Ranked games give me hand here please

My issue is petty but it’s driving me slightly insane. I play endless sets and offline sets all the time and if I’d rate my skill level in pp terms I’d be around 2,6 - 2,8k imo HOWEVER I hate losing points thus leading me to hardly if ever play ranked games, I think I’ve played around 40 ranked games in total with gen and have around 33 wins I’m not sure, I’m at 1,7k pp with 1,5k bp (gen) atm (yes my pp is actually higher than my bp atm) and I just can’t bring myself to play ranked. It’s lame as hell because it’s just epeen but I get nervous as hell whenever I play ranked and my connection can be pretty clanky sometimes and playing a low stam/hp character on a yellow bar can be a huge pain.

Any tips on getting rid of this pathetic fear of losing virtual e-points?

Yeah man, I have the same shit going on- when I meet up with local people or play friends in endless, I’m much better than my measly 1,500 to 1,700 ranked pps indicate. I haven’t even broken 2k yet. I get the same nervous button-mashing syndrome. Hell, last night I waswas up to 1,800, then fell back to around 1,000 and a few matches later got back up to 1,500. I was losing matches I know I should have won, and winning some surprise matches I probably should have lost. I beat one guy with over 3,500 pp three times in a row, then lost to a guy with 700. The point? I don’t think ranked matches are a great barometer for skill level. When I look at them more as a practice session or just having fun playing Street Fighter, I tend to do better. Still would like to break 2k points though, dammit.

So let’s see, 40 ranked games played and 32 wins (gen only) the majority of people I’ve played against have used Ryu and I’ve pretty much got the matchup engraved in my skull so there’s no fear of losing against anyone using a shoto BUT Balrog and Guile are still the bane of my existence. My situation is that I decided to play a few ranked games one night (ended up being a lot more than a “few” around 35 or so) and I ended up winning the majority of them and landed on 1,7k pp, I felt happy with the amount of pp I’d attained because then I could play endless in peace without worrying about getting insta-kicked but I’m too comfortable to risk losing it. Tbh I can play the majority of the cast (some better than others, I can’t play chun or makoto for shit) and the reason why I’ve stuck with Gen is because he suits me best BUT as I mentioned earlier dropping a plink on a yellow bar means I’d get pretty screwed over, the majority of people around 0 - 2k can’t play against Gen due to not knowing what to do but I have to work a lot harder against people around 2,5k - 3k so I’m contemplating sticking with Cody or picking up Abel because I find it a lot easier to farm ranked that way (grinded cody at a friends place and ended up with around 2,2k pp in a few hours)

Until ranked is based on sets rather than single games, it’s not an accurate gauge of skill. Even then, it would discrimate against lower tier characters or characters that don’t have lag-exploiting gimmicks.

The best you could hope for as a Gen player is a return to Championship Mode in the next revision since it was more a measure of time played (experience) than wins. Until then, stick to unranked matches.

Hey I main Balrog and I have a friend who I play occasionally who mains Gen, and he’s really freaking good. If you are on PSN add me and we can practice these matchups if you want.

PSN ID is DahcDerron

Appreciate the help guys, I’ll add you Chad once I get my tv working!

ranked points dont mean shit. i suggest u learn and accept that quickly. ull b a lot happier and find that playing to get better and improve is a lot more enjoyable. btw online is complete BS not just points

you could do what i do. when you get to that spot where you feel like youre going to plateau, or youre going to start having drop offs, switch to a character you want to use as a secondary or are just interested in learning.

the idea is to go ahead and take a bunch of stress free losses. then when you feel youre hitting your low point with that character, switch back to your main and play until you break thru or meet that previous plateau. rinse and repeat and you’ll slowly start climbing

this helps in 3 ways. you get more match exp with your main. you learn a second character. and you keep your mind in a stress free state because the pressure of losing points is off

Everyone shit themself when it’s about ranked. Those with lots of points, hide themself and play only with high grade friends. Result is you will only match against low points people, with low to average skills in ranked nowadays. Making it quite hard to go over 3k pp.

In the same time everyone will tell you point mean nothing blablabla, but still… where are they when you’re online waiting for their points ?
The good news is, you can rise from 0 to 2k pp and 7k bp in no time, a week end at most. So if it’s your actual level, you shouldn’t be worried to fall down.

they’re busy playing other ppl, playing in endless, or (where skill really matters and defines you as a player) offline. i myself play ranked cuz i usually dont feel like waiting in an endless lobby. online is 90% of the time never a true skill indicator. hell, i was #1 akuma on the xbl leaderboards at one point but u dont c me winning tons of majors now do u?

Ranked does mean something it just doesn’t have any relation to the offline game. Online SF4 is its own game . There is nothing wrong with people taking it seriously if they accept it for what it is. I think it is a nonsense game and I had to stop playing it though, lol.

I used to tell myself POINTS DONT MATTER, SON! This, however, turned out to be a LIE I kept telling myself while secretly getting salty when losing points. The only solution for me was to face the fact that I couldn’t just change the way my mind handled these things. I admitted to myself that for me, knowing the points was getting in the way of the thing that really mattered: improving my game!

So I eliminated the concept of points completely! I haven’t seen my points in months now because each time the PP/BP screen pops up, I look away. It has become a habit and something I do without thinking about it. It helps me to focus only on the game and really try my best without getting nervous. This also eliminates all preconceptions that may arise when seeing the opponent’s large/small amount of points.

I was CURED! Now I’m SANE AGAIN!!!

Just host a game and wait for people to join you, eventually you will stop paying attention to your loses or just requeue naturally. Yes you’re nervous, but that’s because your back is against the wall.

Worried about losing points? Hit the endless lobbies.

I hunt for good players in Endless and send a friend request when I found one so we can have some sessions whenever possible, create a lobby for 2 or 3 players max (that way you don’t have to wait a lot if you lost) and kick people you have a bad connection against or are total newbies.

Much better than trying your luck in ranked matches IMO.

Also, fuck points.

I suggest just play endless lobby more than ranked. If you willing to test your skill in rank, hit in endless lobby first then rank. This will make you feel comfort and some warming up. rather you open the game and hit rank away.

appreciate it guys, tv is still messed up so i haven’t been able to play but i’ve been hitting some offline sets at a friends house. it kinda feels like there’s a skill barrier preventing me from improving as much as i did before but i understand now that it’s about adapting after my opponents play instead of just following setups (even though that seems obvious, i actually bait crouch techs now instead of just tick throwing on reaction)

There’s an option to hide points on PC version. Very handy.
An at least in Ranked you can do Arcade mode to warm up between Matches, and usualy never wait for 1 min to get a new match. Unlike Endless when “on pc at least” you can die before someone shows up.

But everyone have his own feelings about all this anyway.

when playing on the pc do you play on a stick or do you use a keyboard?

You can connect a PS3 dual shock 3 controller and use motioninjoy drivers too, I can’t imagine playing on a keyboard and it surprises me how some people are actually good at using it lol