Ranked and league points

Just curious how many LP you guys are sitting around a month into the game. I’m still in Super Bronze but can occasionally beat Silver League players.

4,4k or something. Just sick of playing against bronze players in general, just gives me a really fraudulent win streak.

I’m at Ultra Bronze but I quit playin ranked a while ago. 1 match, sometimes the connection ain’t the best + rage quitters. I prefer 2 just play sets 2 b honest

im at 2k in fear of losing to frauds

I keep getting knocked down from Ultra Silver to Super Silver (3,5K-3,0K). That’s just when I take a break and try to come back stronger next time.

I bounce between 1500 - 2000 lp depending on how streaky I am during the play session.

4000 sharp. I’m through with Ranked after that.

Sitting in Super Silver; at around 3100lp ; but I haven’t played ranked in like two weeks; I’m sure if I just queue’d up for only ranked I’d be a little higher; casuals and battle lounges are producing way more fun and helping me iron out the concepts of the game.

4500LP went 42-3 on my last 45 games stopped ranked since then way too many RQs

I am around 1700LP right now. I am trying to learn different characters and just doing Casual matches right now. I have a feeling if I get to 4000LP that is good enough and I will mostly do Battle Lounge and Casual after that.

Between 3K-3.9K.
Sometimes I drop to 2.8K.

I’m not really motivated right now though, and don’t really got the drive to play on seeing how poor the support for this game is.

Ultra Silver now. Ive been climbing but all the ragequitters dont help.

I’m bouncing between 1000 and 1500 LP

I’m just starting to play the game again after being sick for a week. I left off at 3300LP. I’m also hoping to one day make it to Gold for the trophy.

between 2800-3200. I didnt like the game so I dont play it too much. I still dont have the perfect character for me. Waiting for a charge character, or hybrid balrog.

I also wonder the sf4 equivalent of the ranks. for example if you had 3k in sf4, how much points that sf4 3000pp equal in V? what is your opinion on this? I was around 4000-4500pp in sf4, my current sf5 rank makes me think that I’m underachieving, badly.

Around 3000. Funny thing is, I was at 3900 last week and then went on a losing streak :neutral:

1500, not quitting until I get gold.

39 LP

3033LP. Was a pain getting to the 3K with the RQ’s and some tough losses.

I had a goal of not learning any character other than Ryu until I reach 2000 LP but Vega is too fun. I went on a 8 win streak against my brother I just don’t care about points anymore. I’m not good enough to win more than 2-5 games straight right now. I wanna play Vega online though, he’s a very fun character in SFV.