get you out of a lot of bad situations. You get supers pretty quickly in N also. You get a lv3 maybe twice as fast as you will get one in say…P:). And although you can’t sit on it like P an opponent is less likely to attack you when you have a lv3 than when you don’t have one. So you don’t have air defense. Just don’t jump like a dumbass.

And parry is a reliable option for rc’s…if you know the parry timing for EVERY SPECIAL IN THE GAME. Try parrying Sakura’s hurricane kick when you’re in the corner(not unlikely in P-groove) and she’s randomly throwing different strengths of the move out. Try parrying Bison’s rc pyscho banish when he’s doing a meaty wake-up on you and you don’t have a character with a dp. Hell, battling ghetto shit like “Yuri’s fireball trap” can be a pain in the ass sometimes.

P is so hard to use because little situations like the ones I stated above can be problematic whereas in other grooves this wouldn’t be the case.

And ground parrying outside of fireballs and set-ups isn’t someting I can encourage either. Which is why Bas says what he says in that quote. In P you’re footsies have to be twice as good in P than pretty much any other groove.

Usually I can differentiate people who use P-groove from people who don’t just by the way they talk about it.

K has alot of the same problems P has but at least K has a gang of other shit to beef it up.

More later…

I don’t know. It seems like everyone grants their own groove as the hardest to use. I’ll concede that P may not be the easiest to play, but it sure as damn hell isn’t the hardest. N groove is way harder. Here’s a simple way to stop a Sakura RC hurricane kick… jump up. Here’s a simple way to deal with Bison’s wakeup RC DP P, block it (if you were that close to guard crush, parry it, you still get a free hit if you do). And I will still go with N groove being the hardest to use. If it was easy to use N groove, then more people would use it effectively. At least there are effective P groove pretty well dispersed around. N groove there is hardly very many people who are any good at it.

as of right now…

I think it’s only a player that can be scrubby. I don’t think that groove has anything to do with it.

thats right,

when we say that K is the scrubiest groove we really mean thats its the easiest one to play scince it builds itself, and quite quickly i’m going to add.

i think all grooves are pretty much equal, im just saying K is “scrubier” because its so much easier, and its true. But you know theres a reason why you cant roll with P or you cant do other things with other grooves.But every groove has its abilitys and if your using P you have to remember that their there and remember to use them.

BTW CM, it seems youve changed your mind.

"I'll concede that P may not be the easiest...[etc]"

i see your seeing the truth.

You apologize

I think S is the best groove…its ultra random…and so unlocked that when people play me they dont know whats going on…its the shit and seems to mix up the japanese players alot…

My next pick is C groove…it has many super options as well as stored alpha counter and damage bonus…too good…over all its just real solid…

Next I’d say K groove: Just for the fact its ultimate rushdown…has JD and small jump…and the supers hurt too much.

after that I’d Go A groove: A is great for turtle and meter builders…the customs on some chars are lethal…the nly bad thing is A groove is played out and many peeps catch onto the Custom combo setups…Next I’d go N groove…cause its so mobile and has many options…its almost like C/S/K all put together…last I’d say is P groove…it doesnt have as much to offer…but in the right hands its TOP 3 by far…coughs Lifetimeboy!!! or Jhamal…

 -B. :cool: :lol:

I’m a scrub compared to Dr.B. :slight_smile: