Ranked achievs no pp/bp? 360


I was pkaying some matches earlier and this guy had no pp/bp but was thrashing soneone with close to 3000pp… I thought this was a little odd so checked the guys achievements… he has most if not all achievements for ranked play but no pp/bp??? How???


PP is actually no problem. you can easily “play” them down to zero.
BP, i dont know, maybe an endless warrior. I also got wrecked by a guy with 4k PP and 0BP Feilong once. Didnt look like someone who plays with feilong only occasionally.
I dont know what people think when they purposely keep their PP/BP low, but it happens.


Was an endless lobby titled less than 1000pp seems a little unfair for complete noobs like me (had this game less than 2 weeks im rubbish) just to whale on em … whats the point?? -.-