Rank these games in order of execution requirements


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I’m curious how these games are perceived based on execution requirements. Vaguely inspired by the Sirlin “execution in fighting games” post and the thread here that spawned from it. Consider whatever factors you think are important regarding execution, this is an open ended question. You can leave off whatever games you don’t play or don’t feel comfortable ranking as well.


You should ask GameFAQs on their expertise relating to this subject. I’m sure they would know more about it.


Why wasn’t KoF listed? Obv capcom fanboy :coffee:


We have lots of threads about this topic. Most of them suck:
[]what game requires the most Technical Ability???
]Which game helped your execution/reaction the most?
[]Most Skill Based Fighting Game?
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[*]The Problem of Execution


what I’m mostly interested in is the relationship between execution and strategy, in the vein of the discussions already mentioned. also read an argument between the Sirlin website people and the Starcraft community discussing the ramifications of spending a good portion of your attention on execution things, macro etc. and whether that necessarily detracts from strategic considerations.

my best case scenario hope for this thread was we get a general consensus on what sits high and what sits low, and find out if there’s any point where execution starts to outweigh strategic decisions or if there’s just varying levels of “learn this shit before you can play the game” involved.

chose well-received Capcom games since these are all games a lot of people think are good, even if no one loves all of them.

based on the responses so far though I’m guessing I just had a lack of understanding on how that would go. lol.


You should know by now that this thread don’t end well, never.
And this thread is actually a against the rules, since is basically a Vs thread and is a duplicated thread.


This is just going to turn into a another vs. thread.

Not many people played all of these games at a decent level. All these opinions will be biased as hell.

But you can for sure cross out UMvC3, that’s for damn sure.


umvc3 shouldnt be on that list,anyways my order is
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MvC2 shouldn’t be on the list.

Most of the combos are impossible to perform by hand and being a robot isn’t a realistic execution requirement for humans.

Though the programmable pad combos are amazing.


I wonder how long it’ll take for a mod to /thread this.